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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
Number of posts: 9,845

Journal Archives

Nice card reading on Giuliani...

Revealing Light...by MaryAnne.


MSNBC now discussing licensures for police officers!

Now...As a Registered Nurse for 20 years...this concept is what I have been trying to explain...Used the Board of Nursing as the standard of practice leadership/monitoring and issues licenses used in a 50 sates for all nurses..****as a templet, use this for Law Enforcement...

What did Derrick Chauvins have written on his left hand?

When he was cuffed and marched out of the Courtroom...we see his open palms/hands...I did see on his left open palm, black lines x 3 below the thumb...Did he write notes to himself with black marker?

Did anyone else notice this?

Doesn't a Taser also have a "red light" laser for target sighting on subject?

I have seen a few Tasers and I recall a red light that shined on the target site for aiming.....besides the weight and color differences from a Glock vs Taser...that red light laser should of been a clue...the lack of one that is....

This entire assault on Dante Wright has big "holes" in the story....there was no urgency to where the officer had to shoot....no weapon threatening the life of others...30 seconds of focusing could of avoided this...at a minimum...

My friend's video...French Onion Soup...


by Chef...Francois De Melogue

NCIS New Orleans ending with this 7th Season...So, Scott Bakula is available

I heard rumors there were talks to bring back Star Trek Captain Archer via CBS All Access soon to be Paramount. I would love to see Scott Bakula in another Star Trek Series...especially when the budget is bigger and the writing has improved story lines....Scott Bakula is a fine talent.

I wonder if anyone else has picked up on this?

Trump is also up to no good..

My fear....may it be real or way off base...

He will continue to use President Powers to stop Biden's Inauguration...* I have an uneasy gut feeling...

I see that Washington DC is filled with military with the likes of Bagdad having Red Zones, Green Zones, 25,000 boots on the ground.. Looking back, trying to recall all of Trumps back court firings, replacement of key posts with his " chosen loyalist "like in the Pentagon, NSA...so many I lost rack.......Trump has no intentions of leaving office...These next 3 days....May be the last few days as the USA as we knew it...

He appears to of initiated a seize of the US Capitol , an Insurrection...he may not have ANY compassion for any of Congress ...Point is...he is on some crazy mission...overthrowing Democracy..is apparently on the table.

Oh... yea, military essentially surrounding all 50 US Statehouse/ Capitols...??? Is this a hidden strategic move for say...something bad?

Maybe I just need to cut down on the coffee???? Something is in the wind.....

How many Senate votes now are required for Impeachment?

Now that the two Georgia Senators have conceded/ republicans ...does that change the Impeachment quota required by the Senate to seal the deal? Also, what is the number we need this week for the Senate to confirm Impeachment of Trump?

Trumpers are out here in Dayton this morning with a mission.

The Trump trucks with huge flag and tRump signs...just like pre Election ... maybe there will be more today as I drive into Fairfield...I'll try and get pictures. Not sure what is up... especially after the Nashville bombing.

I just got my Moderna vaccine.... Dayton Ohio

RN ....It's easy and professional... I'm sitting in observation area now....all is good.😇.. Next step 2 vaccine..1/21/21...

I do home care Specialty Infusions...Health Department notified my employer/ Administrator and we pre-registered...

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