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Member since: Mon Nov 3, 2008, 07:28 AM
Number of posts: 17,600

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Biden and Harris need to be in separate locations

even for the inauguration. The same for Pelosi. I don't know if our Pro Temp will be seated by that time, but the same for Leahy.

I guess you could argue that it is giving in to the terrorists, but you also have a Covid reason for a more scaled down/even virtual inauguration.

The security for this event is still being provided by Trump's administration, and no one can be trusted in it.

Thank you Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff.

Confirmation hearings for Biden Cabinet

Have these been scheduled for the new Congress? Here is a news story from 2017 to see what timeline happened last time.


Kia ball drop

My wife wanted to see New York ball drop for the New Year. Instead we had a huge Kia videos screen pretty much obscuring everything. She wasn't pleased.

I don't think Kia got the bang for their advertising buck that they anticipated. In another direction it was a Volkswagen banner. Not quite as obnoxious, but you really still couldn't see the ball drop.

I wonder if there is a message in that two foreign auto companies are prominently being displayed to the point of distraction for our uniquely American celebration.

Had to talk my son in law down regarding aliens

He asked me about the recent report by the former head of the Israeli Space program of the existence of aliens and our cooperation with them.

I gave him the Carl Sagan quote of extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Not sure it did any good.


Venkman from Ghostbusters is more moral than Wonder Woman. What a world.

See WW84.

All Warner Brothers 2021 releases going to HBO Max


AT&Tís Warner Bros. announced on Thursday that all of its films scheduled to launch in 2021 will be released on HBO Max at the same time they are available in theaters.
Itís an example of how AT&T is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing people to safely watch new movies at home without having to venture out to a movie theater
Itís currently a one-year plan.

This is going to change the economics of big budget movies. Box offices for the expensive blockbusters are probably going to be a 1/3rd of what they were before Covid. Of particular concern to me is Dune which will be the first half of the book. How much will they spend to film the second half now?

Stars are going to be taking smaller pay days or not working. The number of big budget movies are going to go down as well as the amount that is spent on these movies.

Disney will probably soon follow. I am guessing Universal/Peacock as well.

Horrible thought - Trump might go down in history

as the individual who has won the most total votes when running for President if he is the Republican's candidate in 2024. He is already that right now having 1-2M or so more than Obama.

Was there any other state that Gore could have flipped in 2000?

by using the same tactics that Trump is currently using? How about Kerry or Hillary Clinton?

Gore only needed one other state (I assume the faithless elector from DC would have voted for Gore if it met winning the election). Granted Bush conceded on NM because his only path to victory was Florida. I am sure he would have opened up front if Gore had pursued New Hampshire or Nevada.

Alternatively could he have tried to pick off faithless electors himself (three in total)?

Project Veritas might finally meet its maker (so to speak)

Project Veritas could face legal liability for postal worker's ballot fraud allegations, experts say

The next day, Project Veritas posted a two-hour audio clip of Hopkins' interview with U.S. Postal Service investigators, apparently in the belief that it would bolster Hopkins' case and show that investigators had manipulated him into confessing.

The audio recording, which Hopkins himself made secretly and Salon has reviewed, does not indicate that, however. Hopkins repeatedly disavows any first-hand knowledge of misconduct by the postmaster, saying instead that his allegation was largely an assumption, drawn from pieces of a conversation he overheard amid the noise of a mail processing facility.

"I didn't specifically overhear the whole story. I just heard a part of it," Hopkins said in the recording. "And I could have missed a lot of it."

"My mind probably added the rest. I understand that," he said at another point, adding: "All it is is hearsay, and that's the worst part."

When an agent asked Hopkins in the recording if he would still swear to the affidavit's claim that the postmaster "was back-dating ballots," he replied: "At this point? No."

Hopkins also told the federal agents that the affidavit, which he signed under penalty of law and which was later provided to the Trump campaign and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had been written by Project Veritas.

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