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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

Journal Archives

What is up with the Boehner?

Making a statement on the Martin case that basically back up Obama, then jumping on Mitt over his Russia comments.

Does he see the writing on the wall?

Does he have a conscience?

Michelle Bernard was all fired up on Tweety

Tweety tried to get around saying f'ing coons, stated it was the f word then a known racial slur, she cut him off and said it, said coon at list five times (not in a row) and people needed to know Zimmerman used this word.

Ended with every black man knows he would never get away with SYG defense.

Here is what I Don't get in the Martin fiasco

Two shots were fired, with a bit of elapsed time. If the first shot hit, why a second? Even if Zimermann feared for his life he wounded Martin, why shoot again?

I know why, what I can"t figure is how the cops thought it could be swept under the rug.

Frothy and Sheriff Joe....Birther buddies?

Joe briefs Rick on investigation. Classic stupidity.


Right wing melt down!?

Anyone else concerned with an impending meltdown of the far right? (28 to 45 percent of them)

I am concerned that they will break when it becomes obvious that Obama will win a second term and they will engage in unruly behavior.

Then the talking heads will allow them to spew their hatred and blame Obama and Democrats for causing the unrest.

Maybe Breitbart keeled over rather than face the embarrassment of the bombshell anouncement

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