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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,764

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OK! Who's with Justice Stevens? Repeal the 2nd? K&R to show the way.


Is the Gun march Saturday on the Mall?

Time to release the videos of students being mowed down at school.

The Gun humpers will continue to talk about how "guns don't kill people" until people can see what these "tools" do to the human body.

We are disappointed to see the video of the armed deputy remaining hiding outside of the school but a video of what was going on inside would be more instructive about why he may have chosen not to enter the building.

Sanitizing what people see and know of these assault rifles simply will delay the remedy. We can all laugh at the crazy antics in the many posted videos on You Tube showing people doing stupid things with guns but like the videos of Cops beating up and shooting unarmed detainees, some real life gore will quickly end the NRA's hold on the narrative.

So far all we get are students leaving the building with their hands up and a few "Exclusive" student produced videos of kids hiding in closets. NRA can say "No big deal."

This report about stainless steel beer kegs will help you understand the problem with tariffs.


Very simple. When US businesses have to pay inflated prices for steel as the tariffs are applied and China (etc.) companies still buy steel at untaxed prices, the US companies will simply close up. It will simply expand the sucking noise you hear from every other country.

OK! Gotta ask: Does anyone know anyone who sits and talks crossed armed like Trump?

I can't say I've ever seen it before. Is it instead of crossing his fingers as he lies about his opinions about the issues?
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