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Liberal_Stalwart71's Journal
Liberal_Stalwart71's Journal
May 27, 2016

Why only single out blacks when women, Hispanics and other groups ALSO support HRC?


Because it's easier and more acceptable to shit on black folk and blame us for everything. Everyone just accepts it, shrugs, and moves on.

The opposite is true, and has been true for a very long time...

The Pragmatic Tradition of African American Voters:


Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters:


Why Blacks Vote for Pragmatism:


African-Americans' Pragmatic Tendencies Carrying Over Into Voting Preferences:



We are neither dumb, suffer from "Stockholm Syndrome," nor uninformed. We are strategic and pragmatic voters...and get this...WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN!!!!

To my alerter: I AM NOT ACCUSING **ANYONE** AT DU OF BEING A RACIST. I am simply trying to prove a point about the traditional voting behavior and patterns of black Americans.

May 26, 2016

HRC supporters: Please stop saying that it doesn't matter if Sanders wins a state. IT DOES MATTER!

Whenever I hear someone assert that it doesn't matter if Bernie Sanders wins a state because HRC still has more pledged delegates, I cringe. IT DOES MATTER!

It matters because the Corporate Media continues to treat this guy with kid gloves.
It matters because it keeps the narrative going that HRC is unelectable and unlikable.
It matters because it keeps Trump's mouth running about how HRC can't "put Bernie away".
It matters because as long as Sanders' supporters believe that he has a chance, even when he doesn't, the less likely we are to come together; and Sanders will continue to make demands on the party and try to destroy it from within.

I understand that winning is about pledged delegates.

But as long as this guy wins by ANY metric, it keeps false narratives going and it allows him to make these demands.

It's time for all Democrats to come together. But the more he is perceived to have won anything or to have a chance at anything, it keeps the hatred going.

Hell, we can't even go to any DU forum outside of this one without the hate.

He can't win ANYTHING by ANY metric because it matters when he does.

May 18, 2016


May 18, 2016

The coal narrative is full of shit. Bernie Sanders is to the left of HRC on coal!

The pundits continue to suggest that the reason why HRC is losing is due to her missteps and misstatements on coal.

BULLSHIT!! That's a smokescreen!


Because she and Bernie Sanders share the same views on coal. In fact I would argue that Bernie is to the LEFT of her on this issue.

So, there's something else driving these results.

And like we saw in West Virginia, most of those Bernie voters are really Trump voters in disguise.

Added to that, Steve Kornacki is suggesting that the in the Bernie strongholds, there are a lot of "Uncommitted" voters.


May 17, 2016

My post was hidden, but I stand by my position and have no regrets.

The alerters point to my transparency page. Yes, I've been "hidden", suspended and will likely be banned in the future.

But I'm speaking MY truth and have no regrets.

I am very disappointed that DU allows for the silencing of people of color, women and other protected groups---even in protected spaces.

I will continue to speak up. Hides or no hides.

I will continue to speak out against injustice, whether that injustice emanates from the Hillary Clinton camp or the Bernie Sanders camp.

I still believe that Bernie Sanders--once an honorable man--is flat-out LYING to his supporters, making them believe that he has a viable path to the Democratic Party nomination when he knows that he doesn't.

And whenever I can, I will speak out on this subject until things change.

May 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders raising money off of false hopes - why aren't we SCREAMING about this?

/rant on

One of the most frustrating aspects of this entire primary season is the fact that the Corporate Media ***refuses*** to hold Bernie Sanders accountable for anything, no matter how egregious, no matter what he and his fanatical supporters do.

And more infuriating is that the liberal pundits who may not even support Sanders are too scared to speak up. They are so afraid that Sanders' voters won't move over to Hillary Clinton in the general that they have been tip-toeing around the truth.

And here's the truth:

First, Bernie Sanders has NO PATH to the Democratic nomination.

Second and more infuriating, Bernie Sanders and his entire team ***KNOW*** that he has no path to the Democratic nomination.

Third and most frustrating, the Corporate Media (including the so-called liberal punditry) ***ALSO KNOW*** that he has no path to the Democratic nomination. And quite frankly, they've known this since March 15th!

But Sanders is LYING to his followers.

Yeah, I said it. No more pussyfooting around. No more tip-toeing to save people's butt-hurt feelings.

I'm going to say it again so that I'm clear:


Worst off, he's taking money from his supporters knowing fully well that he has no path to the Democratic nomination.

No, he will not win the most votes.
No, he will not win the most pledged delegates regardless of his shenanigans.
No, he will not convince super delegates to turn against HRC. It's not happening.
No, those RED states he won in the primary season will not suddenly turn BLUE in the general election.

NO, NO, NO!!! By every metric possible, he knows that there is no way to win the Democratic primary.

He knows this. His team knows. The Corporate Media knows this. The liberal commentators (even Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, Norm Goldman, Thom Hartmann, Sam Seder and all the jerks over there on Young Turks) know this.


Only David Axelrod has had the balls to call Sanders and his team out on this lie. He's the ONLY one who is telling the truth and the liberal punditry attacked him for it.

Why aren't we all screaming from the rooftops about these lies?????

/rant off

May 4, 2016

Hillarys negatives are high, thanks to the Corporate Media. But there's good news...

The Corporate Media and the BSers love to point out how HRC's negatives are so high. The BSers tout these numbers as evidence that she is unfit to beat the Republican nominee. Indeed, they point out that in ***hypothetical*** match-ups, BS beats the ReThug nominee by a greater margin than she does, and therefore BS should be the Democratic Party nominee.

Here's what they don't acknowledge:

1. HRC, by every electoral metric, beats BS. More pledged delegates, more Super Delegates, and many more votes than BS. If he's the better candidate, then he should be beating her soundly. He is not.

2. HRC beats the ReThug candidate in popular votes, by far.

So even with the high negatives, one would think HRC should be losing, right? BS should be beating her blindly, especially since the Corporate Media has treated this guy with kid gloves. And yet he is not. HUGE rallies ought to translate into high vote counts, right? Not.

And insofar as he's the so-called "Revolutionary Candidate," one would think that he would have the numbers that Barack Obama had, right? Right. He doesn't.

And...if he's such a change agent, his support among young voters is not translating to high voter turnout on the Democratic side as it did in 2008 for Obama, right? Right!

In sum, HRC supporters should be proud of the fact that despite all this negative coverage directed at HRC, she's still winning with more votes, more support, and outperforms Trump as well.

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