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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Tin Foil Hat Alert! Is there and Issa/Sheriff Joe connection?

Justice Dept. has been working on Arpaio, ATF and FBI working on gun running and using phone taps in Joe's County. Forget the goat sex, I think Issa and Arpaio were involved in gun running.

Holy SHIT! Flipped on Hannity and the Whore of BabbleOn is on

And when I say "ON" I mean on some heavy duty drugs. She was messed up!

O.K., I have done a lot of contract negotiations

When If you get a win you can either decide to play nice or go for the kill. If you think a possibility for a long term relationship exists you play nice, if the other side has proven to be only interested in short term and unilateral gain, then after the win, you step on their fucking throat! You make sure they get the worst possible deal and weaken them in future negotiations.

Tomorrow is a key day for Team Obama, they need to pivot and go full force against the House for the Holder hearings and slam them as partisan hacks, then they need to pivot back to HC and other issues.

Edit to add: This is what will happen tomorrow, very little HC talk but a lot of Holder talk. That is what the media wants, take away from the victory, what Obama will do is raise the stakes on Holder and call the anti-American mother fuckers out!

The CNN mess up! With video.

I hardly ever watch CNN, too damn annoying, but a poster at Daily Kos captured the 10 minutes of full fledged embarrassment this morning.


Note the excitement in Wolfie's and John DB King's voice when they thought it was going down, and then the complete change in tone after they figured out they were wrong. Hell John King's comments were out of control slanted but the tone is truly telling.

BWAAHAAAA! Reverend Al has a guest on who was in the SC Chambers for the reading this AM

Says usually the Justices sit down for a minute then the readings begin. Today, Scalia stood and stared down at the bench. The guy said is looked like his son had just told him he crashed the car.

Tough day for Fat Tony, maybe he went back to his office and spooned with Thomas for awhile.

YO! Trolls!

If only there was a football spiking smilie!

O.K. back to normal activities.

Dems voting with 'Pukes on Fast and Furious - MUST BE STOPPED

Anyone have a list? These people need to be intimidated to the gates of hell just like the NRA is doing.

They have plenty of evidence that this is nothing more that a political hit job, each one of them need to be put on notice that if they side with Issa then they will face a primary challenge and outside money with THE ONLY goal to have them replaced.

With the SC decision and this, they must understand that it is DAMN GO TIME!

Tomorrow needs to be HELL day for the Republicans and weak Democrats.

So a government screw up in AZ fanned by a proven propaganda network ....

that engages in illegal activities is described as a major fuck up?

Come on, there is a time to circle the wagons and tell the Republicans to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

And this is one of them, we have people going off on Pelosi (somewhat warranted) for her comments today, and at the same time have people slamming Holder.

Then people fucking bitch about not winning!


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Andrea Greenspan is downplaying the Bloomberg poll.

.... over samples non-whites (funny, can't recall her looking at internals on other polls and stating they over sample republicans)

... then puts up a stat showing Obama upside down on handling the economy, states Mitt is too, but doesn't put up the numbers, and never puts up a chart showing what the President up by 13 in the poll.

So you want me to believe that exit polls show 50/50, yet it gets called at 60/40 with 25% in

and the turnout is huge!???

I have seen reports on MSNBC stating large turn out in Repub areas, with empty rooms behind the reporter.

I have heard reports of huge turnout in Milwaukee yet not one single media report showing large lines or no lines.

I must admit, something smells.

On edit, and Obama supposedly wins by 11% in exit polls, so a FUCKING HUGE percentage of voters cast a ballot for Walker and plan on voting for Obama in November?????!!!!!

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