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I am suspicious....the "Rich" are taking Convalesent COVID 19 plasma/ antibodies.

Our cowardly leaders, tRump, Pence...GOP'ers ….I sense their arrogance with the COVID 19 Virus is because they are receiving the COVID-19 antibodies...I sense there is a big secret amongst them...they have some protection….while we are NOT protected and are just " nobodies" to them...

Just a thought...I sense Boris Johnson received the antibody plasma too...before he needed to be intubated...then recovered in 3 days in ICU..

Pence said openly yesterday at the Mayo Clinic..." I get tested for COVID-19 all the time, I don't have it"...hell, we can't get tested once! They get tested because they know it is lethal...just saying.

It is just a speculative thought...

Okay...this is how I see America in 2020...

From where I am sitting...this is what I think needs to be going on.....we must test everyone, then quarantine those positive for COVID 19, then retest them...the target goal is ZERO infections... TESTING/ QUARINTINE/ RE-TESTING is as essential as breathing in resolving this pandemic..

This will take a few more months if we remain locked down, everyone wears a mask, practice ongoing hand washing and use hand sanitizer like a Nurse in a Home Care setting business..

So, here ya go... a nurse washes hands as soon as she enters a home..( wears a mask now when entering every home and for duration of visit) uses hand sanitizer during any touching pre-post, uses disinfectant to on all surfaces, equipment/ pre-post client contact...then with next visit. Repeat...cleans with disinfectant the car/ steering wheel, door handles etc...when nurse goes home...enters say thru the garage, strips down and places clothes in dryer....say 15 minutes...then washes clothes., washes hands, shower and changes into comfortable clothes all before seeing family....cleans off door nobs with disinfectant...

This is how everyone needs to behave for at least the next few months...I actually believe this will last for another 18 months and/or until we get a vaccine..

If we open up for business as usual, malls, sports...we rekindle the mass infectious epidemic without any ability to track, isolate and quarantine...There will be 600, 000 deaths in a month...the 49 states at least will be a hot spot...

So, stock up on canned goods, plant a garden, try home canning with a pressure canner, continue your hand washing, disinfectant regime, always wear a mask when out in public and take hand sanitizer with you...It will be like " The Walking Dead" Season 1.

Did CNN stop airing Trumps late afternoon infomercials?

I was not home to check and verify if CNN wised up and started to ignore tRumps fake covid news conferences...Especially since they muzzled Dr Fauci…

Is this correct?

Okay....Just my guess...

Trump and probably his tight group of minions...probably already got and will receive the COVID 19 Antibody plasma....Like people who receive bi-weekly or monthly IVIG Infusions for their auto immune disease therapy...Probably procured from recovering COVID patients from another country....That is my guess...immunity may not last longer than a month but I sense something is going on...he acts to calm/ feels too safe...
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