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barbtries's Journal
barbtries's Journal
November 20, 2019

i put up a quick poll on Twitter


I think some of the Republicans in congress are in it hook, line, and sinker, while others (Mitch McConnell) are simply feckless, greedy fucks who don't believe in democracy.
November 20, 2019

just saw a clip of Nunes catapulting the Ukraine interfered in 2016 bullshit.

and i realized, if that was true, they failed.

they also keep harping on the fact that the investigations demanded by trump never happened and that Ukraine did get the aid (in the nick of time). this supposedly clears trump of any impeachable crime.

so by their logic, there's nothing to investigate as far as Ukraine and 2016. which of course is just an outlandish conspiracy theory hatched by Paul Manafort and pushed by Giuliani as some sort of plausible deniability story to cover their crimes.

November 18, 2019

there's one thing i really like about scarborough

the way he trolls trump. straight to his face. he knows trump's watching.

November 13, 2019

PSA if you don't have cable but do have youtube

there is a selection of live streams of the hearing on youtube.
this is especially delightful for me, because i can stream youtube on my roku TV. consequently, i am now downstairs, watching the hearing on TV.

too many republicans talking right now, but still

November 11, 2019

New podcast from Al Franken

regarding The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Al has a podcast and it's pretty good!

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