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Waiting For Everyman

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My namesake... http://youtu.be/GgXzWhexJh0 ... If I were asked to recommend only one political / history book it would be this one... http://www.amazon.com/Treason-America-Anton-Chaitkin/dp/0943235006 ... Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman, by Anton Chaitkin. I do NOT endorse all of the views by Chaitkin external to this book, nor all of his actions, nor all of his associations, but I DO highly recommend this book. It is one every US citizen and everyone interested in its history should read. It it well written, meticulously sourced, and it is eye-opening -- even for those who consider themselves already knowledgeable. If you have not read it before, you need to read it, it is need-to-know information, and what it has to say is not going to be found in many places, if anywhere, else. That is my tip for whoever is passing by.

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If workers were paid a living wage there would be more taxpayers.

Also, if people could make ends meet on one job instead of two or three, more people would be employed -- the unemployment rate would go down because those second and third jobs would be employing others.

It's time to double the minimum wage, and set a maximum wage beyond which it's a 99% tax rate. The top tier has been overpaying themselves by underpaying the bottom. With a top income limit that would stop in a hurry. The inequality gap would quickly resolve itself.

Private billionaires are a threat to the stability of the country. Besides, most of the super rich got that way via the Bush tax cuts which they expect the rest of us to pay for, or the legalization of criminal activities via their lobbyists buying our law. They need to cough it up, and be glad they're not in jail (yet). There's no reason for us to follow through and pay for their ill-gotten windfall.

For these super rich to have the NERVE to actually COMPLAIN about the under-paid not paying taxes is adding insult to criminal theft.

Those arguments should be shoved back down their throats. Oh and btw, it really angers me when somebody talks about "asking" the wealthy to pay more. No, REQUIRE them to pay more. That's the language used for the rest of us. Who thinks like that, "ask" them?
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Fri Sep 21, 2012, 12:55 PM (83 replies)

I know who it is on Twitter and Youtube.

Youtube is where James Carter IV found the video in 10 segments (in black and white, and much harder to see, and hear). He posted at least one of them on his Twitter account (I have his as well now, it's @JECarter4). The video maker retweeted his tweet of the video. Then, because Carter IV didn't have many followers, he noticed that his tweet was retweeted and that the Twitter name of the person who did it was very similar to the name on the Youtube account where he got the video. He made contact through Twitter message, and connected that person with David Corn. Carter IV said on interview yesterday that he doesn't know the real identity of the videomaker either. He did say that the person was not one of the guests at the Romney event.

Just FYI someone here had also posted one of the video segments here a couple weeks ago (it's the one in the Dkos story below), so that's when I became aware of the videomaker's Youtube name, and then when the story broke I saw the reference to Carter IV's involvement and searched out his twitter account and (again because there was so little on it), I saw on his twitter page a retweet by the videographer and put 2 and 2 together just as Carter IV had done.

Anyway... Sea, you should be particularly interested in this person's message (which is the reason I'm going into detail in this post) because the story they were most concerned with getting out, which was on this same hidden Romney video is a very serious feminist story. My impression is (from profile comments on both the videographers' pages etc.) that story is why the taping was done.

Today, the videomaker posted this on their Twitter page -- about a Dkos post on this feminist story. The video in it is a clip from the same leaked video at the same Romney event. Here's the tweet...

Daily Kos: The Real Romney: The Most Horrifying 2:08 in the Clandestine Video http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/09/18/1133488/-The-Real-Romney-The-Most-Horrifying-2-08-in-the-Clandestine-Video … via @dailykos
5:56 PM - 18 Sep 12

an earlier tweet...
@dailykos Apology accepted. C'mon Kossacks, stop the hand-ringing. Expose Global Tech. It's the place Mitt packed young girls 12 per room.
11:46 PM - 17 Sep 12

Also thought-provoking, another one on the 17th which I notice has since been deleted...

@MittRomney I released the full video as you requested. Would you now release your tax returns? Or shall we?

The video maker wanted the Global-Tech story to get big exposure, so if we want to do something for that person, then circulating that story is probably the best way to thank them. Also that story goes to Romney offshoring our jobs, which is a big deal too, and needs exposure from that angle as well.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 19, 2012, 03:50 PM (1 replies)

Guess who: the researcher who brought Rmoney's 47% video to MoJo's attention?

This is not the videographer, but the person who noticed it and tracked down the maker of the video on twitter, and contacted David Corn at Mother Jones to connect the two.

It was James Carter IV, President Carter's grandson. How great is that? And btw, he's "for hire", if anyone has a lead on a suitable project for him (somehow I have a feeling offers will be coming his way soon though). Here's his tweet about it...

James Carter ‏@JECarter4
How I Helped Leak the Secret Romney Fund-raiser Video http://tmblr.co/ZQ92cuTb7h7d

(a better link to the story)

How about the poetic justice of Carter's grandson helping to ruin Rmoney? Rmoney puts down Carter every chance he gets.

Bravo, JEC IV!

Btw, I'm pretty sure the videographer is this person:

@AnneOnymous670 ‏@AnneOnymous670
@JECarter4 I think Carter's karma just ran over Romney's dogma.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Tue Sep 18, 2012, 01:28 AM (8 replies)

Step by step how the anti-muslim video came to world attention

recommended on twitter by Evan Hill, Al Jazeera English reporter, as the best account of these events that he has seen...

Anti-U.S. outrage over video began with Christian activist’s phone call to a reporter
McClatchy Newspapers (Nancy A. Youssef and Amina Ismail)
Posted: 09/15/2012 5:15 PM

A crude video about the Prophet Muhammad that triggered an unprecedented outbreak of anti-American protest last week moved from being a YouTube obscurity in the United States to a touchstone for anger across the world through a phone call less than two weeks ago from a controversial U.S.-based anti-Islam activist to a reporter for an Egyptian newspaper.

Morris Sadek, a Coptic Christian who lives in suburban Washington, D.C., whose anti-Islam campaigning led to the revocation of his Egyptian citizenship earlier this year, had an exclusive story for Gamel Girgis, who covers Christian emigrants for al Youm al Sabaa, the Seventh Day, a daily newspaper here. Sadek had a movie clip he wanted Girgis to see; he e-mailed him a link.

“He told me he produced a movie last year and wanted to screen it on Sept. 11th to reveal what was behind the terrorists’ actions that day, Islam,” Girgis said, recalling the first call, which came on Sept. 4. Sadek, a longtime source, “considers me the boldest journalist, the only one that would publish such stories.”

Girgis said he watched the movie and found it insulting. He didn’t want to write about it. But Sadek called Girgis back and urged him to, telling him he could not deny that the movie existed.

Read more:
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sat Sep 15, 2012, 07:59 PM (11 replies)

Song playing as Pres. Obama left the stage at the convention last night.

Pretty sure I heard right, if not, someone correct me. I think it's a good choice.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Fri Sep 7, 2012, 05:53 PM (2 replies)

Castellanos, GOP Strategist: Clinton speech was 'moment that probably re-elected Obama'


"I would recommend to my friend Paul (Begala) here, tonight when everybody leaves, lock the doors. You don't have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done," Castellanos said. "This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party once, it was going to far left, he came in, the new democrats took it to the center. He did it again tonight."

Wow, that's a pretty good compliment. And he may be right. Besides that, Biden and Obama are on tonight, and I'll bet they're going to be just as good as Michelle and Clinton have been.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Thu Sep 6, 2012, 10:18 AM (3 replies)

That right there is the root of our country's problem.

Robertson and those like him. They are where the demonizing of us liberals comes from. They are where the lies originate, and they are the ones who make repeating those lies seem A-ok to their followers. And what's 100 times worse is they use the name of God to do it. There is no worse grifter than that.

The religious grifters, the political bagmen, and the billionaire fascists... they're all a clubby little cabal of psychopathic freaks together. They are THE root of our problem, right there.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if any of them would one day spontaneously combust.

Gosh, it's almost as if Paul Ryan and Pat Robertson have some coordination going on here.

You can bet there's a great deal of coordination there. Go to their churches sometime and you'll see it. Or better yet, their "Full Gospel Men's Prayer Breakfasts" etc. I can guarantee you the Robertsons and sycophants like Ryan are hand-in-glove. (How do I know this? For 5 years back in the 80's, through a twist of fate, I ended up in the top level of their "Leadership Group". I saw all the inner-sanctum secrets, the planning and the execution. Yes I got out and tried to tell people what they were up to, but no one would believe me. My ex was originally recruited to be who Bob Ehrlich later became. I made sure in my divorce to put enough truth of things -- about him and the church -- in the court record so that my ex's chances of public life would never happen. After him, Bob Ehrlich was chosen for their political fast-track, and in a few years he was governor of MD. Alan Keyes and Michael Steele were others who came up at the same time.)

All the denominations are in it, even Moonies, Mormons, Catholics, Jews, probably Muslims too. But it isn't all churches. It isn't the old-fashioned traditional ones, it's mostly the "spirit filled" ones, (charismatic and pentecostal, those into modern-day prophecy), i.e., irrational and anti-rational. Makes sense, doesn't it? You have to subvert the mind itself before the programming 'takes' well. If anyone is interested in more on that there are some very good writers on the subject... Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman who wrote Snapping and Holy Terror. I read both of those back in the 80's and I can tell you that both are right on target. I didn't know about their new third one until just now but it looks like a page-turner as well. If you want to know how the takeover of people's minds (and lives) is done, these two writers can tell you. They also know what there is to know about getting people out.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 5, 2012, 03:14 PM (0 replies)

Just a PSA: the DNC has launched a new mobile app for the Convention

It's the official DNC app, done jointly with the Charlotte Observer. It's available from iTunes and Google Play, and also at the link below:


There are features for those going to the convention, and for those who are not. It won't be fully active until Tuesday, but I just downloaded it to check it out a bit anyway. Looks interesting, I can imagine that especially for those going, it could be a very big help, with maps and local info, and even tools for scheduling where one should be and when.

As of now it already shows info about speakers and there are blog entries and news releases etc. And there's a social media tab for Twitter and Facebook which is active. I thought some others here might enjoy checking it out too, as I am. Those DUers who are going, I hope it's helpful and have a great time!
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sat Sep 1, 2012, 12:22 PM (0 replies)
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