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‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli Gets ‘Schooled by a Real F*cking Doctor’ During Disastrous Reddit Interview


- snip -

The pharmaceutical company CEO got absolutely destroyed by a physician who exposed his limited understanding of how the drugs he sells actually work.

“Medically speaking I haven’t yet heard of why your drug’s worth $749 more than my pyrimethamine,” said a Reddit user identified himself or herself as Anandya, a doctor who works for a charity. “Does it improve on the nausea, vomiting and (diarrhea)? Does it have a folate sparing effect? Can it be used in pregnant women and in epileptics?”

- snip -

“The mechanism of the drug is folate inhibition,” Anandya reminded the CEO, adding that what Shkreli had proposed might not even be scientifically possible.

“The entire mechanism of the drug is to stop the production of folic acid in the first place and the bulk of its side effects are tied up with that,” Anandya said. “It’s kind of counter-intuitive to say that you are going to solve this problem when it’s not a problem as much as the whole raison d’etre of the drug. This I find is the main problem with your plan. That the solution is not worth $749.”

“One cannot suggest such a monsterous increase in the price of a drug which by your own admission does nothing better while telling me your plan is to (because this is the only way it would work) create an entirely new drug not related to pyrimethamine at all because it would require a new structure,” the self-described phsycican continued. “Which in turn would give you a big hassle since you would require testing and FDA approval from scratch anyway. I think your plan is flawed.”

Other Reddit users stood back and applauded in awe, saying that’s what happens when “overblown salespeople run into people who actually know what they’re talking about.”

“Dude you just got schooled by a real f*cking doctor,” said Reddit user ixora7. “Go f*ck yourself with your pills.”


TOM TOMORROW: The Campaign Season of the Damned! Bwah Ha Ha Ha!

DAILY KOS LINK: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/26/1437581/-Cartoon-Campaign-season-of-the-damned

"Hey! If you missed the Kickstarter for my hardcover, two-volume compilation, 25 Years of Tomorrow, you can still pre-order a set!"

"Mrs. Clinton Just Called..."

Bernie Sanders Coming Up on Jimmy Kimmel Now

Heads Up

"Of the Half-Billion Poorest Adults in the World, One Out of Ten is an American"

1. At the Bottom: Of the Half-Billion Poorest Adults in the World, One out of Ten is an American

That seems impossible, with so many extremely poor countries, and it requires a second look at the data, and then a third look. But it's true. In the world's poorest decile (bottom 10%), one out of ten are Americans, many of whom are burdened with so much debt that any remnant of tangible wealth is negated. Other nations have high debt, most notably in Europe, but without an excessive burden on their poorest citizens.

- edit -

3. In the Middle: The US is the Only Region Where the Middle-Class Does Not Own Its Equivalent Share of Wealth

The North American middle class, as defined by Credit Suisse, and of which the U.S. is by far the largest part, has 39% of the people but only 21 percent of national wealth. Every other region of the world shows the reverse phenomenon, with the middle class owning an oversized portion of national wealth.


Wealth Data: U.S. Inequality at Its Ugliest


Former Sen. Jim Webb Announces Withdrawal from Democratic Presidential Race

Source: NBC News

@BreakingNews: Former Sen. Jim Webb announces he is withdrawing from Democratic presidential race, will think about all his options https://t.co/NcZswOHV0t/s/DhZN

Former Sen. Jim Webb: 'I fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and nominating base of the Democratic party' - @frankthorpNBC

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/2016-us-elections/

TOM TOMORROW: Droney Weighs In

DAILY KOS LINK: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/19/1434131/-Cartoon-Droney-weighs-in

AP Obtains Email in Which a Top Biden Aide Lays Out Potential Platform for 2016 Presidential Run

Source: Associated Press

@AP: AP obtains email in which a top Biden aide lays out potential platform for 2016 presidential run: http://t.co/oicHOJkvTB/s/GWTZ

APNewsBreak: Top Biden aide lays out potential 2016 platform

By Josh Lederman

OCT. 15, 2015 10:15 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is nearing a decision about whether to run for president and would focus his campaign on middle-class issues, a top Biden aide said Thursday in a letter to Biden's former staff.

Former Delaware Sen. Ted Kaufman, who served as Biden's chief of staff in the Senate and is advising him on a potential 2016 campaign, told former aides that Biden will need all of their help if he decides to enter the race. In an email obtained by The Associated Press, Kaufman said he wasn't sure whether Biden will run, but that if he does, he'll run an optimistic and unscripted "campaign from the heart."

"If he runs, he will run because of his burning conviction that we need to fundamentally change the balance in our economy and the political structure to restore the ability of the middle class to get ahead," Kaufman said.

Read more: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/4f8f038f01c3484a870ffc33b501c5ac/apnewsbreak-top-biden-aide-lays-out-potential-2016-platform

Robert Reich on Facebook: "Just Now in the St. Louis Airport..."


Just now in the St. Louis airport (where I’m heading to Cincinnati):

Lady: Are you Robert Reich?

Me: Yes.

Lady: So what do you think is going to happen?

Me: About what?

Lady: The election, the economy, everything.

Me: I don’t know.

Lady: I’m voting for Bernie.

Me: Why?

Lady: He tells it straight. He’s not a politician. But my husband likes Trump.

Me: Why?

Lady: Same reasons. My husband says Trump can’t be bought because he’s a billionaire.

Me: Trump just buys other politicians.

Lady: My husband says Trump will get things done.

Me: But will he get things done for billionaires like himself or for regular people?

Lady: I’ll ask my husband.

Me: You should give your husband my new book.

Lady: What book?

Me (pulling a copy out of my briefcase): “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the few.” Here, you can have this copy. I have more.

Lady (taking book): Well, thank you. I’ll give it to him, (laughing) but he won’t read it.

Me: Why?

Lady: He doesn’t read. He watches Fox News.

Me: Put it on his pillow tonight with a Hershey kiss on top.

AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear Smugglers Shopped Radioactive Material to IS, Other Terrorists

Source: Associated Press

@AP: BREAKING: AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear smugglers shopped radioactive material to IS and other terrorists.

AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear smugglers shopped radioactive material to IS and other terrorists

By Associated Press October 6 at 9:03 PM

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Over the pulsating beat at an exclusive nightclub, the arms smuggler made his pitch to a client: 2.5 million euros for enough radioactive cesium to contaminate several city blocks.

- snip -

But the smuggler, Valentin Grossu, wasn't sure the client was for real — and he was right to worry. The client was an informant, and it took some 20 meetings to persuade Grossu that he was an authentic Islamic State representative. Eventually, the two men exchanged cash for a sample in a sting operation that landed Grossu in jail.

The previously unpublicized case is one of at least four attempts in five years in which criminal networks with suspected Russian ties sought to sell radioactive material to extremists through Moldova, an investigation by The Associated Press has found. One investigation uncovered an attempt to sell bomb-grade uranium to a real buyer from the Middle East, the first known case of its kind.

In that operation, wiretaps and interviews with investigators show, a middleman for the gang repeatedly ranted with hatred for America as he focused on smuggling the essential material for an atomic bomb and blueprints for a dirty bomb to a Middle Eastern buyer.

In wiretaps, videotaped arrests, photographs of bomb-grade material, documents and interviews, AP found that smugglers are explicitly targeting buyers who are enemies of the West. The developments represent the fulfillment of a long-feared scenario in which organized crime gangs are trying to link up with groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaida — both of which have made clear their ambition to use weapons of mass destruction.

The sting operations involved a partnership between the FBI and a small group of Moldovan investigators, who over five years went from near total ignorance of the black market to wrapping up four sting operations. Informants and police posing as connected gangsters penetrated the smuggling networks, using old-fashioned undercover tactics as well as high-tech gear from radiation detectors to clothing threaded with recording devices.

But their successes were undercut by striking shortcomings: Kingpins got away, and those arrested evaded long prison sentences, sometimes quickly returning to nuclear smuggling, AP found.

For strategic reasons, in most of the operations arrests were made after samples of nuclear material had been obtained rather than the larger quantities. That means that if smugglers did have access to the bulk of material they offered, it remains in criminal hands.

Read more: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/9f77a17c001f4cf3baeb28990b0d92eb/ap-investigation-nuclear-smugglers-sought-terrorist-buyers
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