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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 10:31 AM
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Any of you watch Bones? I don't but TV Line has a blind item spoiler about a co lead looking like they are dead in midseason finale with a question mark on whether death sticks because of conflicting reports.

Fantasy show I watch has character who we know is at risk but whom 99.9 percent of fans believe will be coming back because EP's have alluded to his character in second half of season.

But now this BI has me wondering if something has changed. To rule him out I am trying to find other shows that could fit it. One thing I think was clue was Granny's Pearls?

So does anyone know if Booth gave Bones his grandmother's pearls at any point?

Television Question Bones

Does anyone watch Bones? I don't but am trying to narrow done a blind item given by a TV news site. Did Booth ever give Bones his grandmother's pearls or does she have her grandmother's or something?

Viral Meningitis

I haven't been around much this summer because I have spent most of it sick. It started out with a fever of 104 on July 3 and then I developed upper respiratory symptoms. After consulting with Dr.by phone about fever I let it all try to resolve itself. It didn't, the fever lowered but that's it. I was actually getting sicker.

So I called my Primary Care. He saw me and I told him I was pretty sure it was a Sinus Infection. He said no. Told me to go home call him in a week if I wasn't better. I wasn't, so I went back again. This time he agreed with me it was sinus infection.

But he only gave me 3 pills instead of whole Z pack. So I started to get better but then had relapse. He went back to saying it was a virus and wouldn't give more antibiotics. His nurse practitioner said it was allergies, and the Urgent Care nurse practitioner told me it was a muscle spasm when I told her about the neck and chest pain I was developing.

Well two weeks ago last Wednesday I ended up in the ER of the local hospital not knowing my own name. Neurologist on call ruled out stroke told them to check for meningitis and sure enough that's what it was. I was released a week ago Sunday. They told me I got it from the half treated sinus infection. So I was right all a long, and if Doctor had only listened, grr.

Now I keep getting rotten headaches and don't know whether I should call or not as it could just be a normal part of recovery as they said it takes awhile. Has anyone else ever had it? How long did it take to fully recover?

Actually Just had a very cordial conversation with Republican staff member

at Chris Collins office. Says he opposes Fast Track because it will hurt Western N.Y. Economy.

Still not going to vote for him but this is the second time I have agreed with him.

He also spoke out loudly against Chained CPI during Grand Deal fiasco.Said it was back door tax on working class.

So I guess hell can freeze over sometimes. Cause I thought he'd be in lock step with Boner.

Question: Did the Medicare Cuts Pukes asked for make into Approved Fast Track?

Sorry if no one knows yet just wondering cause it will make a bad thing worse!

LA Times Piece on Medicare and Fast Track


Felt very bad for poor kitteh

It's for their own good but...

Colony Caregivers lady came up last to trap 2 last night for TNR spay/neuter clinic today. She got two.

She always calls me out just to double check to make sure she's got right ones because some vets don't do ear tipping very well, and also to confirm it's one who lives here and not some neighbors cat.

Well one was just ticked, but the other ones' eyes were just so dilated and terrified looking and of course she had to look right at me like "why are you letting this happen?" I couldn't help but feel sorry but it has to be done.

Two more after these two, then all nine of the barn gang will be fixed and no more over populating for them.

It's been a long process but thanks to the Caregivers group the end is now in sight. I just hope no one else drops anymore off or no new kitties decide to join group.

Republicans are asking for cuts in Medicare to offset Trade Assistance Benefits

in case workers loose their jobs as result of TPP?

Just got email about Petition against this from Credo Mobile. http://act.credoaction.com/sign/tpp_medicare?nosig=1&t=3&akid=14385.7328523.tnriUS

Any one else heard anything about this?

This whole thing just keeps getting worse, IMHO.

Video on Greed and Austerity: UK perspective

Funny how ones varying interests can intersect. Always used books, movies, music, t.v to distract from personal problems and frustrations about politics.

Then there are times they intersect. Irish actor Colin Dongahue currently one of my favorite performers just posted this link on Twitter! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=h9h0bA5cujU

It's interviewing 20 year olds in U K on the banking system, debt, austerity,etc.

Question Girl again? LOL This one about Showbiz

Googled already and since it's probably too specific no answer. As I have posted previously my favorite character on television right now is Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time.

Background to help in answering question!

He was featured prominently in seasons 2,3 and the first half of just concluded 4th season! Ratings were fairly strong & steady!

Then second half of 4th season the show brings in lots of guest stars, spends most of season concentrating on them, and only 2 of their main cast gets any significant amount of airtime, Hook hardly on at all, ratings while not plummeting show noticeable decline.

On Netflix though their listings of rentals for the various series indicate the episodes that he was featured prominently in during 4 A, rank consistently at top of chart.

The character, however, has some very persistent & vocal detractors on social media who make it clear their objection is because they would have preferred the character who is his love interest to be paired with their own preferences. They keep asking producer to write actor off. Occasionally he will respond with "we know you're out there and please play nice. " So he's obviously noticing them. Any time anyone tries to tweet something positive about actors and character to network or producer this group shows up & starts trying to flood thread with negatives. Positive tweeters getting frustrated and tired of being harassed, sometimes personally are giving up.

The actor , however, also has supporters and some of them including a current pop music singer(she asked him to co-star in a video and he did), several entertainment reporters, praising his performances, and even during the season finale one of the top editors at Harlequin Publishing tweeted to executive producer of show and actor saying this finale needs more Hook. E Entertainment who has someone live tweet during the broadcast was tweeting their speculation about where Hook was instead of what was on air. Ratings started to decline after first half hour. He was in 2 hour more but don't think ratings bounced back.

Of course season finale ratings or tweet activities that night wouldn't have influenced upfront presentations this week because they obviously had to be filmed and edited in advance but...

In a crossover skit written just for the media presentation they featured the actor playing Hook attending a class on How to Get Away With Muder! Only one other Once cast member in skit too. One of the TV critics tweets that they have crowd laughing hard and he also mentioned how funny it was watching "Hook" trying to raise his Hook to be called on, and that actor was really nailing the performance!

So after those and sorry if there's too many details, how significant is it that actor was featured, it sounds like prominently in the upfront? Is it possible the network is taking notice of Netflix sales, positive reviews from industry critics, etc and is trying to indicate they want him playing bigger role this season despite the vocal group negative twittering? Anyone got any insight into how industry operates to gauge performer popularity?

It has me curious! I used to be a Professional researcher until illness sidelined me, so I have annoying tendency to over analyze everything including my entertainment. Plus I really enjoying watching him for his acting skills and okay I'll confess for his looks too!

Does it sound like they are at least intending to keep him around awhile barring unforeseen factors? Thanks!
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