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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Hey NCAA, thanks for checking in on athlete pay. Now get lost.


The thing to remeber about Athletics is that while there may be a few people that get paid very well, many of them are outright wrecked and wind up broke. This is especialy true considering how many of them come from poor backgrounds where making the coaches and collge presidents happy can make the difference between berign dirt poor in America, and being rich. it also says a lot about our Academics where frankly, many of these places are Football schools that just happen to have Academics as a side venture.

Oh, as far as the articles quip about overpaid coaches:

Notice that the state fottball coaches all make more than the GOVERNORS of their states.

"In the vast majority of states, college football and basketball coaches are the highest-paid public employee. When a millionaire coach is not the leading earner, high-ranking medical officials at state-run hospitals and college presidents are usually the next in line. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the highest-paid public employees in each state."

If we want to bring respect back to Colleges, we need to humble the NCAA. They have tirned our University systerm that exploits students with college debt, and exploits athletes like mules.

question, Can trump fire pence?

I do not think that is possible, but seeing Ivanka prance about, is there a way he could run without pence?

About Biden's lack of love

Look, I will play my cards on the table: if I had my way, Liz Warren would be the one. Liz was loud and progressive before progressive was cool. Yes, i can mention the ways that i am disappointed that Biden seems to be the head:
Do the ever so coveted "undecided white voters", i.e. the ones that the party seems to want more than the rest, really get to set the pace, despite the fact we know half of them will still vote Trump, even if he promised to sell them to a glue factory?

Do we still get to shush anything to the left of Eisenhower, despite the fact that he knows conservative ideas, even if they are packaged as centrist ideas, do not work?

Do we still get to slam Milennials and Gen X, even though Obama was the youngest in years?

Yes...I feel all of this, and it hurts. It hurts that even when we win, I know that Biden may not listen to us.

However, let me say this...I knwo full well that unless trump is removed from power, this country is DONE FOR. They are already ready to replace Ginsburg, despite this whole "let the election decide" BS they did with Garland. Yes, the centrists do use the lazy "who else you gonna vote fer": stuff, but in this case, Trump has changed the right to the outright fascist.

If Biden wins, yes even if Biden wins, he must get our vote, period.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Sat Jun 1, 2019, 09:45 PM (3 replies)

Does a VAT tax have to be regressive?

I have heard Vats called everything from "how we pay for nice things" to "the things that makes it harder for the poor to buy bread." Which is it?, How, and why?

Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

it shows how even the poorest people, the rural folks (aka trump voters) are fed on by the rich.

well Ma'am

As much as there are women whop do deserve the office (Liz Warren being my clear pick, as she was VOCAL and ACTIVE before many), the last thing we want is to make this a gender test, unless you like the idea of a Palin or Haley or Joni Ernst or any number of truly horrid conservative administrations where the leader would indeed be every bit as much of a woman as you.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Mon Apr 1, 2019, 05:58 PM (0 replies)

don't mourn, organize

OK, whether the bomb was a dud, or perhaps because a good republican like Barr made sure to piss on the wick, we did not get the boom we deserved. I say deserved because the second Trump tok stuff from Wikileaks, there was collusion.

However, let us be clear, while he battle is lost, the war is far from over, especially as everyday, trump does something that proves why he is not fit for office. However, we need to energize those who wants to vote against him, but are afraid (or hopeless) we also have to play t the enemies weakness: fear. It will happen no mater how many times the preachers say “but we gotta take this one for jesus”, because thanks to trump’s policies, people are already losing more of their money and safety. It sounds arrogant, and it is arrogant, but Trump will only lose power when he can no longer feed the ego, and that will only happen with pain. Right now, we should be saying he is going to cut social security, medicare, all those things he promised not to do.

I know that history will probably reveal a boil of contagion that makes the worst speculations look cute. I know that the Glenn Greenwald, Ted Ralls and all the rest of Vlad’s fan club will go nyah nyah. But the trith is in our side, hell, time is on our side, especially as the hurricanes blow and the bread lines expand.

Also, to whoever says “dis means we gotta stop talking identity polyytics and talk about da whytworkingcalls” Yeah. you know who you are, thugh the tos will not let me say it. , I say that is the last thing we need to do. We need feet going to the polls, and the only feet we have being to those who are not content to get that ego boost hit from being “white”. If all we do is offer a choice between a fake gop and a real one, we know who the weak people will chose, to paraphrase Truman.

Let us NOT panic...the war is far from lost, and indeed, even if we are the ones left standing, we will stand on truth that has been revealed, which means we get to talk over the bones and ashes of those that clung to the lie with their last breath.

Here's the latest Montreal proposal to share the Rays with Tampa Bay


OK, this is what the Tampa Bay Rays owner is doing because we did not spend tax money tobuild him a shiny new baseball stadium. Now...here is what is sleazy...we would have to share the team with not just another city, but another country, and not just another country, but the one part of canada where the dominant language is French? How the hell is that supposed to build loyalty to the team?

Stadium hungry owners have little idea how much they are disenchanting people from their product. As far as Montreal goes, we all know what happened to les expos. the folks in Quebec are not fans of that most anglo-american sport, baseball.

Even if the whole Franken mess could be erased from time

The fact is, she is a hard centrist candidate in an election where even many moderate voters want to at least tilt the balance more to the left, thanks to trump's outright breaking of the balance. It is one thing to promise that once you are in power, that you will start to lean leftward, well, in part thanks to Hillary Losing, in part because Trump has already done decades of damage, people will not buy that tune as easily as they would have in 2016. We will not something stronger to get the taste of trump out of our mouth, especially since we now know that W. was not a fluke:there really ARE a bunch of Americans who are in no way interested in common good, fairness or even their own damned GOP principles. There really re Americans who are working to make sure the 21st century has the slave markets, the witch hunts, the illiteracy, the deadly working conditions and all the old horrors that never should have survived the 18th century.

In other words, when your health goes from being a bad cold to Pneumonia, you need the stronger doses.

PS: If people consider Gillibrand a crusader for women, they better hope they donot run into the fellow that put in and defended VAWA. Joe Biden may have hang ups, but when it comes to women, or goading Obama into finally supporting Gay marriage, or supporting Obama Care, he has done things that are, to use his words, a "BIG f***ing Deal."

yes another thread about the Virginia governor

first off: I understand many of the reasons why people have posted defensive comments about the governor.
One: this is an obvious "rat" operation, just as Al Franken was also a successful operation.
Two: despite doing something that was very very stupid, the governor has apparently enjoyed the success of black voters.
Three: if the GOP gets back Virginia, it will send a message to the folks in Dixie that even when Democrats gain, they lose.
Four: what he did was really not all that bad, and was very common back then.
Five: if we do not maintain our composure whenever we go for social justice, we will do nothing but eat our own, and scare off those coveted "white working-class voters."

And this is where I will take apart all of these points.
One: yes it is a rat operation, and I am sure that the Republicans, as well as Putin himself, are ready to go ahead and find any sort of dirt, real or otherwise, because after all it's not like the truth really matters to people. However, if we're going to drop our standards just because we are afraid of what the other people will do, then we are in effect allowing ourselves to be controlled by the enemy. Voters, especially those that we claim to be coveting will see that as submission. The fence striding "moderate" will tell themselves "see I told you all the social justice was nonsense!"

Two: yes, the governor of Virginia has done some things that were good for the black voters who after all, put him in office. Now, considering the fact that the Democrats depend heavily on African American voters, should anyone, regardless of whether they have something unsavory in the past, or whether they are saints straight from seventh heaven somehow not trying to improve the lot of African-American voters? Let me be blunt: if I go to a Burger King and the person does not make a taco instead of a whopper I wanted, is that something to praise? Let me be real blunt: it was not for African-American voters who are dealing with threats as well as red tape, Nancy Pelosi would not be speaker of the house. And it is not for the fact that African-American voters will indeed have to deal with all those old threats and whatever new ones that Trump and his buddy Vladimir can come up with, we will not win, any more than we would not win without women. Talk realpolitik all you want, you know this is a fact, and the statistics will prove it.

Three: I myself am a Democrat in Florida. I know very well that damn hard to be a Democrat deep red Dixie where there is not even the pretense anymore of fairness, or outright cheating is celebrated on talk radio and in the newspapers. It is no accident that the same state that we're focusing on now is the same state that brought us to Charlottesville riots. As much as we would like to think we have made progress, there are still some people who they got their way would go straight back to antebellum days. Yes I do mean antebellum days, because you hear stuff like "we treated our slaves well." What I'm saying here is this: if you try to coddle, beg, plead the white sheet faction, and those who were good friends with people of the white sheet faction, will not hear you. All you are doing is confirming weakness. Yes, we do need the 50 state strategy back in gear, and yes we do need to leave the door open wide enough for the people who are finally mad at Trump, if no other reason than they finally got screwed. But if we show fear, that will do absolutely nothing but sure that this gets repeated again, and again., And again

Four: okay, the idea that some people come on here and say "we had this when we were growing up and it wasn't that bad, and it wasn't that uncommon." Are the good old days when Blacks can be hung from trees supposedly some acceptable standard? Many of the Germans in World War II were indeed the European equivalent of good old boys, good, simple folk who simply allowed themselves to follow the current for bunch of reasons that I'm sure they thought were good, even though their conscience was screaming at the top of her lungs "you know this is wrong!" I am not saying that people who say what he did was not all that bad are bigots, but I am saying that many are willing to give the bigots some slack, which is dangerous because, as Charlottesville showed, if you give those bigots some slack, they will take a mile of rope. If you are looking at things and thinking they weren't so bad back then, first off, most older African-Americans can wipe that allusion from your eye, second we are the ones were supposed to know better.

Five: this point was previously covered, but it bears repeating: the frustrated white working-class, that was raised to take comfort from the fact that no matter how low they were, they could always say the N-word is not going to listen to your pleas. It is one thing to sacrifice a person, a person that frankly had time and resources to clean up their mess before summer rat found it. But if we sacrifice our ideals, our morals, we have something much more to fear than any "purity police", what we are doing is telling the enemy that we will bend to their well, and that they will set the agenda, and before you know it, this Faustian deal that was made of will come due, and we will wonder where the hell our integrity went as we're dragged off to hell!

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