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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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I love that model! Looks like originally a Wonder Bread truck.

Makes you "wonder" how many people R-Money screwed over to make all of his bread.
How many people did he have to kindly downsize, uh fire, for the good of the corporation and then give enormous bonuses to retiring executives who ran their relative company into the ground? That's what Bain did. They facilitated the frenzied cannibalism of smaller locally owned and regionally owned companies by larger mega corporate sharks. These sharks owe the employees of the smaller corporations they gobbled up absolutely nothing. Their PR departments use a business model to fire people, or force them to retire by, denying accrued benefits such as time off with family, sick leave, health insurance and more. They use "positive empathetic interaction" by convincing the people that the management is also in jeopardy of losing their jobs. The big sharks not only fire the employees they also drink the blood of their corporate victims. That blood is the people. People have power. There is power in the blood.

"Should a rhetorical question should end with a period?" Quote famous song writer (me)

Along with the recent multi million dollar lawsuit against Trinity Broadcasting Network and

Paul and Jan Crouch here is a little background on their past corruption and homophobic history.


The video is more than 12 minutes but really brings to light the hypocrisy of these vile people.
It's a Fox expose' from a local Texas channel but it's very well done. (Not the national Faux News.)

Here is the latest story and I think it was posted on DU previously but it cannot be promoted enough.

These people need to be prosecuted not only for fraud but for IRS violations for blatantly selling goods using the word "donations" as a code word for "buying" goods and services and making tax free profits.

Their wealth would pay for the health care of many actually poor and unfortunate human beings.

I was 13 when To Kill A Mockingbird was released. I saw it three times in a row on a Saturday by

hiding in the restrooms of the theater during the screenings. This was during a time when a theater showed one movie at a time and blacks sat in the balcony. I cried each time I saw it. I actually came back and saw it several times again that week. I lived in a southern town that was full of racists. I was not biased and often bullied because I was white and thought racism was horrible. I would some times sneak up into the balcony to watch movies as my own little protest. I also read the book at that time. It affected me so profoundly and the effect was so exhilarating it made me adamantly anti racist to the point of verbally engaging racists and expressing my opinions to friends and relatives. It is today the core of me not to give racists even a moment of the short time I have left on this earth. Life is too short.

( Edited to add: Even the opening credits with the beautiful music would make me cry and I'm considered one of those guys that never sheds a tear.)
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