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Smoking a bowl of fine herb with friends and family...

And sharing some egg nog.

Happy Holidays!

And Merry Bud-Mas!


If Wahlberg's test scores are not high, then his teachers and his school are total failures,
and that school will have to be privatized.

In Amurka', it is the only way.

Privatizing Public Schools is God's Plan.

You know----God (or should I say, "The Gods"---Gates, Broad, Walmart, Duncan, Deasy, Rhee, etc etc).

And as we all know,
Gods know best.

Until we know his test scores, we will not know if Wahlberg was properly edumacated and
properly indoctrinated in Godly Corporate Philosophy.


Because it's all about the kidz.

Below: LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy with young student

These T-Baggerz are a sad and weak-minded bunch of TOOLS.

But many are just a foreclosure, a nearby Fracking site, or a lost job away, from being Liberals.

Liberal arguments don't make Liberals anywhere near as fast as Corporate, Big-Bank,
and Investor misdeeds and mistreatment of The Masses do.

Humorists: Let's have some fun----Let's play, "HOW IS OBAMA WRONG?"

This is a little rhetorical game that can be played even if you are one of those Progressives (like me)
who has a number of major criticisms of
Obama's administration for not being nearly Progressive enough in many areas.

Please, put those aside for a moment.

I want to satirize the GOP/rightwingers' automatic, robotic, always-predictable, knee-jerk
mindless, slamming of Obama no matter what he does, with no exceptions, ever.

Here's how you play it:

Come up with something good Obama would be described as doing, like:

A--"Obama Brings Peace to MidEast"
B--(GOP response)--"The Terrorists will just use Peace to secretly build-up their forces to attack America".


A--"Obama rescues child from deadly surf in Hawaii and re-starts her breathing with CPR"

B--"Obama was sexually abusing that child with mouth-to-mouth--Arrest him!"

A--"Obama reverses his stand and declares Global Climate change a hoax"

B--"Global Climate Change suddenly found to be real, and caused by Obama! That's why he wants to deny it now"

A--"Obama Praises benefits of Oxygen as a life-sustaining element".

B--"Oxygen is #1 cause of fires on Earth. Obama Loves destructive fires!"

A--"Obama fights Godzilla off the coast of Japan and drives him away, saving Japan!"

B--"Obama's regulation of Godzilla eliminates thousands of construction/repair jobs--Why does Obama hate workers?
Also, who cares about saving Japan? He only saved Japan because it wasn't America!"

OK, that's the idea.

This is rich ground, folks.

C'mon, you humorists out there, now give it back to the GOP lock-step rationalizers.

And I know many of you can do far better and funnier than I.

A story that shows why CANADA IS WISER THAN AMERICA: "The Cream Separator"

"During the age of expansion, capitalism gave cream to the few, whole milk to the middle classes, and a blue watery residue to the majority of farmers and industrial workers, agricultural labourers and slaves."

This brief story is told by Canadian Liberal Tommy Douglas, the man most responsible for
Canada's Public Healthcare system. It explains the universal problem with capitalism in clear and certain terms.

The video:

The text:


Just another reason to love Canada, IMO.

I'll bet...

You are exactly right, Organism.

I expect the same.

The Senate will be 51-vote majority again.
But only for the GOP.

In a way, it is satisfying to read about Parents' buyers' remorse, when the school makes them suffer

Many of these parents naively supported charter takeovers and sat idley by as fine teachers and school personnel were chased
out in favor of younger cheaper, more submissive employees.

Teachers and educators have been suffering immeasurably for over a decade since this NCLB bullshit
got going, trying to achieve ridiculous test score goals, constantly browbeated and told they are inadequate
while they watched their Union and subject departments dis-empowered in favor of outside investors
and pro-privatization principals and management, often trained and indoctrinated by philosophical
neo-liberal corporatists like Eli Broad and Bill Gates.

Some of us in teaching tried to tell others on the outside, tried to sound the alarm.
But most people didn't believe, or hear, us.

Clearly, few outside the school gave a shit.

Now, as a retired teacher, it is my turn to watch as others scream "INJUSTICE!".
Too late, suckers.

Enjoy the fruits of your ignorance of what real education is, and has always been--Multi-faceted,
multi-leveled, focused on the conceptual more than the trivial, varied, at least a little bit individualized, when possible, and MESSY.

But it's past the point of no return--Corporate America will not give back what it has taken--You'll see.
And you can be certain, your kids will not be getting a real education

Kids are just memorizing terms for multiple-choice bubble tests.
They are not learning concepts, or truths, anymore.

Some of us saw this coming and screamed it out--To no avail.

Well America, your schools are on the way out, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it now except
make sure your kid makes your school look good, no matter what it costs you.

(P.S. You can bet that Washington's Elite kids are absolutely NOT trained to memorize
standards-based trivia & just get high test scores.
That is only necessary for The Great Unwashed----
They would never do to their kids what they think is essential for the kids of The Masses).

But you & your kids are not in The Elite.

So shut up and memorize.
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