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In Northern Ontario, herbicides have indigenous people treading carefully and taking action

First Nations people are pressing Ottawa to halt glyphosate spraying that they say is endangering their traditional diet and way of life, Julien Gignac writes

When Raymond Owl hunts and forages for medicines in woodlands around his Northern Ontario First Nation, he routinely finds blistering, withered plants and seldom sees game. The forest is part of a tract of land sprayed with glyphosate, the active ingredient in an herbicide used to expedite the growth of coniferous trees after clear-cutting. And Mr. Owl argues the effects of the chemical impede traditions on which his culture hinges.

“You don’t want to take a chance on it,” he said. “If you go up the road here where they sprayed, everything is black, like a forest fire.”


Herbicides destroy the interdependent balance of all life, which is the core philosophy of the Anishinabek.


Not only does the forest near Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation – about an hour’s drive southwest of Sudbury – yield fewer fruits, he said, but his people are reluctant to take from the bush in case the flora and fauna are contaminated. Mr. Owl refuses to harvest in these affected areas; and for roughly two decades, he’s noticed marked changes to the environment.

“If the forests weren’t sprayed, we would harvest as we please without any fear.”

Mr. Owl, 73, co-founded an organization called the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders Group (TEK) to protect a large swath of forest along the northern shore of Lake Huron between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury that totals about 5.1 million hectares. TEK says glyphosate is harming their traditional territories, ways of life and consequently infringing upon their vested rights as First Nation people.

I'm an anti-war Democrat. Please help me accept Hillary!

Trump is never going to make it to November.

He'll be disqualified and someone else will come in at the last minute to save the Republican party.

What do you think the odds of Trump surviving till November are?

Hillary's Bernie problem is...

The more exposure he gets, the more votes he gets.

He's real and it resonates.


It's all about priorities.

Where do the American people want their taxes spent?

"War, political engineering abroad, welfare for corporations, tax breaks, and job exporting trade agreements.... "


"Living wages, healthcare, SS, education, infrastructure rebuilding.... "

Democrats don't want free stuff. We just want what we have paid for.

Flint is Tip of the Iceberg | The Establishment is Failing Us

Simple. We're not the priority of the establishment.

They hate Bernie because they hate us.

We're supposed to be happy with what we have.

How dare the help make demands!

This election is about setting priorities and we are Bernie's priority.

As our country's infrastructure crumbles and it's citizen's suffer, as a nation, we focus on bringing Democracy to other countries by waging wars.

What's wrong with our national priorities? Where is our moral compass?

Bernie wants to bring Democracy back to America. The problem is that the establishment believe they bought it a long time ago and they are not about to give it back.

That's what Bernie's revolution is all about, an America for all Americans.

He's got my vote!

For the sake of our children, and the children of the world, I hope he has your vote too.

Oh my! It does not answer the question but it has this gem...

"Compared to the average American household, Hillary Clinton’s net worth is 459 times larger. "

That's Hillary's net worth separated from her family's (Bill).

There's your fraction! We're worth just over .005.

If my math is correct. Can you help there? If she is worth 459 times the average of us, what are we worth?

Yeah, she understand the average American.

That's your question, I gave you the resources if you want the answer.

What we know is that Wall Street has been very important in the past. BUT... today, your vote is very important. After the elections are over, Wall Street will be back. You will be dirt.

Real or not, it's not unrealistic.

Obviously, not "official" from Bernie's camp.

Parody or not, just the fact that no one knows shows how poignant it is.

As a Hillary supporter, you come second. She's looking out for #1 and that's not you. In fact, #2 is the 1% and you come after that.

Bernie did not make his fortune from Wall Street and he puts us at #1.

That's why his revolution is a success. It's about us.

It is very scary.

I know everyone hates it when I say this but... imagine if we sent teachers, doctors and engineers instead of weapons and drones?

We'd create fewer terrorists, reduce the death toll to near nil and we'd help these countries evolve.

The military should still be involved but as peacekeepers.

Of course, I'll be called unrealistic and a flower child but hey, I'm tired of our "solution" creating more terrorists and perpetuating the problem.

When we kill innocent people, they are not collateral damage. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The survivors will always hate us for killing their family members. How is this going to bring peace to the region?

Of course, that's if peace is the goal. It's not as profitable as war, so I doubt it an objective.

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