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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 232,908

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So Don the Con who previously said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue

and not lose a supporter shouted at his base at the Florida rally that Hillary Clinton could shoot someone in the heart of front of his 20,000 rally supporters (big lie) and not be prosecuted and this has to stop. What the fuck exactly has to stop since she hasn't shot anyone.

He is fucking crazy

Guardian Report -Inside the fight to reveal the CIA's torture secrets

The Panetta Review saga would spur a furious CIA to take an extraordinary step: it would spy on its own legislative overseers – especially Jones. The episode would spill out publicly the following March, when top committee Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who had already taken a huge political risk in pushing the torture inquiry, accused the CIA on the Senate floor of triggering what she called a constitutional crisis. Both sides requested the justice department pursue a criminal investigation on the other. The bitterness would nearly overshadow a landmark report, a fraction of which was released to the public in December 2014, that documented in chilling detail the depravations CIA inflicted on terrorism suspects after 9/11.

The CIA has stopped defending its torture program but not its personnel. While it has reknit its relationship to the committee, thanks to a GOP leadership that has all but disavowed the torture investigation, it continues to maintain that the torture report is inaccurate. Obama, whose trusted aide John Brennan runs the CIA, kept the report at arm’s length, with his administration declining even to read it.

But the CIA has gone beyond successfully suppressing the report. In a grim echo of Jones’s fears, the agency’s inspector general, Langley recently revealed, destroyed its copy – allegedly an accident. Accountability for torture has been the exclusive province of a committee investigation greeted with antipathy by Obama. While Obama prides himself on ending CIA torture, the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has vowed if elected to “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding”. Key CIA leaders defending the agency against the committee, including Brennan and former director Michael Morrell, are reportedly seeking to run Langley under Hillary Clinton.

US Open Fans - whose watching this semi

Shogun is looking very good

Psssssssst! Hotter andd Wetter- Ignore Climate Change and Suffer the Consequences

The broiling summer of 2016 placed fifth hottest among the 122 summers since records began in 1895 for the contiguous U.S., according to NOAA analyses released on Thursday. Even more impressive, this past summer (June through August) saw the highest average minimum temperature on record--certainly no surprise to people across the country who endured one muggy night after another. The average daily minimum for June through August 2016 was a balmy 60.81°F, beating the record of 60.70°F set in 2010. The average daily summer low in the contiguous 48 states has climbed about 1.4°F in the last century. That’s double the increase of 0.7°F in the average daily summer high.

Wetter, hotter American summer
In a climate warmed by increasing greenhouse gases, computer models and basic theory agree that nights should warm more quickly than days. In large part this is because of increasing atmospheric moisture that keeps nighttime temperatures up, even when that moisture doesn’t actually produce rain. Climate Central has a handy site that allows you to calculate the ongoing increase in summer dew point temperatures for more than 100 cities around the nation. In larger cities, there’s another human-produced climate effect in the mix: the urban heat island, whereby the pavement and buildings of metro areas heat up by day and release the heat by night. The urban heat island is only a small part of the global temperature picture, since rural areas and oceans are heating up as well.

California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island each saw their warmest summer on record in 2016, while many other states had a top-ten warmest summer. Some U.S. cities set records for their longest stretches above a certain temperature, and a few also saw their warmest summer overall, as noted by Chris Burt in a WU blog earlier this week. Among those setting all-time records for average summer temperature, including both daily highs and daily lows:

Anchorage, Alaska: 60.7° (previous 60.2° in 2015)
Charleston, South Carolina: 84.1° (previous 83.4° in 2011)
Las Vegas, Nevada: 93.1° (previous 92.5° in 2007)

So why does the Libertarian get bashed and Trump get a pass for not knowing shit

The Great Ska King Prince Buster is dead

at 78 - went peacefully in Miami this morning - how we danced

What a HOT Presidential couple - fabulous!

Holy Shite - have you seen the Don the Con ad

Donald Trump must not be denied the Presidency - they're selling it like he's a late night product - they want a million people. Looking for video

Al Gore was 100% correct

There has been an Assault on Reason.

US Open - Spoiler

Serena is the greatest - to the semis.
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