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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 55,781

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Important Work to be done this AM. Blow up their phones. We have to stop the madness.

This morning call both of your senators and your congress critter (especially if they are republicans)
and tell them no war with Iran. Such a war would be un-winnable, it would soon spread to other
countries, millions could die, it is being pushed by Trump and company in order to distract from
impeachment and Donald Trump is a madman who has talked about using a nuclear weapon.

Give whatever points you want but the bottom line is no war w/Iraq.

This is madness ... I just can't take it.

Everybody call your Congress Critters in the AM and demand that we don't end up in
un winnable war with Iran in the middle east and we need huge protests nationwide too.

And I get a sick feeling that Trump wants to use a nuclear weapon too.

Be happy ... "it" is getting to him. 1/4/20 Trump looks like shit.


That is not a healthy man.

Now who says you can't find love in this world?

I just got this email. And all this little babe needs is my credit card info and then she just can't
wait to meet me.

I'm eager and ambitious: I want to discover a true superman that will ravish me day and night.

Do I have this right? Trump canceled our deal with Iran and is now trying to start a war w/Iran.

Trump was installed as POTUS by Putin.
Republicans knew about the Russian help then and now are actively trying to keep the facts
of the Russian/Trump Campaign treachery covered up. See Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, Paul
Ryan, Mike Pence, Kevin McCarthy, Sean Hannity, Devin Nunes, and so on.
Trump pulled us out of a very good treaty with Iran because "the black guy" got it done.
Trump has now assassinated 2 Iranian leaders after talking to Vlad Putin and the Russian
Foreign Minister. This was after bombing a faction in Iraq that is loyal to Iran.
Trump is now trying to start a war with Iran to deflect from his impeachment and his up
coming trial in the senate.
Trump's mental state is declining by the day.
Trump wants to use a nuclear weapon in Iran.

Linda Ronstadt on CNN Now

Damn, I am falling in love all over again.

Oh for the love of dog. Eric Trump's tweet on Dec. 31 2019.



BTW Trump kicked off the latest round of this insanity after meeting with Russian Foreign
Minister Alexander Lavrov in the White House and then taking a call from Putin 1 week later
after which he bombed a pro Iranian faction in Iraq.

I might be wrong but this conflict w/Iran just doesn't pass my smell test

Trump orders a bombing attack on a faction inside of Iraq that is loyal to Iran after
he has a phone call with Vlad Putin.

That pro Iranian faction retaliates by having riots outside of the US embassy in Baghdad.
Is our embassy still inside "the green zone" in Baghdad and if so how did the rioters get that
close to the embassy?

And now Trump orders the killing of 2 Iranian leaders that were in Baghdad further escalating
the conflict.

I smell Gulf of Tonkin and Iraq had WMDs so we have to attack them after 9/11 all over this shit.

This is madness.

How long after Trump spoke with Putin did he ...

.... order the air strikes in Iraq on the supposedly Iranian aligned Iraqi faction? And how did the attack benefit Putin?
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