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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 217,950

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Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this Packer woman is ignorance on steroids

(on Chris Hayes) - who are these dumb asses?

Looks like the mercenaries who helped overthrow foreign governments

are part of the Don the Con's inner circle.


So when will the ReTHUG Speaker of the House admit that He and the party support

Breitbart running the show - they're all racists

Look at rain in the Gulf of Mexico

Looks like serious weather - Louisiana can't take another drop.

It was a great speech

about time

Shout out for CTYankee - our art expert and frequent

traveler to Italy. Please check in.

Did I just hear that almost 250 are dead in that Italian earthquake

and many are still missing? Buildings are still crumbling from aftershocks.

This is so cool - Welcome to the Fourth Grade

Published on Aug 20, 2016

Instead of sending out the boring, old, "Welcome Back" newsletter, Mr. Reed, a first year teacher from Chicago, wrote a rap song for his 4th grade students, and recorded a music video to go along with it! The song and video emphasize the reality that hard work is a must, but that school and learning can certainly be fun!

Turn your gun in and have a free pizza

A local pizza shop is planning a new promotion to help keep their northeast side neighborhood safe.

The owner of D&C Pizza near 38th & Sherman wants to offer a free extra-large pizza to anyone who turns in a gun from off the streets.

He says there will be no questions asked, and the guns they collect will then be turned in to police.

"If a person can turn in a gun, that's one less gun we've got on the streets," said Donald Dancy of D&C Pizza. "I know it's wrong or whatever - whatever they might have done with the gun, a crime or whatever - but that's still one less gun that I could save a life....If everybody gets together, we can solve it, but it's going to take more than a lot of people besides me. If I even got it going, I still need people to help me regardless. Because it's bad out here."

The plan still needs approval from police before the restaurant will start offering the deal.

Pres. Obama- NatGeo 9.00pm tonight & tomorrow to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial

Exclusive interview with President Obama, new photography book, and more
On television, National Geographic Channels will broadcast an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama, airing in two parts on August 23 and August 24 at 9:00PM ET. President Obama's interview was recorded with Explorer host Richard Bacon during his June 18 visit to Yosemite National Park. During the visit, National Geographic teamed up with the White House, Facebook and its Oculus team, and Felix & Paul Studios to create the world's first virtual reality video ever made with a sitting president. The video will be available on August 25.

President Obama's conversation with Bacon spanned a range of subjects, including climate change, conservation and the cultural value of the national parks, which Obama describes as "America's best idea."

I will be watching this - PHEW - this is way better than Don the Con or anything on GEM$NBComcast.
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