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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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It's Not Employer Coverage - It's Coverage By Big Insurance Companies.....

that just so happens to be contracted with by companies (employers) to be used as a so called benefit for their employees.

It costs the company money to offer this as a benefit and the trend has been that it has become a shared cost by the company and the employee to continue to maintain this benefit.

At one time - such health insurance cost was covered completely by the company - but due to rising pricing by the private insurance companies - such employer plans have gotten more expensive and the company has constantly had to re-negotiate the plan with lesser coverage to maintain it or have the employee share more in the cost for the plan for the same coverage.

Employers have to have someone(s) in their company to be the point person(s) to work with private insurance companies to continue to provide this benefit. This becomes a burden for the company - to analyze plans and their conditions. The private insurance companies are always modifying their plans with these employers.

The Private Insurance Companies want more money (increase the price) to offer the same plan or in order to maintain the same dollar outlay by the company they reduce the plan coverage to the employee to be able to allow the company to maintain its same cost for offering the benefit. For the employer/company - managing this benefit becomes a burden.

I sometimes wonder why employers even want to mess with this constant game played by the private insurance companies of rising prices and/or reduced plan coverage. It seems that they would save money by not having to deal with this constant game with private insurance companies. It frees up that money that these employers have to use on providing a health benefit and allows them to perhaps give a raise of pay of their employees or offer different and maybe better benefits to their employees (i.e., more vacation, etc).

Interesting thing is if an employee leaves the company - they lose their health insurance and are left to fend for themselves or hope they get another job that offers health insurance as an employee benefit.

Yeah - a Medicare For All plan is a plan managed by the government and not a private insurance company. It is not employer coverage - because every U.S. citizen would be covered by such a plan. Said citizen would not have to worry about health coverage if they leave their job. They would maintain their coverage leaving them the freedom to take a job anywhere and not becoming a prisoner to their present job because they have to have health insurance.

Instead of having money come from their paycheck to pay for such coverage - they would be covered because they are a taxpayer and the same dollar amount or less (a portion of their taxes) would be used to allow them to have this Medicare For All coverage. All taxpaying Americans would be paying into such system. The biggest pool possible. No need for penalties for not having coverage. It would be automatic.

Realize that the bad guys in all this are the Private Insurance Companies (Corporations). These are the same corporations that are 'for profit' and whose main concern is minimizing coverage; denying coverage and reducing plan benefits so that from year to year these companies can make even more profit.

The goal is to free us from the clutches of these For Profit Private Insurance Companies.

Certainly there is more to this than I was able to post here but I thought this would be a start for this conversation. ACA was a wonderful initial attempt to move in the direction of a 'medicare for all' plan. It was a compromise plan and a plan that the Repugs continually decimated in favor of the corporate private insurance industry.

I believe now we are in a position to move to the next step and the ultimate step - a medicare for all system.

Removing the duplicate administrations of the myriad of private insurance companies for one plan administrator will alone go a long way to pay for a medicare for all system. It will remove that 'for profit' motivation from such insurance - where every year these private insurance companies have to bank more money than the year before for their stockholders and upper echelon of company management.

Heard Again This A.M.That Trump Doesn't Want Election Reform Because It Illegitimizes His 2016 Win..

No - that's not the reason (but Repug talking heads want you to believe that). The real reason is he wants help from foreign sources in 2020 because he is really desperate for a win. If he loses - he knows he's going down. So the pressure is on to suppress votes, cheat and steal votes and solicit foreign support.

Also the Repugs know that they will go down with Trump. They want to protect their power base. They need Moscow Mitch.

Trump Needs To Denounce More Cities Around The U.S. As He Has.....

criticized Baltimore and Chicago. He's lost support/votes in those two cities and if he keeps on this pace of denouncing cities - he'll denounce himself right out of office.

So Did Somebody Attack Epstein Or Did He Try To Off Himself?......

I haven't heard anything since they found him in the fetal position. What's going on?

We Need A One Page Two Sided Bullet Pointed Description Of Trump's.....

crimes and attacks on our Democracy. It needs to be easy to read, interpret & understand. It needs to cover his Russian/Putin interactions; obstruction of justice; his sexual predatory habits; his racism; money laundering; emolluents infractions; his lying; etc. Essentially everything that illustrates how he is shaming the presidency and our country.

Once written it needs to be widely distributed to the American People and used to convince the American People that he needs to be gone from the office.

It should be used as an informational document in preparation for the 2020 vote to persuade the People to vote him out of office or for use much sooner than 2020 calling for his resignation.

The only problem I anticipate is that a one page two sided document like this wouldn't be big enough to capture all his crimes.

Is there a site on the Internet that has collected that information (all his criminal activities).

I Wish The Talking Heads Would Stop Saying Mitch Isn't Letting Any Election Reform .....

get to the floor of the Senate because Trump thinks such legislation will delegitimize his win in 2016.

That's just B.S. Trump is desperate and realizes he needs to stay in power if he wants to avoid being indicted and winding up in jail.

He doesn't want any election reform to get in the way of voter suppression, stealing votes, cheating and help from foreign agents.

Is There Any Reason That Trump Or Barr Don't Want Assange Here In The U.S.?.....

I hear the UK won't extradite to any country with a 'death penalty'.

Now that Barr re-instated the death penalty - no Assange. Just wonderin'?

Naive And Stupid Questions Asked By News Anchors On Cable Shows......

Come on news people - why are you asking naive and stupid questions to the wrong people?

From the Mueller Report and his testimony yesterday - we know that Trump (and by association) the Repug Party are in big trouble. Mueller said that Trump can be indicted after his presidency is over and that could possibly land him and more of his cohorts in jail.

We know that Mitch will protect Trump (and by association) himself and would never let election reform bills make it to the floor of the Senate. Why? The pressure on them is the highest it's ever been. If they lose their power base they can't protect Trump or themselves and it's all over for them.

We know that a hostile foreign government RIGGED our 2016 election. They're going to do it again...indeed...MF45 has already signaled that he'd like their help again - actually - he really needs it if he wants to keep himself out of jail.

So again - the pressure on Trump and the Repugs to suppress votes, steal votes, cheat and seek foreign help to win is at its peak.

So asking Dems - like Sen. Warner - just heard an interview of him on MSNBC - why can't they get the Senate to vote on election reform or protect us from what happened in 2016 is stupid and naive. They know the answer. They know that the Dems want election reform and the Repugs don't for reasons stated above. So asking Dems these questions is worthless as we know how they will answer. And to top it off Warner looks into the camera and claims he doesn't know why the Repugs won't go along with election reform.

What these news organizations need to do is haul Mitch and other Repugs asses in front of the camera and ask them the 'why don't you want election reform' questions. Put them on the spot. Make them provide us with their convoluted answers because we know they won't tell us the real reason.

It just irks the hell out of me that these questions are asked of the Dems (like Warner) that know the answer but don't want to admit it on camera.

We know that this administration is treasonous and criminal. We know that every day Trump ignores laws and does as he pleases. We know that the 2020 election will be frought with all kinds of illegal activities and yet we can't do anything about it. We are helpless and just have to watch it happen. All we can do is ask the obvious questions - over and over again - to the wrong people and not get the people that are causing the trouble in front of the camera.

I'm tired of listening to the lies and conspiracies of Trump and the Repugs. I'm tired of their arrogance. I'm tired of seeing their smug faces lying to us and laughing on the inside.

When are the right questions going to be asked to the right people and when is somebody going to do something about the day by day erosion of our democracy?

If The Terms 'Collusion' And 'Exoneration' Are Not Legal Terms As One Repug Put It....

and Mueller shouldn't/couldn't use those terms - How does Trump get away with using them?

He keeps saying the Mueller report exonerated him and there was 'no collusion' and 'no obstruction'.

They can't have it both ways.

You Can See The Repug Strategy Evolving Here.....

Barr prohibits Mueller from commenting on things like the Steele Dossier and the Repugs ask questions about those areas that Barr prohibits Mueller from commenting on and it makes Mueller look bad because it looks like he's evading the answers because he can't answer them.

You can just imagine the video clips that they will be showing on Fox.
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