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Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,862

Journal Archives

Thank goodness a fellow Bernie supporter told me how to cutoff the Hillary group

The latest threads now look like DU used to look during the Clinton Obama debates...Why the Clinton folks hate Bernie worse than Obama is beyond me, except it is her 'last chance'?

I do hope this stands...and a certain fellow poster that seems to lock my threads does not shown up?

Talk about believing in Unicorns!


End of life may be better for families than sudden death

End of life people know they are dying, as scary as that is, but they spend their last days caring about their loved ones left behind.

And planning for their death. In many cases sudden death leaves those left behind without a clue, and sometimes without finances to have a funeral or a cremation.

I hail these folks, and anyone who plans their own death.

I was not dying, but I thought I was...This is how I placated my fear

I thought how ants and bees easily give their lives for their nest mates

because of the genetics...and that it is genes that matter not the body.

I thought about how I was the result of every ancestor who did not die before they gave birth, for millennia...how lucky was I to even exist? And my genes will live on, through my son, my parents, their brothers, sisters and all their children.

That somehow gave me peace.

We do live on..in our genes.

As sure some people are that they are in the end stage of their disease

They do not want to do hospice..or end of life..cause it feels like giving up!

How to get an answer from the Administrators?...have not seen one for eons

okay eons might be an exaggeration, bit the last 30 or so questions have gone unanswered?

If I am banned from a group, is that lifetime or a few weeks/months/years?

I answered a jury awhile ago..

How long till I know the outcome?

Okay...my swan song

The Angstless Poet

Woe is me, how could this happen?
a poetess sans tragedienne.
The pain of youth long since past
leaving not a twinge of angst.
What can I offer - a world in pain-
a simple lilting rhyme refrain?

The poor, perhaps, I can uplift
Rhyme wrapped as a gift.
Denounce the power of suppression
expose taxation as regression.
No, angst is their daily bread
Nevermind the aforesaid.

A woman, perchance, needs my rhyme
To disclose the paradigm.
Rebuke the blame and condemnation-
-her burden for mankind’s damnation.
Oh! But of course to man she’s wed
Nevermind the aforesaid.

Ah! Lovers in the throws of passion
would save a rhyme from the ash can.
Extol the pleasure of new found love
If only I had memories of.
Oh! Well, they spend their time abed
Nevermind the aforesaid.

A captive audience is what I need
whose egress I must impede.
Suppose prisoners on a rhyme diet
would shortly riot?
Death row inmates wishing they were dead!
Nevermind the aforesaid.

Woe is me, how could this be?
A poetess sans tragedy
Why not youth extend its reach?
Why must wisdom always teach?
Leaving but a shell of pain
And a lilting rhyme refrain?

I was lucky enough to gift "A Peoples History of the USA" by Howard Zinn

to three people...I still have 4 credits to gift to Bernie supporters.

This is an audible book..not a hard copy.

I found out you need an amazon.com account to download. I did not know that.

But if you would like to 'Hear' the book...it is in 5 parts, and retail is $60...but I only pay $11+ for each credit and LOVE me some Bernie supporters.

I know people are reluctant to give out real email addresses, but you get mine in exchange.

So click on the little envelope icon next to my name, and I will be happy to gift you (what audible calls it) the audio book.

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