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Gender: Female
Hometown: In the sticks
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 10,925

Journal Archives

Grievances vs Grief

Earlier today I watched a press conference with Amir Locke's family and other families representing loved ones murdered by the Minnesota police.

The legitimacy of their pain and protest is beyond justified. Our brothers and sisters of color are being murdered. White America. Are we listening?

On this same day, entitled white truck drivers used their children as HUMAN SHIELDS to block a bridge. The rightwing nuts at Newsmax are outright asking American truckers to do the same.

The absolute deaf arrogance and rage at mere inconveniences (masks, vax, etc) is such a glaring display of privilege.

As one of the grieving Minnesota mothers said, we need to take the cotton out of our ears and put it in our mouths.

People are being MURDERED IN THEIR SLEEP and nearly half of the population thinks those families have no right to protest and send MORE MEN WITH GUNS to "patrol" grieving communities.

And yet those gun patrolling goons think their inconvenient grievances give them the right to shut down two countries' trade and travel routes.

This is beyond maddening. My heart is with our black and brown communities. All lives don't matter....not until black lives matter.
Posted by berniesandersmittens | Thu Feb 10, 2022, 09:28 PM (2 replies)

Remembering the children of the mica mines

Original news story was on 2019. I haven't been able to find any updates. It's a horrid example of child slave labor.

Forcing young children and their families to crawl into holes and tunnels, nearly starved is beyond my comprehension. If you do nothing else today, please take a moment to reflect on this. Who profits? Who is responsible? What can we do individually to end this?

Most people use products containing mica daily, without realizing what the story behind their production is. Mica is a mineral commonly found in products such as cosmetics, paints, and electronics. For most people living in the West, mica is simply something that makes these products shiny. However, extracting mica is often linked to the worst forms of child labor.

Posted by berniesandersmittens | Wed Oct 27, 2021, 02:01 PM (0 replies)

Sometimes our bones break

Forced birth is a humanitarian emergency.
Such cruelty to women and girls is overwhelmingly disgusting.

How many women who become pregnant during domestic abuse will be beaten so badly by their abusers who don't want a baby?

How many children will have to endure the extreme pain of birthing? How many will have to carry the seed of their rapists, making their trauma unimaginable?

How many will endure a broken pelvis, tailbone or sometimes even bladder/rectal damage during forced births?

Yes. Sometimes our bones break.

Posted by berniesandersmittens | Wed Sep 1, 2021, 03:49 PM (15 replies)

My local fox network is playing "The King's Speech" (the movie!)

And NOT airing any of the RNC.

(If you havent seen the movie, it's superb and the timing is great)

Edit to clarify: the movie is a about King George and how he copes with a substantial stutter. Sheer brilliance.

A story of love today

There have been a small group of young men holding signs every day at the corner of an intersection in a nearby town.

I have stopped and talked with them and brought water a few times. These could be my sons...

Today, something special happened.

I asked to hold a young man's sign so that he could rest his arms for a bit. I shared that I couldn't stand for very long because of my back, but I wanted to help.

Once I had the sign in my hands, the men surrounded me and prayed for my pain to be eased.

We were all in tears and I will never forget this moment of raw human caring.

I dont interact very well with people and mostly keep to myself.

I'm so grateful to have stopped. These young men are our future and they showed me that hope is here for the next generation.

Singing veggie tales song to my bunny

Opal, my little rabbit is having her daily snacks.

I forgot the actual song, so I sing "collard greens, jelly beans, gotta be veggie tales.."

She is having some spinach and a strawberry. (No jelly beans)

I am drinking peppermint schnapps from the freezer.

Taking a half day off to go comfortably numb and sing toddler songs to a rabbit...

Trying to upload pic.


My little red town yesterday...

Wake me up when September ends

This song, along with the pictures just hit me so hard in the chest. The message made clear without these exact words, but with those emotions that ride deep...

Wake me up when it ends...

Never forget what we lost.

Im so thankful for you all. You help me in so many ways. This ole gal in the woods went out and got herself some cyber stranger besties!

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches on the soul...

Masks for trash service

I have been making face masks for my family and neighbors. Today I took 7 to my trash service company. Im in a very rural town. I have never seen absolute glee like these guys had.

They feel like no one remembers them. They're essential and we need them healthy.

Just an idea for those making masks for their community.

Insomnia sucks, so I sewed some masks

Cotton double layered and has a pocket for a filter. Got about 20 finished and a few to add ties to. These are for family, then local hospitals if needed.

I haven't used a sewing machine in so long that it took two hours of exploded bobbins, a broken needle, and some cursing before I figured it out.

Early voted in Arkansas today

Felt great!

Edit to add: fairly busy at election headquarters. Electronic voting machine with a paper back up.

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