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PJMcK's Journal
PJMcK's Journal
August 10, 2022

Hey, Rudy!

So, you've messed with the Georgia prosecutors again, this time by lying that you're not medically cleared to fly. But then we see you bought airplane tickets after you lied. Oopsie. That's not going to go over well in Atlanta and those are the people you're going to have to face.

It's not going to work for you, you know, the delay-thingy. You're going to have to go down to Georgia and sit in the Big Chair.

That's when the fun begins!

See, you might remember this from your days as a prosecutor (you really sucked!), when a witness is in the Big Chair they cannot lie. They have to tell the truth! It's a beautiful and incredible thing.

Think you can do that? Go before the special grand jury and tell the truth? I'm thinking you can for one simple reason: You've lost.

You've lost your phony reputation as "America's Mayor."

You've lost your third marriage. By the way, have you paid your back alimony and fees yet?

You've lost your law license and hence, your job. You're 78 years old. How's that feel?

You've lost your BS reputation as someone who knows important stuff. (Hint: You don't know shit. No more TV appearances for you!)

You've lost your mind. We saw it dribble down the sides of your face at that wonderful lie-fest you had with the Kraken nut-job. That wasn't your best look, sir. (And let's not get into the Borat movie.)

You can appeal and delay but in the end, you'll have to testify. Your tactics are simply pissing off the people you're going to have to face. Remember, you were once a prosecutor. How did you react when a witness behaved as you have?

If you don't tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth you'll lose your freedom.

You've lost, Rudy. It's time to make that major life decision.

Here's a tip: Go and testify. Tell the special grand jury everything. It'll be cathartic and you'll feel so much better.

Here's another tip: Forget Trump. He's the reason you've lost! Your association with Trump has ruined you. Move on.

Besides, Trump never paid you for your legal services and expenses. (Who's not surprised?)

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