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The NRA ad

besides involving the kids, is stupid. They are trying to make the point that Obama doesn't support more armed guards in school, when part of today's announcement was:

- Give $150 million to school districts and law enforcement agencies to hire school resource officers, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors. This would put up to 1,000 new school resource officers - specially trained police officers who work in schools - and school counselors on the job.

US vs UK Violent crime rates

I'm going to start a new thread about this because I'm hoping to hear some smart folks interpret these data.

I had read on the internet that the UK had a higher violent crime rate than the US. I looked on Google and I think that statistic comes from this:

From that article:
"According to the figures released yesterday, 3.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales were victims of violent crime in 1999 - second only to Australia, where the figure was 4.1 per cent.

Scotland had a slightly lower rate of violence, at 3.4 per cent.

In the U.S., only 2 per cent of the population suffered an assault or robbery."

So that is almost double.

On this forum is a post (http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022168853) that shows a recent report from WHO that compares international death rates in terms of Health Data. From this chart-


It shows that the US death rate from violence was a little over 6.47 per 100,000. In the UK the death rate from violence is 1.14 per 100,000. So that is about 5/6 times higher.

So, assuming that both of these reports are based on sound methodology - and there has to be a lot of error in these data, but assuming both are fairly accurate - and remembering that this are descriptive data, no inferences being drawn here, does one conclude:

Individuals are more likely to experience violent crime in the UK, but fatalities from violent crime are much higher in the US?

ETA and also, the first set of data are from 1999, the second from 2008, so there is a decade difference also.

OK I found a 12-year old Steubenville

I'm sure a lot of this is fiction - there are not guilty people in prison you know - but it is fascinating that it must have had some grounding in reality that things there have been whacked for a while-


Here's the bullshit about the "cliff"

Happy 2013, Meet the new boss, all that.

Here's the thing.

When 2014 gets here and we have an election for congress. all these republican assholes will run commercial after commercial saying:

1. "I never voted to "raise" taxes"
2. "I voted for tax cuts for everyone making under $400K"

Nevermind the difference between $250K and $450K (how many people fall in that range anyway?). The real thing here is that the republicans wanted to be able to say that they did not vote to "raise" taxes on anyone (e.g., those making over $450K) because that will happen now that we are past midnight. Its a done deal, and they didn't vote to "raise" it. Now they will talk about how they are defenders of the middle class, because it is after midnight and the tax rate just went up, and they are going to vote to "bring it down" for the "middle class."

I'm sorry but we just got took.

This may make you feel better

about a 100 4- and 5-year-olds singing "It's a small world"

Racist Former SCV Leader Gets 19 Years in $57 Million Ponzi Scheme

Imagine that, a right wing racist nut conning people out of their money - who'd of thunk it?


A man who was once seen as a genteel Southerner defending the “honor” of the Confederacy but who secretly lived lavishly on other people’s money now faces the next 19 years in a federal prison cell — possibly in solitary confinement.

The first jolt for 65-year-old Ron Wilson — former national leader of the southern heritage group Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) — may have come when he walked into a packed courtroom in Greenville, S.C., yesterday to be sentenced for the $57.4 million silver bullion Ponzi scheme he operated for more than a decade. There were so many victims who wanted to address the court that a lottery had to be held to determine who could speak, according to media accounts. Many of his 800 identified victims expect to get very little restitution, saying their lives are forever ruined by the swindle Wilson carried out.
Wilson’s public life didn’t end there. In 2005, over the objections of the state’s superintendent of education, Wilson, then an Anderson County Council member, was elected to serve on the South Carolina Board of Education, weighing in on in the approval of textbooks and curriculum for the state’s public school students.

Meanwhile, at his Greenville-based business, Wilson told customers to give him their money so he could wisely invest in silver on their behalf — silver that he claimed was being held in a depository in Delaware. Charging documents say AB&C “did not purchase silver in sufficient quantities” to match his investors’ funds and “did not have silver holdings at a depository in Delaware.” As a further part of his rip-off, Wilson “created fraudulent account statements showing that [his] clients owned large quantities of silver when, in fact, no silver had been purchased” on their behalf.

Clay Bennett toon pic


my wife was removed from the roll

in tn. she went to our precinct and they told her the precincts had be redrawn so she would bhave to go to another church a few blocks away. when she went there she wasn't on that roll either but i was. they6 suggested that she was in the previous district because some streets were split. but she maintained that i was on the list from our address surely they wouldnt split a house. she insisted she was registered. had voted all last elections etc.

i think someone had her purged.

now get this. she talked her way in to voting. not provisional but regular ballot put in the same box as everyone else.

she is not on list and she voted.

white priv?

2nd Scott DesJarlais girlfriend talks

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press

On the heels of a sex scandal involving a female patient, another woman has acknowledged having a sexual relationship with physician and U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais while she was under his medical care.

DesJarlais is a Republican seeking re-election in the 4th District. In a prepared statement Saturday, his campaign did not dispute any specific allegations by the woman, instead condemning "personal smear campaigns that hurt families" and "have no place in politics."

The newspaper's exclusive adds a second voice to a storyline that has complicated DesJarlais' bid for re-election against Democrat Eric Stewart. The ex-girlfriend's recollections come nine days before the general election and three weeks after The Huffington Post reported that the anti-abortion congressman and Jasper physician had an affair with a patient and pressured her to get an abortion.

That bombshell put what seemed like a sure Republican seat into contention. A liberal "super PAC" poured $100,000 into an attack ad against DesJarlais, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee vowed to help Stewart in what quickly became one of 55 "red to blue" districts Democrats think they can win.

Read more: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/oct/28/2nd-desjarlais-girlfriend-talks-tennessee/

3rd Graders and war

Last night after talking to a group of third grade cub scouts about "citizenship" I realized that there has never been a time in their lives that the USA has not been at war.

The things they said were so interesting - it was like they just assumed that there would always be people off fighting in war somewhere, that it was just a part of life that there would be some kids whose parents were at war, that it was a constant.

I was five when the US involvement in Viet Nam ended, and we weren't as saturated with media then, so I don't remember thinking about the world that way when I was in third grade. To me wars were things that had happened that had a beginning and end.

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