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Sherman A1

Sherman A1's Journal
Sherman A1's Journal
March 31, 2015

Schweich's Aide Spence Jackson Found Dead

Spence Jackson, spokesman for the late Missouri auditor Tom Schweich, was found dead in his apartment Sunday, according to a press release from the Jefferson City Police Department. His death is being investigated as a suicide.

The news release stated that at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Jefferson City Police went to check on Jackson at the behest of a family member. The initial assessment, according to the release, "indicated that Jackson died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound."

"Physical evidence at the scene, along with an examination of the apartment, did not indicate any signs of forced entry or struggle, but detectives began a full investigation with the assistance of Patrol personnel to canvas the area and contact those who knew Jackson," the release stated. "This investigation is still an open investigation, and no details regarding findings will be released as of yet."

At a news conference late this morning, Jefferson City Police Capt. Doug Shoemaker said their investigation so far does not include any possible link to Schweich’s suicide last month:


March 31, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 31

Tater Day Tater Day is a large festival in Benton, Kentucky.

It was started in 1843 as a celebration of spring, and a time when all of the townsfolk would get together and trade in sweet potato slips, used to grow the plants.[1] It is also the oldest continuous trade day in the United States, in which goods such as guns, 'coon hounds, tobacco or livestock are swapped or sold.[2][3] Tater Day brings to town carnival rides, games, a market, a potato eating contest, mule pulls, and a "biggest potato" contest, which attracts large potatoes from across the county. The biggest part of the festival is the parade, which completes one circuit around the town. It includes political floats, Marshall County High School marching band, horses and buggies, clowns, vintage cars, horses, Miss Tater Day, and other things for which Marshall County is known. There is also Junior Miss Tater Day for little girls ages 5 to 12, and Little Mister, Tiny Miss, and Baby Miss Tater day pageants and floats for the younger kids. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tater_Day

National Clams On The Half Shell Day
The Giant clam has a lifespan of over 100 years.
The clam has no head, no biting mouth parts and no arms or legs.
A clam two or three inches in diameter would probably be three to five years old.
It takes about 25 to 28 months for clam larvae to reach a market size clam.
Clams feed year-round, though they feed less in winter because they need less energy. http://foodimentary.com/2012/03/31/march-31-national-clams-on-the-half-shell-day/

Bunsen Burner Day The humble bunsen burner was created by a German Chemist by the name of Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen, born March 31st 1811, and Bunsen Burner Day celebrates his birthday. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/bunsen-burner-day/

Cesar Chavez Day Cesar Chavez Day is an American national commemorative holiday aimed to celebrate the birth and enduring legacy of the American civil rights and labor movement activist Cesar Chavez, on March 31.

The day is commemorated to promote service to the community in honor of Cesar Chavez's life and work. Some state government offices, community colleges, and libraries are closed. Many public schools are also closed. Texas also recognizes the day, and it is an optional holiday in Arizona (official holiday in the city of Phoenix, Arizona) and Colorado. Although it is not a federal holiday, President Barack Obama proclaimed March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day in the United States, with Americans being urged to "observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Cesar Chavez's enduring legacy."[1] In addition, there are celebrations in his honor in Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, and New Mexico and has been observed in California since 1995, in Texas since 2000 and in Colorado since 2003 as state holidays (optional in Texas and Colorado).[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesar_Chavez_Day

National "She's Funny That Way" Day A day to honor those women in your life who make you laugh. https://www.facebook.com/groups/274963075899874/

March 30, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 30

Turkey Neck Soup Day One of the best examples of sustainable, nose-to-tail eating is utilizing the lean but flavorful turkey neck in your cooking. This distinctly American dish makes the most out of the whole turkey, or at least parts of it that you probably aren't carving up for Thanksgiving.

Not surprisingly, turkey necks are low in calories and fat. Although it is largely made up of bone, you can cook the necks in a soup to make the most of the incredible flavor. The stock (recipe below) is where it's at with this soup, but if you plan on having it for dinner, you'd better start simmering!

Simmering the turkey neck for so long makes the meat incredibly tender. Try turkey neck soup, with the lovely addition of white beans, for a light spring dinner. http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/03/30/national-turkey-neck-soup-day/

Doctors Day National Doctors' Day is held every year on March 30th in the United States. It is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its' citizens. The first Doctor's Day observance was March 30, 1933 in Winder, Georgia. Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, decided to set aside a day to honor physicians. This first observance included the mailing greeting cards and placing flowers on graves of deceased doctors. On March 30, 1958, a Resolution Commemorating Doctors' Day was adopted by the United States House of Representatives. In 1990, legislation was introduced in the House and Senate to establish a national Doctor's Day. Following overwhelming approval by the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, on October 30, 1990, President George Bush signed S.J. RES. #366 (which became Public Law 101-473) designating March 30th as "National Doctor's Day." http://www.doctorsday.org

Pencil Day With so many types of pens, from the everyday biro to the decadent fountain and the multipurpose Sharpie, the humble pencil is often overlooked. That’s why Pencil Day is here to remind us just how amazing a stick of graphite encased in a tube of wood can be.

Sketching in pencil is an incredibly expressive, therapeutic and fun activity. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or think you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, take five minutes to have a quick doodling session and see where your imagination takes you. With a pencil you can remove your mistake with an eraser, or simply rub it with your thumb to create a shaded area or interesting effect. Then when you’re done, there are few things more satisfying than placing the pencil behind your ear and parading around like a fifties New York journalist (make sure to roll up your sleeves too).

Oh, and if you want to be particularly geeky (like us), check out this Pencil Grading Scales Explained article! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/pencil-day/

March 29, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 29

National Lemon Chiffon
 Cake Day Lemon has never been this luscious - March 29 is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day!

Following on the heels of Black Forest cake day, cleanse your chocolate, whipped cream and cherry-covered palate with the sweet taste of lemon chiffon cake.

This cake was invented by Harry Baker, a insurance salesman turned caterer, in 1927. He kept the recipe to himself for 20 years before selling it to General Mills. Betty Crocker soon released 14 recipes and variations in a pamphlet in 1948.

Chiffon cake gets its name from the lighter-than-air texture the cake is famous for. The secret to its airy success is its lack of butter. This might upset some of you, but never fear, it is still one seriously great cake.http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/03/29/national-lemon-chiffon-cake-day/

National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is observed annually on March 29th. This day honors all small business owners.

Small businesses are a vital part of the United States economy. These businesses are not always appreciated, as they should be, for the vital role that they play. We can show them their much deserved appreciation on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.

Owning your own business is a goal that many people strive for. It takes long hours, hard work and much dedication. Countless hours of nurturing the business are needed in the process of growing the business, while following the owners desire of reaching their goal in having a successful business venture.

Some of these businesses are handed down from one generation to the next while others are new start-ups. “Mom and Pop” businesses generally offer superior customer service as the owners take personal pride in their operations as well as pride in their communities.


Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day On March 29th, 1848, ice blockages caused rivers to run dry, and reduced the flow of water to such an extent that Niagara Falls’ 3,160 tons of water per second flow came to a halt. Locals celebrate with Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day, and with plenty of great hotels in the area, it’s not hard to come celebrate with them! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/niagara-falls-runs-dry-day/

March 28, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 28

National Black Forest Cake Day Black Forest cake is German speciality, that is known around the world. Celebrate National Black Forest Cake Day on March 28 with a big piece of this cake.
Black Forest cake originated in the Black Forest region of southern Germany. It's mostly known for sour Morello cherries and Kirsch, or Kirschwasser, a double-distilled cherry brandy made of them. Black Forest cake is made with these cherries and Kirsch and this dessert is a part of traditional repertoire.

You may be surprised, but Black Forest cake evolved from a dessert that consisted of cooked cherries, cream, biscuit and Kirsch. Eventually all of these were combined in a perfect torte (German for cake), that we know today.

Black Forest cake in America is more family friendly that is why it is made without alcohol. But in Germany Kirsch is a mandatory ingredient. If cake is made without it, then it can't be sold under its original name.

If you want to make Black Forest cake, then try a “simplified” version of it. Slice a chocolate pound cake or brownie, top each slice with red sour cherry topping, add whipped cream atop and on the sides. Serve your cake with a liquor glass of Kirsch. But if you want a real Black Forest cake, then you need to go to your local bakery. Whatever you chose, don't forget about Kirsch! https://anydayguide.com/calendar/2887

Weed Appreciation Day What’s wrong with weeds? Natural environments, gardens, parks and public places are home to huge varieties of plants and flowers, and weeds are an important part of that ecosystem. On Weed Appreciation Day, consider how much fun you had with dandelions as a child before you pull them up; and consider how many of these weeds are in fact edible (make sure to check it’s safe!), and unsurprisingly very easy to grow! https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/weed-appreciation-day/

Earth Hour https://www.earthhour.org

March 27, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 27

National Spanish Paella Day Not only is this dish rich in a multitude of flavorful ingredients, but paella is just bursting with a storied heritage as well. None of the three varieties are the same, so you'll have plenty to keep you occupied today.

Originally created in Valencia on the east coast of Spain, it has been called Spain's national dish by non-residents, but proud Valencians refer to it as one of their main symbols. Varieties include Valenciana (no surprise there), de marisco (seafood), mixta (a mixture of meat and seafood) and vegetariana (vegetable).

Valencian paella typically combines short-grain white rice, chicken, rabbit, snails, butter beans, great northern beans, artichokes, tomatoes, rosemary, sweet paprika, saffron and garlic. Seafood, as you can guess, substitutes fresh fruits of the sea for the meat and beans. And somewhere down the line, people living outside of Valencia mixed the two recipes together, creating mixed paella.

Making paella involves toasting a layer of rice at the bottom of the giant paella pan over an open flame or burner. The name of the crisp rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan is socorrat. http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/03/27/national-paella-day/

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day If you’re rocking out to classics such as “I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim’s Gettin’ Better” or “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly”, then chances are you’re already well on the way to celebrating Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/quirky-country-music-song-titles-day/

(I had a hard time deciding if I should post this one)
Viagra Day On this day in 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves use of the drug Viagra, an oral medication that treats impotence.

Sildenafil, the chemical name for Viagra, is an artificial compound that was originally synthesized and studied to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina pectoris (a form of cardiovascular disease). Chemists at the Pfizer pharmaceutical company found, however, that while the drug had little effect on angina, it could induce penile erections, typically within 30 to 60 minutes. Seeing the economic opportunity in such a biochemical effect, Pfizer decided to market the drug for impotence. Sildenafil was patented in 1996, and a mere two years later–a stunningly short time compared to other drugs–it was approved by the FDA for use in treating “erectile dysfunction,” the new clinical name for impotence. Though unconfirmed, it is believed the drug was invented by Peter Dunn and Albert Wood. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/fda-approves-viagra

March 26, 2015

Why are people so mean to each other online?

It used to be the case that people got their gossip over the garden fence or from a bit of curtain twitching. But now we have the internet and the nature of chat has changed forever.

They way we communicate online jumped back into the headlines last week when Monica Lewinsky, famous for her love affair with President Clinton, spoke at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver.

Describing herself as one of the first victims of cyber-gossip, she said that it had taken her over a decade to get over it. Now back in the public eye, she called for a more compassionate internet.


March 26, 2015

Retailers could feel Kraft-Heinz merger 'pinch'


While there have been other big mergers in the CPG industry, the Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz Co. deal is a game changer.

“If it can happen to Kraft, it can happen to anyone,” Don Stuart, managing partner at Cadent Consulting Group, Wilton, Conn., said of possible other takeover targets.

Heinz and Kraft announced Wednesday that they agreed to merge in a deal that will form The Kraft Heinz Co., the fifth largest food and beverage firm in the world and the third largest in North America.

and I believe an important statement here.....
3G is known for buying consumer companies and aggressively slashing costs. It will strip Kraft’s costs to the bone, both in terms of people and capabilities, said Stuart, just as it did when it led the takeover of Anheuser-Busch and Heinz, said Stuart.

March 26, 2015

Daily Holidays -March 26

National Spinach Day For National Spinach Day on Thursday, Marco’s Pizza is offering a free medium Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza to guests who donate a can of spinach in their local Marco’s. The collected cans of spinach will then be donated to local food banks. Offer is reserved for carryout and dine-in orders only at any participating Marco’s Pizza location across America. http://www.shelbyfoodservice.com/2015/03/23/marcos-offers-free-pizza-on-national-spinach-day-march-26/

Legal Assistants Day Celebrated today, March 26th, it is National Legal Assistants Day. This day honors those skilled persons who work hard and perform a variety of support jobs for supervising lawyers. Legal assistants work diligently behind the scenes and are continuing to assume new responsibilities in legal offices. http://nationaldaycalendar.com/2013/03/26/march-26th-2013-national-legal-assistants-day-national-american-diabetes-association-alert-day-national-spinach-day-national-nougat-day/

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day One of our favourite days of the year, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is a chance to throw away the rule book and celebrate however you like! Get together with your friends and create your own special holiday, and who knows, if it becomes popular enough, it might end up on our calendar!https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/make-up-your-own-holiday-day/

I therefore declare this to be National "In The Wind, Crewleader, Pinboy3niner, Femmocrat & Bigwillq" Day! Who are great contributors to the Daily Holidays!

Purple Day Purple Day is a celebration aimed at raising worldwide awareness of epilepsy, a condition that affects over 65 million people globally. Cassidy Megan, a nine-year-old from Canada, founded Purple Day in 2008. Cassidy’s efforts were supported by the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia (EANS). Lavender is the international colour for epilepsy and is also a colour that symbolises solitude. This led to purple being the colour of choice for this celebration.

Anybody interested in supporting Purple Day can become an ‘Ambassador of Purple’. This role involves wearing purple and spreading awareness of epilepsy in your community and to friends and family. Alternatively, dress in purple and hold a purple-themed fund-raising event in aid of either EANS, The Anita Kaufman Foundation or any other charity supporting epilepsy awareness. Most importantly, take the time to increase your own awareness about the effects of epilepsy on people’s lives. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/purple-day/

March 25, 2015

How to Fix State and Local Budgets (and Help the Middle Class)

States and local governments have been cutting vital public services for years because of shrinking revenue and bad policy decisions. Crumbling roads, bridges and other infrastructure, and even shrinking educational opportunities, are the unfortunate results. A new report offers a real solution to this budget dilemma.

The report, Tax Fairness: An Answer to State Budget Problems, describes a financial crisis that could have been avoided – and can be fixed – by making our tax codes fair. The writers, economist Stephen Herzenberg, executive director of Keystone Research Center, and Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, contend the tax codes of most states and municipalities allow the wealthiest taxpayers, and rich corporations, to avoid paying their fair share.


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