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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,706

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It's OK For Repugs To Bring A Snowball To The Senate Chamber & Read Green Eggs & Ham....

but I can't believe the criticism that the Dems are getting for bringing KFC & a glass chicken to the hearing room.

Double standard maybe?

Remember When We Couldn't Wait For The Mueller Report And.....

felt that it would be the 'end all - be all' to remove Trump from the WH?

What happened? It seems like we were outplayed on this by Trump and the Repugs and the Mueller Report didn't have the impact that we thought it would. We're disappointed now that the Mueller Report seemingly has fizzled. Barr and Trump had sufficient time between Barr's initial summary and the redacted report being made public - to influence the public's perception that there was 'no collusion - no obstruction' and that the report 'exonerated Trump'.

Yes - we know that that is not what the report really said - but the public's perception has been altered to think that Trump really was a subject of a 'witch hunt' and that it was a plot by the Dems to sink Trump's presidency - a 'coup' in Trump's words.

Now our hope turns to the 14 criminal referrals that were cited in the Mueller Report and redacted. These were the ones that Mueller farmed out to the states. The ones that we were told that Trump will not be able to wiggle out of or pardon his way out of.

And what did we learn yesterday from Barr. We learned from Barr himself that he has the ability to oversee those cases as the AG. How will Barr sandbag those referrals? How will he lessen the impact of those?

So - will we be outplayed on those criminal referrals as well? Did Barr share with the WH the content of those referrals? Did the WH lawyers see the unredacted version of the Mueller Report and now know the details of those cases? Will Mueller's attempts at getting the states involved in the criminal activities of Trump fizzle as well? Are we going to be disappointed again?

Why can't the Dems get an upper hand on these traitors? Why does it always seem like they are one step ahead of the Dems? What are we Dems doing wrong? How can we turn this around?

I Can't Get Over How Blatantly Corrupt & Hypocritical The Repugs Are....

and how they seem to be systematically destroying our democracy. They are doing this so visibly and in full view of the media and the American People.

And I'm blown away by how so many American People are buying the crap that they are selling. I can't get over how so many American's believe everything they say and do. How can they not see right through the Repugs hypocrisy? It is so plain to see.

I'm really losing faith in a large portion of the American People.

Why Does It Look Like The Repugs Are Daring The Dems To Proceed With Impeachment?.....

Seems to me that the Repugs are just egging the Dems on to calling for impeachment. Even the comments of the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee this morning in his comments brought impeachment up.

What gives? Why do the Repugs want the Dems to move on impeachment?

I Recently Watched The Movie 'Vice' And Came To The Conclusion That Trump Is.....

a culmination of decades of the development by the Repugs of the 'unitary executive' theory.

What we're seeing with the Trump Administration basically turning its nose up to Congress has its roots in Anton Scalia through the Reagan Administration and fine tuned and honed by Dick Cheney during the G.W. Bush Administration that culminates here and now in the Trump Administration.

Trump is the consummate specimen that the Repugs needed to perfect this theory and bring it into full blown practice. Trump has the right mix of ego; personality flaws; lack of conscious and emotion to pull off being the ultimate unitary executive. He's running this country like he ran his business and he is getting away with it.

The Repugs fostered this theory and have bolstered Trump being able to pull this off by providing him with the cover to allow him to get away with all the crap he's pulled and is continuing pulling.

This was the Repug master plan that ruminated in Repug think tanks and was massaged through the years to bring us to where we are today.

Trump is talking 'coup'. He is right. There is a 'coup' and the final steps were put into place in the Nov 2016 election that gave us Trump and the Repugs their ultimate weapon - the 'unitary executive'.

I really don't know if there is a way to recover from this as the Repugs have taken this from 'theory to practice'.

It took watching the movie 'Vice' to understand the devious mind of Cheney in his putting into place some of the final steps to bring us to putting the 'unitary executive theory' into practice in this Trump Administration.

For some background on the movie Vice and the unitary executive theory - check out this link: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-spitzer-cheney-vice-unitary-president-20190207-story.html

Do You Think Trump Is Watching This Barr Hearing? And.....

if he is - How do you think he's interpreting it?
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