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Gender: Female
Hometown: queens, new york
Home country: USA
Current location: phoenix, az
Member since: Sat Sep 29, 2007, 01:36 AM
Number of posts: 11,649

Journal Archives

this election has showed me how racist

this country is.

paying tax on social security benefits

i got disability benefits back in 1990. i've always paid tax on it because of hubby's income. hubby is gone now and i have a decent income so i still pay on 85% of my benefits.

does anyone know if the amount earned has changed over the years? i thought it was much higher than it is now.

now it's if you are single and earn more than $32,000 or $44,000 filing jointly. i thought those amounts were higher in the past.

i can't listen anymore. all i'm hearing from

trump is anti obama/hillary. he talks about problems since 2000. did he forget that bush was president for 8 years and invaded iraq which caused so many of the problems we have today.

and how -- just how is obama responsible for crime in our country. how is he responsible for terror attacks in our country committed by 2 people who were born here.

not one word so far on how he (trump) will fix these problems.

and yes jobs have been shipped out of the country -- that's been going on before obama's administration. it's done by large greedy corporations like IBM, American express, etc. obama wanted to stop it but congress and their lobbyists wouldn't allow it.

obama also wanted to fix our infrastructure which would create jobs and the repub congresss would not let him.

BTW. trump is guilty of sending jobs out of the country. he's a lying POS.

chris matthews asked a repub last

night and another one tonight (no one famous) why there's so much hate against hillary.

last night he got a response that it went back to the 80s when she decided to use the name hillary rodham. said many people in arkansas were not happy with that. then he went on and on.

tonight the person brought up benghazi to which matthews replied that she had been cleared. so he went back to whitewater, etc. the clintons actually lost money on that deal, but it prompted an investigation and the rest is history.

the only thing bill was convicted of was lying about lewinsky, but they blame hillary for her husband's indiscretions.

what bothers me most is so many people believe the lies the repubs put out there.

how can we get the truth out there.

lawrence o'donnell played this tape at

the convention. of course repubs don't watch MSNBC so this lie and all the others will stay out there.

btw. i actually saw that interview. thank you lawrence for playing it. i wish i could have confronted pence with it.

hillary is fundmentally honest

Posted by DesertFlower | Fri Jul 1, 2016, 03:12 AM (5 replies)

got my woman card.

it never ends.


i would have responded but i was blocked from the bernie group a long time ago.
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