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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,691

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Where Did The Defense Get The Clips Of All These 'Fight' Comments?.....

That was a lot of material to assemble. I'm wondering who compiled it and where the clips came from.

I'm thinking that the defense lawyers had a lot of help from FOX.

It Never Ceases To Amaze Me As To How Language & Statements Can Be Used & Twisted To Fit....

any narrative one wants it to fit.

What Wasn't Said At The Trial About Jan 6th....

Tr**p had at least two people close to him that were on the record for having him declare 'martial law'.

That was Flynn and the My Pillow guy Lindell. Now there were probably more of his inner core that supported
'martial law' - but these two guys were on the record. Each was either quoted or were found out (Lindell's note) that they supported 'martial law'.

Nothing was mentioned about this by the House Managers - but - could that be the reason that Tr**p didn't act fast to put a stop to the ransacking of the Capitol?

Was he hoping that Pence, Pelosi, Schumer or some other House Rep or Senator - would get attacked; injured or killed - so he could declare 'martial law'?

That would have put a stop to the certifying of the electoral votes/election. They wouldn't be able to reconvene that evening to finish the job - like they did. This could have effectively shut down the whole enchilada and Tr**p could have remained in the presidency.

Any thoughts?

We got to get to the bottom of this whole 'insurrection'. The House Managers laid out a very tight case to convict Tr**p - with the material that they used.

But I'm not convinced that we really know the whole story yet. What we do know is already devastating but I'm worried about what we didn't learn as to why there was this attempted coup.

I Think It's Been Asked Here - But I Didn't Come Across The Answer - Could It Be A Secret Vote?.....

Could the Senate call for a secret vote - so the Repugs won't have to go on record - and vote to convict him?

Is There Still Room In This Trial For Witnesses Or....

have they all agreed not to go there?

I Just Switched To CNN From MSNBC.....

I won't/can't watch Chuck and Andria. I sure wish MSNBC gets the message that whenever they have those two on - that people immediately turn off on MSNBC.

And There It Is - The Sound-Byte For Pence's Commercial When He Runs For President In 2024....

Pence was just doing his job. It was what was written and had to happen. He did nothing courageously. He was part of the aiding and abetting of Tr**p during his whole administration.

I hate to think that sound-bytes will be taken from this impeachment trial to promote Pence in 2024.

And We Watched All This Play Out In Real Time As It Happened And Did Nothing.....

This whole factual story being laid out by the House Managers in this trial - we watched as it happened in real time and did nothing.

We had to let the Capitol be stormed by insurrectionists and have 5 people die and countless others injured and maimed before we could even try to stop this insanity.

And now we are in the midst of another impeachment trial - and the MSM, the talking heads and even some U.S. Office holders are telling us that we can't get 17 Repug Senators to go along with the Dems to convict this despicable criminal.

They say - it's inevitable. He's going to be acquitted.

So next week - we'll be hearing from and seeing Tr**p come out of his hidey-hole - gloating and saying that he was exonerated.

Just think we watched all this happen in real time and did nothing. We did nothing. We let him get away with this.

I Hope That The House Managers Get Around To Telling The Repug Senators How....

Tr**p used them and took advantage of them to further perpetuate his lies and power grab.

We've heard here many times - that everything Tr**p touches dies.

The Repug Senators - that are sitting there as the jury in this trial - aided and abetted Tr**p.

They are the 'suckers and losers' that were taken in by him. That over his term continually 'circled the wagons' for him.

They were praised and equally threatened by him.

And Tr**p is sitting in Mar-A-Lago now watching this and is counting on them to save him one more time and vote to acquit.

Little do they realize - they're being touched by Tr**p - used by Tr**p - and they are destined to have their Party die at the hands of Tr**p.

Maybe if the House Managers can convince them that they are the 'suckers and losers' Tr**p uses - that they can be embarrassed and disgraced enough to vote to convict him and prevent him from ever holding office again.

Surely there must be 11 more Repug Senators that will go along with the 6 that voted yesterday to proceed with this impeachment trial that can be convinced.

Don't Tell Me That Tr**p Has Dementia, Is Stupid, Doesn't Know What He Is Doing.....

He is an evil genius. Cool and calculating. This whole thing was plotted out by him and his staff and the Repug Party all around the country - in D.C. and in the States - aided and abetted his plan to maintain the presidency at all costs.

I hope they mention his attack on the USPS and his appointment of DeJoy to cripple the U.S. Post Office and their ability to handle the mail-in ballots that Tr**p knew would be a disadvantage to him.

This was well thought out. Tr**p had help and support to carry this out. And he used his bully pulpit and the MSM to his advantage to lead up to the 'storming of the Capitol' and this insurrection and his treasonous ways.
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