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i think if the ziplock bag had air holes that might be a good thing. if not.... n/t

interesting story from a non-believer

how do you blend the belief with the incident?

do you think it was possible you were dreaming or still half asleep?

i know i was a staunch believer in the "when you're dead, you're dead" line of thought for a good part of my teens, twenties, & thirties. yet i had a similar type of run in with a family member when i was a kid--but it was in the daytime when i was playing. it scared the crap out of me! she looked as real as anyone and she spoke to me.

the "when you're dead you're dead" belief lead me to finally wonder how i could explain or justify what happened to me when i was a kid if, in fact, when you're dead you're dead is true. and i couldn't.

i tend to be a rather cynical "i'll believe it when i see it" type of person and eventually came to the realization that i did see it with my own eyes and had to admit that even though "when you're dead, you're dead" is so easy to be dismissive with, (such an easy go-to response)--it just isn't accurate.

so i'm just curious. you're reply of "I do not believe in ghosts. That being said, I've seen two of them" sounds like something i've probably said at one time. and i smiled when i read it.

to my mom on this five year anniversary

of which she physically departed this world.

the past couple of days have been so hard--today was a terribly hard day too. i haven't had days like these for awhile.

it is amazing to think that i have been without her in this world for five years. i wonder how i have even managed.

(i love you marmie)

there is a gazebo with a winding stone path leading to it

it is decorated with "fairy lights" (small, multi-colored xmas lite strands)

there is a quiet sound of crickets. the moon is a crescent.

sitting in the gazebo is my mom. she has a glass of iced tea she is drinking. there is a glass waiting for me. she smiles as i approach and says my name. i am overjoyed to be with her again.

it is a perfect summer evening.

i sit down beside her and wrap my arms around her. she hugs me back.

today is the fifth anniversary of her passing.

that's what i thought when i read this. he saw her--she was there, and he was overcome

with emotion as he sobbed her name

heartfelt sympathy. parting with those we love is heartbreaking.

but i suspect it makes our eventual reunion with them all the more joyous.

...until you meet again....

beautiful pictures

the paragraph says they can be "devastating pests" and, at first, i thought it said "devastating pets."

my daughter had a total of seven pet mice (2 and 2 and 3--there were four living together at one period) -- they were all adorable, all with cute, individual personalities, and we were absolutely devastated when each one of them died. mice don't live long--and each one of these ranged from 9 months to a little over two years. each one was individually cremated in a private cremation and their ashes are in little urns. each one was loved so much.

thank you for these darling pictures.

Yes! exactly!

sometimes i get so tired of missing my mom and i think i've gone through enough pain without her and i think "enough! that's it! just come back!" and then i quickly realize that's not happening so i usually work myself into this repeated chant of "i want to go back, i want to go back, i want to go back"

i'm very sorry for your loss

it's hard to part with those we love, no matter the situation and regardless of their "condition" -- it's just hard to say goodbye to someone who is such an important part of our life

i'm not a religious person either--but i believe there is a place for us after we leave this world, where our pains no longer exist, where we become our true essence once again, where our bodies and minds are whole and healed, and where we reunite with those we love.

"we'll never forget because you were ours and we were yours."
--author unknown

"goodbyes are not forever
goodbyes are not the end
they simply mean i'll miss you
until we meet again."
--author unknown

my heart goes out to you, randy

i certainly remember the confusion & disorientation -- i wasn't able to concentrate on reading anything for several months after my mom passed from this world. when i did, the first book i read was "we don't die" about the medium george anderson. after that, i read as many books on the afterlife as i could find. it was a tremendous comfort.

my mom was & has been around quite a bit. i've gotten countless "signs" from her, sometimes even within hours of asking for one; i still smell her mixture of powder & perfume on occasion, one of the lights in the house began working again after over 10 years of not working--it would flash on and off sometimes, sometimes it would just turn on and a couple hours later turn off--that went on for several months after her passing. there have been lots of things like that.

i don't doubt your mom is still near you.

i just want to let you know there is a bereavement group on du--it was my go-to place for several years here. hopefully you can find some comfort there as well.

"Your Mother is always with you. She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she’s the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well, she’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning.

"Your Mother lives inside your laughter, and she’s crystallized in every tear drop. She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space….not even death."
-----Author unknown

take care.
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