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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
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It was the inevitable result of giving corporations religious rights...

From WAPO's Tom Toles

Sometimes a comic strip sums it up perfectly

From Lalo Alcaraz's "La Cucaracha"

Tinypic seems to be down:
Link here:

Corporate Cosmos

From Jen Sorensen

Judge: McDonnell lawyers ‘dancing through fantasy land’

From Matt Zapotosky, Washington Post

"RICHMOND — A federal judge on Tuesday signaled that he is growing increasingly frustrated with the voluminous and at times rancorous filings by defense attorneys representing former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) and his wife in a corruption case, dismissing one of their recent requests as “dancing through fantasy land” and asking them and prosecutors to limit their written disputes “for the sanctity of the trees.”"

Whole article here:

Basically, McDonnell's gripe is that since the government has screwed up other prosecutions, his case should be dropped.

Derf on Cosmos

A foot of snow yesterday in No. Va. Thought I would post some snow driving tips for the Millennials!

Driving safely on icy roads

1. Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop.
2. Finish all text messages and put you phone down before braking.
3. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.
4. Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.
5. Resist the urge to pick up your phone even if Amanda instagrammed a pic of Grant's new beard.
6. Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists.
7. Keep your lights and windshield clean. Look through the windshield occasionally.
8. If your front wheels skid, put down your phone and take your foot off the gas
9. Check Yelp for the latest review of that Celtic/Indian fusion bar and as the wheels skid sideways, they will slow the vehicle and traction will return.
10. As it does, text Matt to join you, and steer in the direction the phone's GPS tells you to go.
11. Then put the transmission in "drive" or release the clutch, and accelerate gently.

Remember to Like, Re-blog, and Re-tweet this helpful advice. Let's be careful. Remember that your phone's case may not fully protect the beloved device in the event of an automotive crash.

"I wish they'd find that airplane so cable news can go back to focusing on other stories they have

no information about." - Frank Conniff


Scientific advances on the 5 Second Rule!

"If you’ve ever consumed food after dropping it on floor and then wondered what sorts of diseases you might be contracting, here’s a new study that may put your mind at ease (or not). New research out of Aston University in the U.K. finds that there may be some truth to the old wives’ tale, often called the “five second rule,” which suggests that it’s ok to pick up dropped food as long as it’s within a five-second limit. Many people halfheartedly teach their kids this first “rule” of food safety, because, hey, it’s better to risk disease than to waste food.

Whole article by Alice G. Walton of Forbes at

Photos of colorful sunsets and cute kitties will drain your bank account

"Trend Micro’s security analysts have recently discovered that images of sunsets (and some cats) being shared on the Internet are carrying malware that can hack into bank accounts and begin drawing funds."

Whole article at Boing Boing

Vladimir Putin, Crusading Columnist for the New York Times

From Tom the Dancing Bug:

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