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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 41,301

Journal Archives

My Presidential address analysis: Ted Cruz is an asshole. n/t

Jeff Tiedrich for the win


when did The Party Of Personal Responsibility become The Party Of I Don't Know How My Dick Ended Up In That Teenager

Why doesn't anyone investigate who is telling Central American families that now is the best time to

send their unaccompanied children to the US?

It happened under Obama (who actually had a strict immigration policy) and it is happening now under Biden. Both times the GOP was quick to make political hay.

Why isn't the cause being investigated? It wasn't investigated under Obama either.

My personal theory is that right wing evangelical churches (the fastest growing Churches for Latin Americans) is responsible propped up by money from the usual RW sources. They are intentionally creating a crisis on the border to damage the Democrat's policy initiatives.


Has Qanon offically moved the goalposts yet? What's their excuse?

Enquiring minds want to know!

So you don't have to watch, here's the TLDNR read version of Trumpy's defense:

1. He didn't do it
2. If he did do it, it wasn't illegal
3. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are the real violent monsters here.
4. Insert videos of smoke and police here
5. Insert slowed-down videos of Biden and Pelosi talking here.
6. The defense rests.
7. Wink and show secret sign to Hawley, Cruz, and Graham.

Let the gaslighting begin!

I didn't see the start of the proceedings today. What happened with Sen Lee's grandstanding?

Observation on today's Trumpists.

During the pandemic, I work mostly from home and go into the office once a week. we rotate so there is a couple of people in the office at all times. Today, I happened to be in the office with 2 of the 3 Republicans that work here. They're in a horrible mood today, yelling about meetings, slamming doors, and stomping around.

Guess life isn't working out for them. Wonder what set them off?

Did they not fear Democracy when they incited people to swarm the capitol to

overturn an election, hang the VP, and shoot the speaker of the house?

Clowns. Trumpy's lawyer is a clown who is attempting to give cover to GOP Senators that need a good reason to do the wrong thing.

Thank you for the heart.

While I don't care for popularity or such things, getting a heart brought a smile to my face. Many thanks, whoever you are.

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