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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

Journal Archives

The esteemed obnoxious mutha fucker Peter King

"I don't know how anyone can take Carter Page seriously about anything"

When Trump was asked by The Washington Post last March who was advising him, Trump listed “Carter Page, PhD” as a member of the campaign’s foreign policy team.


Team USA wins the Olympic Gold over Canada in a shoot out.

Great game

A father of a murdered child on the CNN townhall

Just called out Marco Rubio. His statement, the comments from you and the President over the last week were pathetic.

He is friggen grilling him, making him state that guns are a factor in the murder of kids.

And this has the potential to get ugly! 7,000 pissed off people, I give Marco credit for attending.

Holy shit! These kids are kicking ass and taking names

For those of you not planted in front of a TV, the kids in Tallahassee are going off! Knocking down the bs NRA memes, calling out Republicans for the inactivity, calling out the FL legislature, calling out the idiot posters claiming they are actors.

This one is going to leave a mark.

If the first Mother F'in question out of any reporters mouth isn't

Why haven't you acted on the sanctions against Russia AND when will you start enforcing the sanctions? Then we have a complicit media.

Yes the Orange shit stain can claim no evidence of Russian Government, to which the immediate reply should be, 'you said there was not evidence of Russian interference and claimed it was a fat guy in a basement.

The traitor needs to be taken down, NOW!
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