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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 04:56 AM
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i'm very sorry for your loss

it's hard to part with those we love, no matter the situation and regardless of their "condition" -- it's just hard to say goodbye to someone who is such an important part of our life

i'm not a religious person either--but i believe there is a place for us after we leave this world, where our pains no longer exist, where we become our true essence once again, where our bodies and minds are whole and healed, and where we reunite with those we love.

"we'll never forget because you were ours and we were yours."
--author unknown

"goodbyes are not forever
goodbyes are not the end
they simply mean i'll miss you
until we meet again."
--author unknown

my heart goes out to you, randy

i certainly remember the confusion & disorientation -- i wasn't able to concentrate on reading anything for several months after my mom passed from this world. when i did, the first book i read was "we don't die" about the medium george anderson. after that, i read as many books on the afterlife as i could find. it was a tremendous comfort.

my mom was & has been around quite a bit. i've gotten countless "signs" from her, sometimes even within hours of asking for one; i still smell her mixture of powder & perfume on occasion, one of the lights in the house began working again after over 10 years of not working--it would flash on and off sometimes, sometimes it would just turn on and a couple hours later turn off--that went on for several months after her passing. there have been lots of things like that.

i don't doubt your mom is still near you.

i just want to let you know there is a bereavement group on du--it was my go-to place for several years here. hopefully you can find some comfort there as well.

"Your Mother is always with you. She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she’s the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well, she’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning.

"Your Mother lives inside your laughter, and she’s crystallized in every tear drop. She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space….not even death."
-----Author unknown

take care.

happy birthday

i see you're feeling the time pinch. here's some advice:
be happy, create joy for yourself & others, make a positive difference (big or little) in the lives of others, and love. love as much as you can.

you have 1 year until the next go-around. make it an outstanding one.

this brought me to tears:

"I never paid any attention to clouds before. Now I see everything from a totally different perspective: every cloud outside my window, every flower in the vase. Suddenly, everything matters.”

Name: Wolfgang Kotzahn
Age: 57
Born: 19th January 1947
Died: 4th February 2004, at Leuchtfeuer Hospice, Hamburg

his words "suddenly, everything matters" is lingering, haunting almost, it's poetry, and devastating, inspiring, emotionally explosive, and a glimpse into the divine.

"suddenly, everything matters" is how life should always be, is never how life is because we haven't got the time in our adult-minded day-to-day; it is how life was when we were children and, for some of us, how life becomes when given the time to contemplate our soon-to-be departure from all that surrounds us.

his words--"suddenly, everything matters"--makes me weep

love it! & i love eight o'clock coffee! the biscuits look great.

go ahead, have a tea biscuit with coffee. my mom absolutely would have--have one for my mom!

lol. (to be honest--i actually hug the little pink winter coat

that belonged to a little dog i was so lucky to have and live with for the last three years of her life. she passed 15 months ago and i'm still missing her. she was my "kitty."

"i'll be seeing you again"

"there's no such thing as the end.
there are only new beginnings.
i'll be seeing you again."

i posted this back on the old du in jan. 2011. it was an excerpt from a song sung by mae whitman on parenthood (season 2, episode 12), called graveyard song.

i feel this is a good reminder for so many of us

my heart goes out to you.

it hurts so bad when they go them because we love them so very much.

i feel he'll be waiting for you in your heaven because love is the tie that always keeps us connected to one another--those we love we will see and be with again. but i know that is little comfort during this time.

i'm so sorry that happened to your baby.

i just had to click on this thread

i have tried, fairly successfully, for the past several years to ignore politics and the majority of crap on the "news" since the death of a family member--my world and mindset has changed dramatically since my mom died.

her and i shared a passion regarding bush & his pals (an extremely negative passion)--she detested him so much she couldn't stand to see his face on the tv! she'd either turn away or close her eyes.

the other day i had the car radio turned to a news station as i was waiting to hear the weather and they reported on that fuckhead's whereabouts with essentially this news blurb:

"Former President George W. Bush said he had a "moment of clarity" while listening to a young girl read in a Florida classroom as his chief of staff whispered to him that the second tower of the World Trade Center had been struck by an airliner on Sept. 11, 2001. Bush says he knew that from then on, it would be his job to protect the girl, her family and their community. The former president spoke Thursday at a college scholarship luncheon in Cleveland, an event that coincided with the 13th anniversary of 9/11"

i think your first photo would have gone along extremely well with the above paragraph.

thanks for posting all of these.

she sounds wonderful

wish i would have known her.
her and my mom would have gotten along great! maybe they'll bump into each other.

have you considered writing a book about her?
"Everyone Needs An Aunt Betty" by scrubthedata.

i'd buy it--or check it out of the library at least. (lol!)

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