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Maru Kitteh

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Member since: Thu Dec 23, 2004, 10:06 PM
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Greetings from the last best place! The Crown of the Continent.

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How Hillary Survived a Gauntlet of Saboteurs and Scoundrels


Who says she can’t bring us all together? Hillary Clinton, in the middle of her glass-shattering ascent, found herself besieged on all sides as a cast of Batman-style villains from literally around the world sought to sabotage her convention.

Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Susan Sarandon, Nina Turner, Vladimir Putin, and Dr. Jill Stein—political bedfellows don’t get any odder than this.

The most infamous moment, of course, was Trump pleading with Vlad the Eavesdropper to further aid his ratfucking of Hillary by producing still more computer hacks. Trump had already exposed himself as a gushing Putin fanboy, even offering to turn NATO into a protection racket for the shirtless Kremlin tyrant.


And whatever they invent will fall on wide-open ears in the Khmer Rouge faction of the Bernie-or-Bust crowd. More annoying than a stadium full of vuvuzelas, the Berners chanted and ranted and cried and cat-called throughout the convention. Almost no one was spared, with insults hurled willy-nilly regardless of who was at the podium or what they stood for.

Inane cries of “Goldman Sachs!” greeted the Senate’s scourge of Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren, while chants of “Black lives matter!” interrupted Senator Cory Booker, the former mayor of Newark, and shouts of “No more wars!” stomped on former CIA Director Leon Panetta’s attempt to bring up Trump’s collusion with a foreign potentate. Much worse were the visuals of enraged, young white people, their faces contorted in hate, obliviously screaming invective through the speeches of older, African-American representatives such as Marcia Fudge, Elijiah Cummings, and even the 76-year-old dean of the civil rights movement, John Lewis.

The article does go on to point out "Just who these bravehearts were representing was unclear, since polls show that 90 percent of the Berners are already on board with Hillary."

I thought it was an interesting article, although I disagree with the author's characterization of the convention as "sterile" but for the President's speech and Michelle Obama.

I found so many of the speeches inspiring - but then again it seems the authors may have been watching the coverage on MSNBC. Which would explain a lot! I watched bobble-head free coverage on DirecTV #347 and chose CNN for post-convention analysis. So I saw the whole convention and made up my own mind about what I saw before hearing any talking heads opine.

Overall, they seem to give the convention, and most importantly Hillary herself very high marks. Worth the read.

Now ONWARD to go stuff that giant, poorly-aged, orange toddler back in his playpen!

[font size = 5] STRONGER TOGETHER [/font]

STRONGER TOGETHER sig line graphics

Unity Y'all! Let's lead the way.

We all know that 85+% of Bernie Sanders' voters are on board - including Bernie himself!

We know that the occasional dead-enders we run into here and more rarely, IRL, were most likely never Democratic voters to begin with. Their time has past. Time to move onward and forward now - Stronger, Together.

Uh. As you can see, I forgot to resize the first one but it's in my sig so - still works.

#4 is from a debate but is a nice photo of both of them and the point remains the same.

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