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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 40,384

About Me

I've been a member of DU for over 14 years, but now it is time for me to check out. The glee people on this site took over bashing Gov Northam is too much. EW Jackson, VA's version of a RW troll is being respected and his options considered while the Gov who expanded medicare to 800,000 citizens of my state (including an adult son) is bashed over a 35-year old indiscretion. I see DU as being infected by RW trolls and ratfuckers while the admins are largely absent. See 2016 if you don't believe me. While Northam was being bashed, threads appeared bashing Harris (she took a hard stance against Franken) and Booker (he's corporate) and promoted people who will never be elected in America such as Gabbard and Sanders. Their indiscretions are ignored. For what reason? Their unelectability? The members here that aren't RW trolls or ratfuckers are attempting to achieve some type of purity that will never happen due to mankind's flawed nature. People ar human and prone to mistakes. The rhetorical tools that attack people such as HRC, Franken and Northam will be turned on people like Kamala Harris and Justin Fairfax. It is only a matter of time. I refuse to help the RW and the PURE destroy people and our party. DU was a noble idea, but is a tool on the internet being used to ruin the Democratic Party, suppress the vote, and destroy decent candidates. I won't take part in this crap any longer. To my couple of friends here, so long, it was nice chatting with you. You know how to reach me if you want.

Journal Archives

Derf's Latest

Just finished Michael Chabon's "Telegraph Avenue"

Awesome book. Highly recommend.

"Black Friday Bargains" from Brian McFadden

"Symptoms of Post-Election Stress" from Brian McFadden

Old Review of Hostess Products from Lore Sjoberg

The quintessential Hostess food, similar to foods you might create in your own kitchen, but profoundly different. Yes, the outer coating bears a passing resemblance to sponge cake, and the "creamy filling" might have once read a book about a dairy product, but overall it has that quality of taste and texture that can only be found on the snack food aisle. A+

These are odd. What is it with the so-called frosting? It's this weird flat tortilla of sugar and chocolate clinging pathetically to the much larger cake unit. The best theory I've heard is that the cake and frosting of a Hostess cupcake are actually the male and female versions of the same organism. This would mean that the little swirl of white frosting on top is actually genetic material, which let's face it is what it resembles in the first place. B+

Fruit Pies
Hostess is the reigning monarch of hand-held pies. You can keep your Dolly Madison, your Home Run pies, your miniature pecan pie gas station desserts: give me a cherry Hostess fruit pie and a place to eat it and I shall gain some weight. Other manufacturers skimp on the fruit filling, the shortening for the crust, the festive artificial coloring, but not Hostess. Truly the luxury model. A

These are just plain weird. Even the ones that aren't dyed green are weird. When you observe other attempts to arrange a common-law marriage of marshmallow and baked goods -- s'mores, moon pies, &c. -- the unwritten law is "the marshmallow goes on the inside," the better to protect the chewing public from the Unheimlichkeit of fingering the marshmallow hive-mind. Sno-balls ignore this important stricture, even going so far as to dust the things with coconut sprinkles inevitably reminiscent of pubic hair. Heironymous Bosch would have chorfed these things by the armload. C

More at: http://brunching.com/hostess.html

"Complimentary Goodie Bags" - Derf's latest

"Post Election Chit-Chat" from Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke"

With the media pushing Huntsman as next Sec of State and

suggesting the Mitt "empty suit" Romney be given a job, isn't everyone missing an obvious candidate?

Former Senate Richard Lugar? He and the President worked together on gathering up the Russian nukes. Wouldn't he be considered before Huntsman? Huntsman had his chance and left to rip the admin and campaign. I suspect his window is closed.

(I think John Kerry will be offered the job. We don't need more repubs around.)

We Are The 2%

Graffiti art:

Four More Years!

From Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

His financial cliff one is pretty good too:
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