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My puppy Marnie at Six Months

My little girl is growing up.


Chronic Hives -Frustration with Doctors

Okay this might get long winded but I have to vent about this. Look I know finding the cause of hives can be difficult if not impossible in some cases but I am pretty sure I have figured it out but it's been very frustrating dealing with the allergist, primary care and GYN on this.

The hives started in January. Had never had them before. I have an allergy to Codine and one blood pressure med but nothing else that I know of. Plus there was no new food or medicine or products, that I hadn't used before that had been introduced to my life then.. I was under stress as my beloved dog of 12 1/2 years succumbed to old age and had to be euthanized. Then in February I got a new puppy whose been a handful but the stress is lowering but I still have hives.

Called PC doc. He was out so doc on call saw me and gave me Prednisone for ten days. Hives went away for seven days came back and have been with me pretty much everyday since. They don't respond to antihistamines, the only thing that helps is Sarna lotion That applied to skin stops the itching.

I called PC again. He refers me to allergist. That doc gives me lists of things to avoid for ten days, I do. Hives still there.

I get blood work taken that was requested by allergist. That shows I have low immunoglobulin levels in A, M, E and a high CH50 level. All allergist does is send me results with a note that says he doesn't know what to make of results since he was expecting the immunoglobulin levels to be high and the CH50 to be low. Doesn't explain what my abnormal results do mean or even recommend a follow-up. I called primary care but he is out again. They have me see nurse practitioner who checks with on call doc they were pretty much clueless about results overall too.

Then I researched on line. Not only does it say low immunoglobulin levels and high Ch50 can all result in Hives but can indicate other more serious health issues. The high CH50 count especially.

Since I read that high CH50 indicates there can be an untreated infection I called GYN as I am often prone to UTI's and yeast infections. They found a yeast infection. They treated me with one course of meds. All symptoms including hives went away for five days. Now meds have left my system some symptoms are coming back including hives.

Called this morning to GYN office. Told receptionist that hives were coming back too, she says well that has nothing to do with infection hives are only caused by allergies. Excuse me since when is a receptionist qualified to make a medical pronouncement like that? She did say she would have a nurse call me. I am still waiting.

From what I am reading online some actual medical sites and nutrition sites do say bacterial and fungal infections can be at least related to hives and hives have gone permanently away when an infection has been successfully treated. They were responding to the med till it left my system. Why would the allergist even order a CH 50 test if an infection isn't a possible culprit?

I feel like they are just hanging me out here with out any answers or true help? Any suggestions? Has anyone else read or heard infections can cause hives?

"The cat burglar"

and I mean this literally strikes again. In my years as a colony caretaker, I have collected an assortment of dishes to feed the cats in. Some store bought pet dishes, take-out salad bowls etc. They have started disappearing one by one. I am on disability so I am here most of the time and have not seen any suspicious humans hanging around. The puppy is never out of my sight unless she is in her crate, so the only possible suspect is one of the cats themselves.

I can't find their hidey whole yet, but apparently some kitty is building quite a stash of empty dishes.

They even took the one I thought I had cleverly hid for the one tame one so I can feed her separately. She's a lover not a fighter. If another cat tries to horn in on her share of a meal she lets them and walks away. I always try to make sure she gets to eat something extra on her own, with me standing guard.

My Coneheaded Baby Girl Picture

Marnie in her protective cone after spay surgery:

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