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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Learn from history - it we come out of this Dems must crush Republicans

In my lifetime, Nixon was let off with a Ford pardon, Reagan/Bush were not held fully accountable for Iran/Contra, Bush/Cheney were given a pass. In each case the Republicans came back and were worse, because they didn't pay a heavy enough penalty.

This time we need to prosecute each and every one of them. None of this, "we need to move on for the good of the Country."

For the good of the Country we need to penalize them to the fullest extent, use every means possible to strip them of Govt Pensions, jail them for crimes committed against the United States. If not, then ten year later we will be dealing with something worse.

So DUers, tell me again why we should give Senators in Red States slack for a Kavanaugh vote.

If today hasn't opened everyone's eyes to the unprecedented place we find ourselves in history then we will continue to be beaten by these slime balls.

I'm going low and getting dirty

Yesterday I pull up behind a beat up van, American flags hooked the the back gutters, and the MAGA sticker. Pulled up next to him, rolled down my window and yelled 'FUCK OFF YOU RUSSIA LOVING ASSHOLE!'

Shocked him for a second and then he just looked straight ahead.

Tonight my deplorable neighbor posted the lame Elian Gonzalez meme that Dems cheered when Clinton did it. Corrected him, that there weren't any cheers, slammed the shit out of him trumps actions today, and called out his hypocrisy on Hispanic youth seeking asylum.

Fuck all of them, they deserve zero respect, and they will get zero respect.

I think we all need to start using our head

tRump is appointing the worst of the worst. Get fired from Faux News, come run communications for the WH. EPA head forced out, he puts in a climate denying coal exec. Supreme Court pick, it will be the most offensive on the list. So basically he is saying FUCK OFF to the majority of the population.

He sends seven traitors to Russia, he himself has announced that there will be no one else with him when he meets with Putin.

If you logically think about why he would be acting this way, you can hang your hat on that he is bat shit crazy, but the most logical conclusion is that the fix is in.

We missed it in 2016, and we are taking the same path this year.
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