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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 13,370

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Heavy Payton Gendron, Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Note th words of the suspect beign very clear, very pointed

In another passage, he wrote, Why did you choose (REDACTED) for the place of attack? and explained:

(REDACTED) has the highest black population percentage (zip code *****) and isnt that far away. Plus NY has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I knew that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms. I replaced the name of the city to redacted because Id prefer that the FBI and local police dont know until the attack has started. After the attack can somebody switch it over plz?

on roe vs wade and those with blood on their hands

Yes Yes, I do not want to start a lefty split, but the facts must be stated.

The people who said that their "conscience" vote was worth it DO have to ask themselves what have they done.

The people that "there there D us"

the folks that "fuck Y** ed us

The ones that acted like they were joan of arc or some Stakhvoian Socialist Hero


and especially the cowardly males who do secretly get off on the idea of those uppity wimmin being humbled. The same folks who wish the Negroes and Hispanics would stop complaining about police brutality, or affirmative action or Gay Marriage. Yeah Bill Maher, I include you in that number.

This is on YOU

and rest assured, no matter WHO you are, what spectrum of far left centre left never trumper kind of right you are, this will affect YOU.

The Alitos, The Trumps, The Desantis, and oh yes the Carlsons, they will not stop until everybody that is not a toy or food source is trash. Do not think you can hide in your condos, gated communties, they will coem for you. STOP appealing to reason, you might as well try to bribe a Fetanyl addict with a Starbucks coffee.

Since it seems that we are rollign back to fascist days, this fits


Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue May 3, 2022, 02:16 PM (8 replies)

Why we must NOT co sign Will Smith

Now, let us lay all the cards on the table: Was what Chris Rock said awful and stupid. Yes, it was. For the man who literally did the definitive documentary on how Black women are judge by their hair, including those who suffer from hair loss, is foul. (Google "good hair." HE KNEW BETTER.

However, what Will Smith did is something toxic that will reap the whirlwind if it not condemned. I won't even get into the racial aspects: Kareem Abdul Jabbar does that job here:

and so does Shannon Sharpe:


and Stephen a Smith:

I posted these african americans because I know I am NOT qualified to speak to the reality Black men face about stereotypes.

OK, now that this is done, let me get to my point: America has a culture where men are encouraged to use violence to define their manhood: Hollywood of course has helped, but so do a number of media's bad actors. Think of how many of the mass shooters all felt their manhood was being questioned, think of all the bar fights, domestic disputes, and other fights where somebody ends up DEAD. Co signing will is affirming to ever young men that yes, you are expected to use violence, especially for the sake of "your" women.

Let's shoot another elephant in the room: As democrats, we know that one side is very, very good at using the bad ideas about "manhood". If it becomes ok to beat up a comedian, or anyone who says things offensive, they will take that seed and grow a forest. Think about the elections, you think the skunkworks at the gop is not planning to assualt a Jon Oliver or other left comedian and say "he was offending my family!"

Oh hell yes, you know it. Especially since the right wing does not have as many of the top comedians. Picture Dennis Miller smirking as this goes on . Now imagine that some of these folks do the natural inclination to instead of slap, pick up a gun. Sound silly right, ask the relatives of Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur how silly that sounds.

My point is, we must NOT feed the beast, or it will run rampant. Furthermore, yes, Will smith IS someone who is expected to be responsible: how do you expect people to risk 50 million to film your picture if they think you will go snake whenever Jada gives you a look.

BY THE WAY, it cannto be overlooked that Jada did publicly discuss charting on him, in a manner that gained a lot of publicity. Yes, if a woman wants to do that, it is her business, but it does make this dovetail into the idea that Will needed to prove he was a "man", and that is son, Jayden,. is already prasing him for this.

On Ukraine and Russia

OK, before the inevitable tomatoes get thrown, let me make some things clear:

Putin is indeed a great malefactor in the world. The way he has given license to the oligarchs, the religious fundamentalists in his country (look up Alexander Dugan) , the fundamentalist's in OUR country and his outright trashing of environmental standards are all things that are a red alert for democracy, indeed, humanity as a whole. Yes, China is big, scary and outright poker-faced, but Russians have a willingness to act on their passions in self destructive ways, and frankly, ways destructive to those around them. China may revere Chairman Mao, but the vast majority, probably Xi included, have no desire for any crusade. Yes they want Taiwan and Hong Kong, and yes, they are courting full out Jihad with their treatment of the Uighurs, but they also know that they have already exhausted their supply of good will, which they want badly.

Russia, they do not care, and they know, just like our Red state barbarians, that chaos is the fire that feeds them. They will happily burn the cities and leave civilization to rubble if they think that Jesus will love them, and proclaim that they are children of destiny/the pure white race/yadda yadda. There is a difference between fighting someone who is motivated by an idea, and one motivated by faith.

So, after I slammed Russia, why am I about to say something that many might not like? The Truth

Truth one: After the USSR fell, we had a great opportunity to help them. They had good will towards us, still happy with Glasnost. What did we do? We tried to steal everything not nailed down by forcing them to privatize everything. We totally reneged on the idea that we would not expand Nato into the Eastern Bloc, especially Ukraine. Oh yes, I blame Merkel for part of that, especially as her right wing economics did a lot to sour the dream of the EU, but we were dancing on their grave, partying like it was 1999.

Yes, Putin is indeed our enemy. The very second he said the "n" word, aka NUCLEAR, he signed his own death warrant, as NOBODY in the world has any illusions that once bombs drop, they will not feel it. Even Xi knows that once the fallout floats his way, he will not be able to ensure control of China, a nations that for all it's glory, is one bad harvest away for chaos. And let's not even mention how fallout will churn ecological disasters that are already on the way, demanding payment for long unpaid bills. We know that Putin, and his altar boy, Trump are tryign to bring in chaos because it is the only thing they are good at making.

But all the same, let us not turn this into the 90's Let us not take comfort in the old demonizing of Russians, most of whom are every bit as scared as we are. As Freddy Nietzsche put it "in the course of fighting monsters, we must not become monsters.

This type of hate was old when Sting sang about it, we do not need to wear it like some shirt that has nto fit for years.

War with Russia

Millennials to Gen z might not remember, but many of the older ones grew up thinking the world would end in a nuclear War with the then USSR. After Afghanistan, Iraq , here we are, close to war with the Russians.

The RT lovers think that we are to blame for expanding Nato and generally rubbing the USSR's face in the dirt after they lost the cold war...and to be fair, they are part of the truth

The War hawks think that Putin has tried to return the USSR, and also threaten the EU, which is mostly led by Germany. They think Putin tried to install trump as a Puppets apparatchik. They have part of the truth.

The whole Truth is that the idea of peace is eroded, in part by those on all sides who want to exchange the order of the last half century for something, anything, as long as it pleases their egos.

The rest of the world will not b content as Pawns. Yes I do mean China, but I also means parts of the Americas, Africa, and others who frankly are sick and tired of "christendom" tryin too fight over who Jesus likes best.

That is part of the the truth tooo, because the last person who gets a say is Mother Earth, and all thsi war is a distraction from the fact that we need to work together to survive, even if we hate each other. THAT is the whole truth.

Ok I feel bad for saying this, but

Why is Ukraine worth risking a third world war for?

can rico be used against the jan 6 thugs?

as I understand it, that is the way lower rnaked people can be used to get the hiugher ranked. If a mobster kills someone, to godfather is reapasonsible.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Sat Jan 8, 2022, 10:49 PM (7 replies)

if we did what the constitution allowed us to do

and suspend the senators that supported the jan 6th coup from the Senate, we would not have our rogue Senators, Sinema and Manchin, give the GOP everything they want. Prove me wrong.

an open letter to Dave Chapelle

If I discuss how my feelings were hurt, you won't give a fuck. Indeed, like many comedians, including great ones like yourself, you can not afford to give a fuck, because when you do, you stop having any use. With that out of the way, you might want to look and see who these people are that you have embraced.

Remember when you went to Africa, when you left 50 million on the table? Remember a certain network that did nothing but DEMONIZE you?

Remember how they demonized your fellow Muslims?, and used the hate against YOU to hurt them?

Remember how they called you hateful?, how they threatened to do something a hell of a lot stronger than boycott your stuff (and don't act like do not know what I am saying.)

I will give you a hint, a lot of them are at Fox News network, now all of a sudden singing the praises of someone they were trying to get killed or jailed. You talk about George Floyd, well, why are you eager to make allies with the people who cheered what happened, and who would proudly put Derek Chauvin back on the job.

It is one thing to say you are "team terf" though frankly, you know that giving cover to them IS the same bit of comforting the same white woman and their dudes who see you and all black people as (that word that need not be said.) It is the same games, and you know that the very people who champion you now will be the first to finish you off if a trump wins, gladly remembering any time you mildly offended them.

I am not cancelling you, unless by that you mean that I have a right not to buy whatever you sell, the same way I don't buy what Rowling sells. You will have a big damn megaphone as the very people who would gladly add you to the list of dead black men throw money at you, more than many people get, especially Geroge Floyd, whose murders you are aiding and abetting over at Fox News.

The Devil always offers what looks like a good deal, but watch that fine print. Amnd do not be surprised if many black and brown people see you being attacked by your new friends and leave you behind, namely because we will be too busy running from all those people who insist they are not racist as they try to run nooses round our necks.

Why's Wall Street Pearl Clutching At Chile's Left Turn?


outside of the phrase pearl-clutching, this is an article that goes deep into the way Bloomberg and other "centrists" do their best to demonize anything remotely left, and ensure that people are scared into even criticizing the right on its excess, like oh, Pinochet.
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