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Gender: Female
Hometown: queens, new york
Home country: USA
Current location: phoenix, az
Member since: Sat Sep 29, 2007, 01:36 AM
Number of posts: 11,649

Journal Archives

why does hillary have to be "inspiring"?

what's wrong with being qualified?

what does bernie mean when

he says "the democratic party has to open its doors to others"? is he talking about opening the primaries to non democratic voters?

lawrence o'donnell kept referring to

donald trump as "little donald trump". what will "little donald" tweet about lawrence?

does anyone think trump wants to lose?

i wonder if he thought he would get this far. his remarks from the time he announced were outrageous and kept getting worse.

as far as the party members who are supporting him when does the question come up "which is more important the country or the party"?

just got a long e-mail from

DFA -- bottom line -- they wanted a contribution for bernie.

hillary -- social security

i also want to talk about hillary and her position on social security. last night bernie tried to get her to take a pledge that she would remove the cap.

she said that raising the cap was a posibility but there were other options which could help social security. they all involved having the rich pay more.

i want to address the cap. my late husband seemed to reach the cap every september. it was nice to have 3 months of an extra $700+.

right now the cap is $118,500. now some may think if you make that much money you're rich. not so, especially if you live somewhere like NYC or san francisco and have children.

i believe hillary is thinking of removing the cap after $250,000.

re: hillary's speeches. my

late husband worked for IBM for 43 years. high performing employees were rewarded with trips, etc. of course part of it had to be business for tax reasons. they would hire famous people to speak at these events. i remember one year it was doris kearns goodwin.

could that be what goldman sachs does?

some of these bernie supporters love

to argue. i never used "ignore" until about 2 weeks ago. now i'm thankful for it. i just had one who i told i would not argue with kept coming back at me.

his name is berniepdx420. be prepared if you come in contact with him.

bernie speaking now. same old thing.

i haven't heard anything new from him since he started the campaign except how much his numbers have gone up.

anyone watching rachel? very

interesting history.
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