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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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TPTB Seem Really Afraid Of Bernie...

They are shutting him out of the Right Stream Media (RSM) and are now hedging their bets with Biden as Hillary is faultering in the polls. Bernie is gaining on Hillary and will win in Iowa and New Hampshire. After that it will be hard for the RSM to ignore Bernie. He will garner more support as people begin hearing from him and there will be no stopping him then. I think this is why the push is on now to promote Biden as a candidate. They see the need to put the brakes on Bernie before it's too late. Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle already and there is no stopping Bernie now. In fact all their efforts to twart Bernie is only helping him.

Go Bernie!!!! Feel the Bern!!!!

Dig in folks and keep turning out those crowds for Bernie.

Are The Police In Fox Lake Deluding Themselves....

thinking that these cop killers are still in the area?

Why They Might Not Admit To Catching One Of The Fox Lake Cop Killer Suspects.....

I'm thinking if they caught one of the suspects that he might have had a cell phone on him. If so - the other two might try to contact him. If these other two still think that this guy is still on the loose - they might try to call him. If they try and call - the police can them get a location for where that call was generated and have a better chance at apprehending them.

Just a thought.

Officer Shot In Fox Lake, IL - Manhunt Ongoing - The Suspects (Possibly 3) Armed & Considered.....

dangerous. Some confusion if the officer is wounded or dead. Officer was shot in the head. House to house search. Schools on lockdown. Helicopters in the air.

Developing ........

Has Anyone Compared The Act Rounding Up All 'Illegal' Immigrants And Deporting Them To.....

taking away the guns of Americans?

Gun owners react adversely to any discussion of gun control and always say that the Feds want to take away their guns. What these gun owners do is dig in more, buy more guns and say that if anyone comes to take away their guns - they'll fight them.

How do they think - what Trump calls - 'illegal immigrants' feel when they are threatened with being rounded up and deported.

Is there any empathy between gun owners and so-called illegal immigrants because of the irrationality of these two things?

There Was An Uproar In Chicago When The Trump Sign Went Up On Trump Tower....

I can't imagine the uproar when he puts the Trump signage on the White House.

I wish I knew how to put a photoshop image like that together.

I'm thinking if people see that image of Trump's logo on the WH that that alone will prevent them from voting for him.

Is Scott Walker Related To The Bush Clan? (G.H.Walker Bush)- Hmmmmm.....

My conservative neighbor mentioned this to me while we were talking last night and I did a quick google search and turned up this link. I don't know anything about this website nor how legitimate the info provided it - but it sure weaves an interesting story. Here's the link: http://voicesnewspaper.blogspot.com/2012/07/is-scottie-related-to-walkerbush-clan.html

Has anyone heard this - that Scott Walker is linked to Bush through the family tree?

They're Saying A Disgruntled Former Employee Shot The Reporter & Cameraman - But -.....

if he didn't work at the station anymore - how did he know the location of this report? Was he tipped off of the location by someone on the inside?

It Cracks Me Up That This Guy Comes Over To Trump From Perry's Campaign As A Co-Chair And....

just starts his job today - when Trump might have blown his chances by kicking the Univision guy out of the pressor.

If North Korea Declares An All Out War On South ....

what will the U.S. do? Will we get involved?
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