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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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How Will Trump Screw Up This Foreign Trip?......

you know he will manage it somehow.

I'm just hoping the Pope convinces him to resign like Boehner did after he had an audience with the Pope.

Words Of The Day - Wholly Appropriate.....

expect to hear those words for the next few days as the MSM seeks statements from Repugs.

So Sasse Will Be The New Face Of The Repug Party.....

He's got his 2020 - run for the presidency -book written already. Looks like he's going for the youth vote.

Watch this guy!!!!!

Do We Know Or Will We Ever Find Out Which Country Provided The Intelligence That Trump Blabbed?.....

I'm hoping that we will find out. Maybe it won't be reported - but we will have to observe which one of our allies will give the U.S. a cold shoulder going forward.

Pat Buchanan Is As Crazy As He Ever Was....

he's on Chris Mattew's show now and he's protecting Trump.

To Truly Make America Great Again....

Trump needs to acknowledge that he is a threat to this country and step down/resign.

Then the boom needs to be lowered on him and he needs to be put behind bars for life.

I Understand That The WH Or Tillerson Released A Statement Attempting To Explain Their Way...

out of this leaking of classified info. I hope someone will post that statement here.

Now we are going to be asked once again to believe this WH that has lied to us on a number of occasions. How are we to assess whether they are telling the truth or not in this statement? They are probably just covering their ass.

From One Bad Week To Another Maybe Even More Disasterous For Trump - What Do You Think.....

the headlines will be from his upcoming trip abroad? How will he manage to screw that up and what will he step in?

Don't Fall For The Talk Of Merrick Garland Being Named To Head The FBI....

The Repugs want to get him out of his judicial seat. Throw him to the FBI so Trump can fire him shortly after. They will have rid themselves of him very conveniently.

What Is The Most Serious, Readily Provable Offense That Trump And.....

his Comrades could be charged with? Session's new instructions for charging decisions in federal cases.

It would be poetic justice if Trump, Sessions & and the rest of the Russian colluding aids & staff were the first one's being sentenced under these new instructions.
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