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Profile Information

Name: Paul McKibbins
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York City
Home country: USA
Current location: New York City
Member since: Mon Jun 5, 2006, 04:16 PM
Number of posts: 11,719

About Me

Lifelong Democrat

Journal Archives

Skittles, you are an amazing American and awesome DUer!

Consider those people (who were the "undesirables" ) who watched the Fascists slowly come to power in Europe during the 1930s and into the 1940s. For the most part, those who survived were those who left. Those who stayed were stuck in two categories: 1) So-called "Good Germans" who proceeded to live their lives while the war raged throughout Europe; and 2) Those deemed to be disposable humans, including the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and many other "undesirables" who were executed.

I've known a handful of folks who got out of Germany/Austria/The Netherlands/France in time. Their stories are instructive to the abhorrent possibilities of our current circumstances.

The pathetic irony of my personal position is that I'm a White Anglo-Saxon of Protestant descent and I'm relatively financially sound. I'm not a target of these Fascists, (unless they read my posts on DU!). I'm, older and I could just retreat to my country house and I would be relatively safe from nearly everything, including a nuclear exchange, (at least for the first couple of days). But that course is unacceptable and insane.

What appalls me is that the 35-40% of so-called Americans who support Trump's political movement is that their perspective is antithetical to my conscience. Ultimately, my single vote might not be enough, (especially since I vote in New York City). Yet, I will always vote a straight Democratic ticket.

ETA: Have a couple of hearts, friend.

Sean Connery was the first and definitive Bond, (sort of)

Eon Productions, founded by "Cubby" Broccoli (his family "invented" the vegetable!) and Harry Saltzman has produced the vast majority of Bond films. I believe it's the longest running movie franchise in history.

Sean Connery was chosen to play Bond in the first film, "Dr. No." Although it was made on a shoestring budget, (Dr. No's secret laboratory lair cost only $15,000!), the film followed Ian Fleming's novel fairly closely and Connery's interpretation of Bond tracks the novel's character.

Connery started out gritty but by the fourth film, "You Only Live Twice," the character had become somewhat campy. By the time Roger Moore got the role, the films had become somewhat silly and deviated tremendously from Fleming's novels.

"From Russia With Love" is the second film and, in my opinion, is one of the best. In this film, Robert Shaw plays an evil assassin out to kill Bond and he's an amazing nemesis.

The Aston Martin first appeared in the third film, "Goldfinger" and was then seen again at the beginning of "Thunderball" which is also among the best Bond films. In Daniel Craig's first Bond film from 2006, "Casino Royale," Bond plays cards against a killer and wins the 1960s Aston Martin. Of course, then he picks up the bad guy's girlfriend!

There was a re-make of "Thunderball" made in the 1990s called, "Never Say Never Again" where Connery reprised the role, (the title is a sly joke). Avoid it like the plague! Also, the 1960s adaptation of "Casino Royale," starring David Niven and Woody Allen is a total goof and a stylistic mess that required three different directors to finish. The only good thing I can say about that film is the score, by Burt Bacharach, has the great song, "The Look of Love" and the dorky-sounding "Bond Street," played by Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass. (Bachrach's involvement is the reason Mike Myers had Bachrach make a cameo in the first Austin Powers movie.)

As someone posted above, if you haven't seen Connery, especially in the earliest films, you haven't seen a Bond movie!

The sort of reference in my title line is because there were a couple of earlier attempts to bring the Bond stories to the screen and Barry Nelson played Bond in mid-1950s TV adaptation.

Dershowitz is a media whore

He has squandered any professionalism and reputation he may have had. He's too foolish to realize that he's become a third- or fourth-tier lawyer who's only real "courtroom" is in a television studio.

It's easy to see this! Look who Trump has representing him: Sekulow, Bondi, Cipollone and Purpura. Not a first-class lawyer in the bunch. Dershowitz fits right in with this crowd of hacks. Take a look at the "defense" they presented: They had no facts, evidence or testimony upon which to make their claims of Trump's innocence. What kind of offering is that? In a normal court, the jury would need only five minutes to fill out the guilty section of the jury form.

Trump probably doesn't realize what lousy attorneys he has. Importantly, he's betting his presidency on McConnell fixing the trial in Trump's favor and expecting the Republicans to remain loyal to Trump. Not only is that a bad bet, it leaves Trump without an escape hatch.

That's fine with me.

I take a longer view

In his musical ASSASSINS, Stephen Sondheim wrote a song called "Something Just Broke" about Americans' reaction to President Kennedy's murder.

I concur with the composer's view that JFK's death (and its coverup) is when the United States began to run off the rails. All of the bad things came after that shattering event: Viet Nam, Watergate, Nixon/Reagan/Bush I/Bush II and now Trump.

When President Johnson signed the Civl Rights Act of 1964, he famously said that the Democrats had lost the South for a generation. Well, he was right about the loss but wrong about its duration.

Our national troubles have been festering for a long time.

One thing is certain: Most of our problems are the result of Republicans' malfeasance.

Hope the teacher has sense of humor

We tried something like that in high school choir. At the end of our holiday concert, all of the performing groups would combine to perform Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus." When the music got near the end when it's really rocking, a group of us thought it would be fun to start clapping on the backbeats, giving the music an almost Gospel/Rock style. The music director was horrified and pissed and several of us were disciplined because of it.

Nearly 40 years later, our infamous stunt is still recalled by some! In the long run, it was worth it but at the time, some of us were chagrined.

Oh, well. We survived. So did Handel's magnificent music.

There are many profoundly ignorant people in the United States

The decades-long assault on education by Republicans has resulted in a great many Americans who are unable to critically assess information and they really have no idea how our governments-- federal, state and local-- are structured and function.

They do not understand the corrupting effects of big money on our politics at all three levels. However, they are furious that they are being left behind because their interests are not being addressed by our elected officials.

We have at least two generations of Americans where far too many are disengaged from our politics.

This is a very dangerous state for our nation.

Gabbard has demonstrated that she doesn't understand Government

Her calls for "transparency" are either ignorant or purposefully misleading. In either case, she's making stupid noises that disqualify her for the presidency or even for the office she current holds.

Gabbard is a member of the House but she clearly doesn't understand the rules and procedures of that body. The process for an Impeachment Inquiry was designed by Republicans led by John Boehner. The depositions and testimonies that the investigative committees are engaged in are supposed to be secret, just as are Grand Jury proceedings, (which this phase of the House's process emulate). In spite of the closed doors, however, the hearings are held before both the Democrats and Republicans who are members of the relevant committees. Both sides participate in the process.

Should the committees determine that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors or other acts that warrant impeachment, they will then present their evidence to the full House to debate if Impeachment is the proper course. There's your transparency, Tulsi.

That Gabbard doesn't know this stuff illustrates her unfitness for office. She's been in office for about 7 years and she still hasn't learned how Congress works?!

It's pathetic.

Or it's political in which case I'm baffled why she spouts GOP positions.

Nearly every word out of Trump's mouth is a lie

Thanks to the Washington Post, we have a tally of Trump's lies, misstatements and hooey. He's made over 12,000 untruths since taking office.

That's a truly remarkable achievement for the President of the United States! On the world's stage, who woulds believe or trust him? I don't think I could lie that much if I tried; of course, like most normal people, I have a conscience.

In just three short years that have seemed like an eternity, Trump has diminished our standing, damaged our people, probably shivved our economy and insulted many of our allies while aligning himself with the worst dictators around the globe. And a great many of our fellow citizens are okay with that.

I've loved the U.S.A. my whole life. If this motherfucker can't be removed, I'll have to think about those feelings.

A thought about the whistle-blower

The New York Times is reporting that the whistle-blower is a C.I.A. analyst who was detailed to the White House. He has since returned to the C.I.A.

Trump has repeatedly denigrated the U.S. intelligence agencies and taken the words of foreign dictators over his own professionals. He debased the sacrifices of those honored at the C.I.A.'s Memorial Wall. He has ignored their tireless work and doesn't even read their reports let alone take their advice. Trump has no idea how hard and dangerous intelligence work is.

This must rankle our intelligence professionals. It is a measure of their collective honor and patriotism that until now, none have spoken out against Trump. This analyst waited until there was irrefutable evidence of wrong-doing and then he acted through the legal mechanism established for exactly this type of situation.

To the whistle-blower I say, well done, sir. Your country thanks you.

As a twice-divorced man, may I offer a few observations?

First, lose the ring! In fact, sell it. I stopped wearing my rings as soon as it was clear the relationships were over. These were not acts of "single-hood" but rather acts of freedom. There is no stronger symbol of marriage than a ring. Set yourself free. I sold my wedding bands for 25% of what they cost but so what? They were symbols of the past and of failures and I don't need that in my life. As Jackson Browne wrote in his song "These Days," "Don't confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them."

Second, I assume Trooper is your dog. You wrote, "Trooper seems to like people." There are lots and lots of other people for Trooper to be friendly with. As another poster wrote, you and your ex split for very good reasons. Try to remember them! Pets remember people who were kind to them but they don't know the complexities of your relationship with the ex. Trust me, there are lots of people for you to have meaningful relationships with, (not even necessarily romantic ones), and Trooper will like them, too.

Third, your ex may be trying to manipulate you by "making some good points." Remember that he knows your soft spots and buttons, just as you (consciously or not) know his. Don't let him put you in a position where you lose your independence: that's why you split in the first place!

Lastly, I strongly admire your desire to remember to not give your heart to anyone who doesn't deserve it. You might get hurt in a new relationship because letting go is part of falling in love. However, you already know how your ex has hurt you. Don't give him that power over you again because he's already proven he's unworthy of your trust.

In closing, I'm a romantic and I got married for the third time several months ago. My new wife has been a friend for 40 years and we were totally surprised when we started falling in love. One big reason we get along so well is that we already know one another's strengths and weaknesses; there weren't many surprises between us. Our mutual goal is to be straight up and honest with one another and that keeps the little things from escalating. As a result, we're having the times of our lives together! There's hope for happiness and I encourage you to be open to new adventures.
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