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I just knew someone would be willing to pay for the Apprentice tapes

Someone offered the five million - coming up on AM Joy.


Have a look at what happened in Vietnam

Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed by floods.

At least 11 people have died and several more are missing in heavy flooding in central Vietnam, state media said on Saturday, with tens of thousands of homes completely submerged by water.

The communist government has ordered local authorities to mobilise the army and police to rescue trapped residents following heavy downpours, state-run Vietnam television reported.

The channel said at least 11 had died in the flooding with some 27,000 homes under water in the region.

Though rainfall is expected to ease, officials warned the region could be hammered again if typhoon Sarika in the South China Sea reaches Vietnam.

Meteorologists say that the 2016 Asian monsoon is one of the strongest in many years, and has been intensified by the El Niño natural phenomenon which sees Pacific water temperatures rise and leads to droughts and severe weather worldwide.
And now they brace for Typhoon Sarika

Life after Trump: Republicans brace for betrayal and civil war after 2016

At least three factions prepare to fight for the party, divided amid Donald Trump’s accusations of corruption and his appeals to fading demographics
In September, Trump appeared competitive. In October, he collapsed. A 2005 video in which he bragged about groping women was followed by a slew of allegations of sexual assault and more than 160 Republican leaders who abandoned Trump. He has declared war on members of his own party, attacking the House speaker, Paul Ryan, and turned to increasingly authoritarian claims, insisting that Clinton must be jailed.

Republicans have started to fear that 8 November will not be the end but rather the beginning of all-out civil war, asking whether Trumpism can survive Trump, and whether those who support him can survive his candidacy. Who can unify the party of Abraham Lincoln? Who can avoid a historic fourth consecutive defeat in the election of 2020?

Much depends on whether 2016 has an effect on the Senate, where Democrats stand a strong chance of taking control, and on the House, which may now be in play. The maverick businessman has already threatened to dispute the election’s result, claiming the election is rigged, and already lashed out at moderate Republicans for not backing him.

“No one knows what’s going to be left of the party on November 9,” said Charlie Sykes, an influential conservative radio talkshow host. “Republican officials I’ve talked to have gone beyond anger to a sense of anguish about the future of the party,” he said.

“The damage that Trump has done will not end on November 8. I don’t think any Republicans really know what a post-Trump party looks like. They’re hoping it’s a one-off event but I don’t see the civil war going away any time soon.”

Sykes, who has known Ryan since he was first elected to the House in 1998, regards the 46-year-old Wisconsin Catholic, a family man and devotee of Ayn Rand, as its intellectual leader. “If there’s anybody who ought to emerge as the titular leader of the party in the ruins, it will be Paul Ryan.”

Pssssssssssssst! Paul Ryan “Fully Confident” Election Will Be Carried Out Fairly, Spokesperson Says

House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed back against Donald Trump’s claims that the election is being rigged through a spokesperson on Saturday.

“Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity,” Ryan’s press secretary AshLee Strong said in an email to BuzzFeed News when asked about Trump’s claims.

Over the course of the chaotic past week since the explosive tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault was leaked, Trump has grown ever more conspiratorial, saying repeatedly in campaign appearances that the election is being “rigged” as part of a globalist conspiracy against him aimed at helping Hillary Clinton.

The ReTHUG civil war is on in earnest

So are the bookies taking bets on the number of women who will come forward

with sexual assault claims re Groper Don the Con.

As of this moment, it's nine


Groper Don the Con -"I have great respect for women," Trump said. "Nobody has more respect for women

than I do."

How does that square with his own words

Stay safe Pacific Northwest DUers

That's some nasty weather

Terror plot by militia group in Kansas thwarted

Just imagine if this were the other way around - we'd be getting live non-stop coverage
Federal investigators said Friday they stopped a domestic terrorism plot by a militia group that planned to detonate bombs at a Garden City apartment complex where a number of Somalis live.

Three southwest Kansas men were arrested and charged in federal court with domestic terrorism, Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Beall said at a news conference in downtown Wichita.
How the nation reacted to the Kansas terrorism plot

The three are suspected of conspiring to set off a bomb where about 120 people – including many Muslim immigrants from Somalia – live and worship, Beall said.

Wright is the owner of G&G Home Center in Liberal, Beall said. Allen works there.

The men are members of a small militia group that call themselves the Crusaders, Beall said. The bombing was scheduled for Nov. 9 so as to not affect the general election.

Lots more at link

Thanks Don the Con!

Students expelled after Facebook group calls for 'execution' of Jews, black people


About 15 students wrote messages championing ‘white power’, posted pictures of guns and encouraged recruitment so they can ‘complete their mission’
The alt-right movement – known for white supremacist views and its overtly racist ideology – has gained traction during the divisive US presidential race.

A Nazi-themed Facebook group that called for the “execution” of Jews and African Americans has led to the expulsion of five Boulder, Colorado, high school students in an unusual case of “alt-right” hate speech spreading to teens in a liberal city.

About 15 students participated in a “4th Reich’s Official Group Chat” on Facebook, according to a Boulder police report, which said members discussed “killing all Jews and [N-words]” and encouraged each other to “recruit more members so they can complete their ‘mission’.”

Members wrote messages championing “WHITE POWER!”, posted pictures of guns, called a firearm a “[N-word] BLASTER”, used derogatory terms for gay people, joked about “rape memes”, declared that they “must lynch the [N-words]”, and mocked Mexicans, copies of the group’s chats showed.

The controversy culminated in expulsions at Boulder Preparatory high school but comes at a time when the alt-right movement – known for white supremacist views and its overtly racist ideology – has gained traction during the divisive US presidential race.

No it has not gained traction because of a divisive US presidential race. It has gained traction because one candidate is fueling this hate among the ReTHUG base - Groper Don the Con.

Keith Olbermann: Trump’s Meltdown Isn’t a Strategy, It’s Psychosis

Keith Olbermann explains that Donald Trump’s latest antics are not part of some concerted campaign strategy but rather are evidence of a kind of psychosis.

Said Olbermann,

“There have been Trump tweet storms before and Trump rages before and even Trump attacks on other Republicans before but this one has taken on a kind of ‘Mister Smith’s Evil Twin Goes to Washington’ quality. It has gone deeper and deeper into a kind of campaign psychosis and yet it is being treated as if it were some kind of campaign strategy.”

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