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Thanks for all the good wishes. A wellness check was done several days ago My next door neighbor of 43 years is looking out for me

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Minn stats: 40% of recent covid deaths were vaxxed. The vaxxed have 1/16 the risk of dying

as the unvaccinated. Yes I know this doesn't seem to compute. But please read on for the explanation.

The same happens to be true of hospitalization rates: the vaccinated make up about 31% of the hospitalized, but have 1/16 the risk of being hospitalized as the unvaxed.

As for cases, the vaccinated have 1/4 the risk as the unvaxed of contracting Covid.

Minnesota Public Radio November 12


What's happening with breakthrough cases?

... First, the new data we got is total case counts by vaccination status. Unfortunately, it's still weekly and a month out of date, so it doesn't tell us anything about what's happening now. But it does tell us some interesting things.

40 percent of COVID-19 deaths are among the vaccinated?

But remember that something like 75 percent of all COVID-19 deaths right now happen to seniors, of whom just under 92 percent were fully vaccinated a month ago.

... roughly 8 percent of seniors who were unvaccinated accounted for 67 percent of all deaths. The other 92 percent accounted for the other third.

... [all ages] The unvaccinated have been about four times more likely to get a COVID-19 case, and about 16 times more likely to be hospitalized or die.

Also extremely importantly, these ratios have been largely flat for months. The relative case prevalence did take a dive in June and July, as the delta variant took hold in Minnesota, but has been flat since then. This matters since there has been some evidence that vaccine effectiveness can fade with time. That may very well be true, but we're not seeing it in these numbers.


Adjusted for age, unvaccinated Minnesotans have been about four times more likely to get COVID-19 than those who’ve been vaccinated — and 16 times more likely to be hospitalized or die from it.

The shots, of course, don’t insulate people completely from getting COVID-19.

Minnesota Health Department figures released Friday show about 40 percent of Minnesota’s COVID-19 cases among people 12 or older were breakthroughs — people previously inoculated — as of a month ago, the most recent available data.

The share of cases, hospitalizations and deaths that are breakthroughs has risen steadily in recent months. However, health officials say this isn’t surprising or even alarming.

More than 70 percent of Minnesotans 12 or older are fully vaccinated, which means as the disease has spread in recent months the virus has encountered plenty of vaccinated people.

Minnesota was #1 (new Covid cases per capita, 7 day average). Updated 11/20

U.S. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html
(See the county-level colorized map of the U.S., and the table of states below that. The U.S. overall unfortunately is on a definite uptrend again, +15%   7 day average compared to the 7 day average 14 days preceding.)

Minnesota https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/minnesota-covid-cases.html

Restaurants And Breweries Offering Outdoor Experiences Again, As COVID Cases Continue To Rise In MN, 11/13/21
Several businesses are bringing back the creativity from last winter and offering outdoor options. ...

Why COVID cases are surging in states with high vaccination rates — and what it means for the winter ahead 11/11/21

##### UPDATES ################

See #4 for Nov 20 update

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