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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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to all the "left" that did not vote for the Democrat re: Mississippi Abortion case


Yes, despite all the GOP Infighting that is sold to us like popcorn, now the Supreme Court is set to start giving Mitch McConnell his prize. If I sound harsh, it is because he could not have done it without the help of those so called "principled leftists" that refused to vote for the Democrat because their egos go bruised. Eben in the heart of a Democratic presidency, the Supreme Court gets to show how they will roll back whatever sort of progress WE fought for, while the ego-driven FAR left was too busy sipping drinks and mugging for the camera.

IF this case succeeds, make no mistake about it, the days of coat hangers and forced marriages, the days where women were force to bear their rapists child, and give the SOB custody rights, will come back, because the Right knows that every four years, they can get the right to steal an election.

To the people that said "Bernie or Bust" even though Bernie told you NOT, repeat NOT to do that
To Susan Sarandon
To Jill Stein and her "green" party (that most Euro Greens see as a Russian puppet)
To the Libertarians
To Ralph Nader
even Michael Moore, who had a change of heart years too late
and those too numerous to mention

The literal Blood of women is upon you!

Furthermore, we will beat this one way or another, because frankly, as much as the New York Times right leaning "center" will just prepares to let this roll over, there is an active core of folks Trump would call "nasty women" that WON'T.

Note to the Centrists! The Right will use this court case to feed the right wing rabid dogs: Prepare for lots of propaganda showing "CUTE" WHITE babies saved from abortion, and expect the camera to be kept away from the brown and black babies that will starve. But eventually, the genie of active women will not be shoved into the bottle. The democratic party will be force to play hardball, and play smart, or else the tide of pissed of women and their sincere allies will literally rip through the establishment, just as Trump did to the GOP. WE will need to work with the "squad" because frankly the illusion some have that these people can be pushed aside until the economy gets better; which really means until THEY get more money, is BS. We will all hang together, or hang separately thanks to this supreme court that is only beginning it's DECADES of long work.

PS: Hey Pope Francis, we know you love all that press you get for being a supposed leftist, how about speaking out on this? NO? then all should know that every dollar in the collection plate is money for the GOP.

The Devil you know part two


This series goes right into the rabidly violent realm of Christian internet cults
Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri May 7, 2021, 12:39 AM (6 replies)

'Cancel culture'? Sarah Silverman calls it 'righteousness porn' and 'really scary'


Ok sarah, here is why you are wrong.

Some may see this as scary, but if you are on the hammer end of a slur, it is not a joke to you. Remember how you said "there would be dietrus" when you justifiably defended that fact harvey Weinstein was being investigated. You were right because, lo and behold, there was a gusher of toxicity that women in YOUR very industry had to work in. Now...what happened, did one of your sacred oxen got gored? Is it scary that people no long give a pass to people who used power over people. Many of these people were using that against YOU Sarah, like your "friend" adam corolla who is now a right wign darling, and how makes jokes about you that would violate the TOS agreement and the FCC.

Who Are the Scientists Behind the Great Barrington Declaration?


Long story short, Koch and libertarians prop up scientists to try and kill safety measures, surprise, surprise. Note how they talk about their version of "herd immunity", which is fancy for "kill the weak people we don;t like anyway."

The Great Barrington Declaration, a statement written by three public health experts from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, encourages governments to lift lockdown restrictions on young and healthy people while focusing protection measures on the elderly. This would allow COVID-19 to spread in a population where it is less likely to be deadly, the authors state, encouraging widespread immunity that is not dependent on a vaccine.

Restrictions have caused other harms, including lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings, and deteriorating mental health, they argue.

After gaining some publicity, this strategy was strongly denounced by many in the scientific community. While it supposedly received 8,000 signatures from public health experts and doctors, news outlets later revealed that some of those signatures were fake.

The declaration was sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research, a libertarian, free-market think tank headquartered in western Massachusetts. The Institute is in a network of organizations funded by Charles Koch -- a right-wing billionaire known for promoting climate change denial and opposing regulations on business.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Mar 9, 2021, 07:42 PM (4 replies)

honestly: what can we do about Joe manchin?

Granted, I know we only have a 50 50 hold in the Senate. ! also dislike the idea of us losing the senate, where we know Mitch will sprint to his old chair. However, we cannot pretend that if he kneecaps us again, we can keep the Senate, as there will be people who genuinely think we can keep what little we won back. What can realistically be done to make him get in line?

It took a year, but Gwyneth Paltrow figured out how to exploit the pandemic


Again this proves that if people are rich and vain, nothing, and I do mean nothing will convince them they were wrong.

Romney, you hypocrite aka Biden's Stimulus Bill Is a $1.9 Trillion Clunker


Normally I would not post anything by a GOP, but this needs to be looked at as Mitt recently has been praised as one of the "good Guys" who got lauded for being a criticizer rump, a job most eighth graders could do, without the benefit of a government salary.

I know there is all this talk of "unity", but the truth is the GOP is NOT changing. They are like someone who got a lung transplant who will keep smoking three packs a day, because they cannot even comprehend how they were wrong. The GOP ideas are wrong, PERIOD. Romney would have been a terrible president, because he would enact the GOP lines, as Kasich would, as McCain would have. Yes, trump exposed the clown face hidden behind disguise, but we cannot forget these ideas are awful. Furthermore, if they want to reconcile, they need to admit that they were WRONG, and they can't. Just like some "funny uncle" that swears that they understood what they did was bad, lo and behold, if you leave the kid with them, something bad will happen, yet again.

Rush Limbaugh, I comem to BURY him, NOT to praise him

Now, there are times I listen to the"conscience" that says we cannot become our enemies. Most of the time, that is indeed right. However, every rule has an exception, especially in exceptional times. There are @ ugly truths here:

ONE: every time a GOP member loses, there are always cries for unity, and kindness. Yes Mitt Romney and John McCain would not do things Trump did, but does that excuse them from being first class white collar crooks of the first order, as well as people that would take away women's rights to not be breeding mares, or hurt LGBT,no, they do not repent of any of that, and a prescient Mitt would surely continue on the same path, with his dying breath. Let's face it, we are very quick to show people the compassion they would never show us, and while that is noble, there are times that it sends a message to those who are supposed to serve WITH, and protect: that we value these peoples friendship more than we ever will yours.

Now we get to Rush. When he was found to have tried to purchase illegal amounts of Oxycodone, he could have relfected, realize that yes, it could happen to HIM, and that if he was anyone but who he was, he would die in jail. NEWP, he carried on, just like he got married again and again. If we extend him cpmpassion, the looking at a good light, it is not merely stupid, it is DANGEROUS, because he will be reamde by folks who want the next version.

4 Reasons Tech Titans Went From Gods To Garbage


For a mag that was Mad magazine's cousin, they can offer a lot of insight.

Susan Sarandon says Biden is pulling a 'bait and switch' by promising $2,000 stimulus


Susan, I understand that someone as rich as you may not need to do much math, but let me break this down, we got 600, and now we will get the 1400 that trump and the GOP denied us. I understand you are still afraid to admit you were a useful idiot for the GOP, and that when THREE supreme court justices rob women of abortion and rob gays of the right to marry, YOU, yes YOU, will be the one getting the finger pointed at you, justifiably so. You do a threat that dems may not show in 2022, trying to be the king and queen maker. Sorry, while the Biden admin does not to et a bit more agressive, we know what we got with you, nader and Stein, a whole lot of Jack-S**T, and that is exactly what those of us who are actually doing the work to improve this country will give YOU.
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