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Game of Thrones: Episode 9 Dance of Dragons....***Speculation Spoilers below.

Well, Stannis has just failed the test of what kings are made of.....apparently he has to cheat to win. In light of his most recent choice of battle strategies, it makes me sense that he will die very soon at the hand of Brienne of Tarth from the pointy end of Oathkeeper. I think the show has built-up to this possibility. Brienne talking/sharing with Pod the Squire about her bond with Renley in earlier episode and her first oath was promised.....I just hope that Ramsey and the Boltons are snuffed out before that happens.

I was thrilled with Dany riding Drogon as this is who she is..." Mother of Dragons" ; glad to see her back on task....Tyrion is just awesome.....Jorah has been redeemed but what the hell is going to happen with the greyscales? That said, it was discussed in previous episodes that Stannis did seek out all the Maesters in the land to cure his daughter...which was a success. So, maybe Tyrion will recall the incident.

Jon at the Wall....I think he is going to have his "awakening" moment. I am a fan of the Prince who was Promised.

Okay...what say you?
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