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The GOP plan was to have Kavenaugh and Ford TOGETHER in the same hearing at the same time.

I have not heard anyone talking about this, but have read it a number of times, that the GOP plan was to have them together in the same hearing, at the same time????

A sex crime victim with the attacker in the room with her?

And even Susan Colllins said she didn't understand why Ford would not want to testify Monday.

Has anyone heard any media picking up on this? I can't believe it's being overlooked. Maybe I've just missed it?

Edited to add: Just read this regarding negotiations between her attorneys and GOP:

3. She will not be in the same room as Judge Kavanaugh.

Once again, I just have to say ...

Obi Wan, you were so wrong...


Michael Moore is right about many things, but he always leaves out one CRUCIAL issue.

i've seen him do this since the 2004 election theft and he is still doing it. When he talks about why we "lost", he does not factor in the extreme vulnerability of our election infrastructure and all the cheating:


Voter suppression in its many forms: voter ID laws, purging registration data bases, etc.

Vulnerablity of voting systems themselves, paperless unauditable higly hackable voting machines and central tabulators.

And now we have Russian attacks, including infiltrating over half the states' voter reg databases, and we know very little has been done to remedy this since 2016 because the GOP finds it favorable to them.

Of course we must do everything we can with GOTV, etc. and Moore makes some excellent points, but why does he not address this one critical HUGE issue? He can't possibly still be ignorant.

Sen. Merkley on Rachel talking about FEMA money being used by ICE to build detentions centers.

Just as hurricane season is upon us, FEMA money is being used for family detention centers.
10,000,000 shifted to ICE.

Merkley is on appropriations committee and is all over this. So much happening daily that the family detention centers have been on the back burner, but Merkley is a bulldog on this.

I wonder when McCain talked to Obama about the eulogy, if they discussed what he wanted?

This article linked below has a little info which I have posted but not much detail. I kept wondering today as I listened to Obama how much, or even if, they discussed content and flavor and what McCain may have said about why he wanted Obama to speak, or what he wished for him so say, or if they even talked about that. Or if just Obama and Bush speaking was itself the message, because obviously that in itself was a powerful message. I just found this whole thing fascinating and hope that someone was there listening to that phone call and it comes out at some point. But either way, it was extraordinary.

Inside McCain's surprise eulogy invitation to Obama

It was a day in early April when Barack Obama received an unexpected call from McCain, who was battling brain cancer and said he had a blunt question to ask: Would you deliver one of the eulogies at my funeral?


So, I've been wondering whether McCain and Obama had somehow developed an intimate relationship after Obama left office, if they had been having quiet conversations over the last year or two that haven't been publicly discussed as McCain neared the end of his journey.
It turns out, after talking to several friends of both men this week, their relationship isn't intimate at all, but rather one rooted in mutual respect and a shared sense of alarm at today's caustic political climate. Their telephone call on that April day was first arranged by advisers, not McCain simply dialing up Obama as he would do with his legion of friends, a sign they were hardly tight.

In fact, the two have spoken by phone only a couple of times since Obama left the White House, aides to both men say, most notably last summer when Obama reached out after McCain cast the deciding vote to salvage the Affordable Care Act. He thanked him. The call was brief.


"I think it is John McCain imparting a lesson in civility by asking the two men who defeated him to speak, as an example to America that differences in political views and contests shouldn't be so important that we lose our common bonds and the civility that is, or used to be, a hallmark of American democracy," Duprey said.

David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Obama in his campaigns and in the White House, said the clear message McCain is sending is "about our shared heritage, our shared trust of this democracy that transcends party and transcends tribe."

Best. Sign. Ever.

Well, maybe not the best EVER, because there have been some great ones, but this is really good!

Dear Canadians: I sincerely hope you know that most Americans love and respect you,

our dear neighbor and ally. Please do not judge us by the actions of the one who speaks words of scorn, who shall remain unnamed.

Stormy: object of disdain, and the player who's winning because she's telling the truth

Stormy Daniels, Trump and the power of telling the truth
In the face of withering personal attacks from men at the highest levels of government, Stormy refused to back down. Because she knew she was right.

The person we have to thank for the Michael Cohen plea story — the impresario of the entire stunning production — is Stephanie Clifford, the adult film actor known as Stormy Daniels.

Hers is a quintessentially American story. She’s the outsider, the object of disdain, the kid from the wrong side of the tracks, the star without the veneer of refinement — and the player in this drama who’s winning because she’s the one telling the truth. In the face of withering personal attacks from men at the highest levels of government, Stormy refused to back down. Because she knew she was right.

It’s no surprise that so many people are rooting for her.


On Tuesday, Cohen admitted to not just tax and bank fraud but campaign finance violations. More than that, President Donald Trump’s longtime consigliere said he committed the campaign-related crimes at the direction of his boss. But Clifford’s lawsuits helped alert prosecutors early on to the facts underlying some of Cohen’s misdeeds, to say nothing of the president’s.


More than that, Cohen’s plea has set loose a wave of support for Clifford, from the high-minded (“you are now part of American history writ large”) to the not-so-much (“you go, girl”). One online image features a cartoon of Snoopy sitting at his typewriter in his familiar author’s posture on his doghouse composing this text: “…And then, America was saved by a Porn Star. THE END.”

More at Link:


Robert Mueller: The Last Witch Hunter.

Posted this a few weeks ago but it seems very appropriate to post it again today.

Reading Clapper's book- what's remarkable is that Hillary didn't "lose' by far more than she did.

I just got Clapper's book from the library and went right to the part about the election. I thought I knew quite a bit, and I certainly know more than the average person, but I had no idea the duration and extent of Russian involvement. It really struck me how she would have won by a landslide without that, and of course all the GOP dirty voter suppression tricks, gerrymandering, etc.

What really bothers me about Michael Moore, and has since 2004, is that he seems to be completely ignorant and oblivious to all that in his explanations for why T "won." And before that, why Bush "won." And that's dangerous because people need to be looking at election integrity as a primary factor in losing elections if things are to change.

And I am certainly not saying we don't need to do absolutely everything in our power with GOTV!
Because of course we do. Voter participation is a HUGE factor, but so is election integrity.

Are we hearing less of the endless discussion about why Hillary "lost" as more info comes out about all the factors that impacted the election?
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