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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
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FAUX NEWS !!!! major loser tonight. showing their regular, stupid lineup

To FOX, Donald Trump is still the lovely prince. The King .....

The rest of television shows the committee showing DONALD TRUMP INCITING VIOLENCE, WORLD CLASS DECEIVER, ANTI-CHRIST

who incited thousands of traitors to take down our democracy.

LOTS OF NEW damning info was brought out today against Traitor Trump.

LOTS OF NEW damning info was brought out today against Traitor Trump. Bravo & Well done January 6th hearing👍👍

"Damning evidence" means ::: it suggests very strongly that someone is guilty of a crime or has made a serious mistake.

what is WOKE ??? It turns out, "Woke" is Republican-speak for an

John Pavlovitz @johnpavlovitz
It turns out, "Woke" is Republican-speak for anyone who gives a damn about other human beings or the planet; a dog-whistle slur against expressions of humanity that seek or to spread resources, opportunity, power, and a voice to more people.

To Republicans, Decency is “Woke”

The politics of fear is nothing new.
We’ve seen it throughout history.
It’s a well-worn playbook.
When you lack actual ideas, you need an enemy.
When you have nothing redemptive to offer, you have to create a monster to push back against.
When you are devoid of decency, you need to vilify it and somehow turn that decency into a threat.
That’s what we’re seeing right now in America.

Turn on any Fox News show monologue, read any Right-wing hack news outlet, visit any MAGA influencer’s TikTok page, or sample any Republican politician’s social media account and you’ll find their latest ubiquitous boogeyman: the “Woke Mob.”

They shoehorn the words into every televised conversation, every incendiary think piece, every pearl-clutching press conference—usually tethered to other recently-wielded phrases like “the Radical Left” and “cancel culture.” These repetitive, nonsensical word salads are designed to terrify their constituents, leverage fear in the easy-manipulated, and to misdirect them from the reality that they have no actual platform, outside of the opposition to progress, the resistance to diversity, the aversion to equity, and the evasion of justice.

It’s woke to want fair elections.
It’s woke to be anti-racist.
It’s woke to be anti-fascist.
It’s woke to trust Science.
It’s woke to wear a mask in a pandemic.
It’s woke to be the parent of a bullied child.
It’s woke to want to be addressed with the gender you identify with.
It’s woke to want a less-polluted community.

Anything that brings equity gets this label from the Right because inequity is its only goal.

read more here....... very interesting :::: https://johnpavlovitz.com/2021/05/05/when-republicans-say-woke-they-really-mean-human/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=johnpavlovitz
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