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I can't believe this: To get on Heart Transplant list, one needs to be nicotine free 6 months.

This was told to me today by a 21 year old girl who has a grave cardiac condition. She is now on 24/7 Primacor IV infusion at home. She needs to be on the transplant list now! She has been nicotine free for 40 days....I doubt she will live 6 months without a new heart let alone live long enough just to be placed on the list.

He father died at the same age with the same condition. No diabetes, no substance abuse beyond cigarettes.

I have a very hard time accepting this criteria. Apparently, the rationale is that if they smokes, they will waste a good heart.

Anyone out here with knowledge regarding this frightening standard?

I don't have a reference tool or documentation as of yet. What I do know is she is not on the list. Her mother actually told me this as the girl is very weak and talking is difficult.
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