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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 04:09 PM
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Republicans Go Berserk on House Floor after Rep. Calls out Their Racist Arguments on D.C. Statehood

"I have had enough of my colleagues' racist insinuations that somehow the people of Washington, D.C. are incapable or even unworthy of our democracy. One Senate Republican said that D.C. wouldn't be a 'well-rounded working class state.' I had no idea there were so many syllables in the word 'white.'"

"One of my House Republican colleagues said that D.C. shouldn't be a state because the district doesn't have a landfill. My goodness, with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate, I can see why they're worried about having a place to put it."
At this, Republican House members vocally erupted, demanding the Speaker Pro Tempore intervene.

"The truth is, there is no good faith argument for disenfranchising over 700 thousand people, Mr. Speaker. Most of whom are people of color."

-- Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY)

Republicans like Louie Gohmert of Texas urged the Speaker to strike Jones' words from the record, to which Jones acquiesced before continuing:

"These desperate objections are about fear. Fear that in D.C., their white supremacist politics will no longer play. Fear that, soon enough, white supremacist politics won't work anywhere in America. Fear that if they don't rig our democracy, they will not win. Today, Democrats are standing up for a multiracial democracy. To democratize all 51 states in this country. I yield back."


New Bill Scraps Mandate Forcing USPS to Prefund Pensions Decades in Advance


The USPS Fairness Act, an earlier version of which cleared the House last February, would “repeal the requirement that the United States Postal Service prepay future retirement benefits,” a rollback supported by the 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and other organizations representing mail carriers.

“The bipartisan USPS Fairness Act is one of the first steps toward returning the Postal Service to solid financial footing, and I urge Congress to quickly pass this critical legislation,” said APWU president Mark Dimondstein.

Approved by a Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by former President George W. Bush in 2006, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act “required the Postal Service to create a $72 billion fund that would pay for its employees’ retirement health benefits for more than 50 years into the future,” NBC News explained Tuesday.

“This is not required [of] any other federal agency,” NBC noted.

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), the lead House sponsor of the USPS Fairness Act, said in a statement Monday that “the unreasonable prefunding mandate has threatened the survival of the USPS and placed at risk vital services for the millions who rely on it.”

More at Link... https://truthout.org/articles/new-bill-scraps-mandate-forcing-usps-to-prefund-pensions-decades-in-advance

Scientists develop transparent wood that is stronger and lighter than glass


Wood is made of two basic ingredients: cellulose, which are tiny fibres, and lignin, which bonds those fibres together to give it strength.

Early attempts to make transparent wood involved removing the lignin, but this involved hazardous chemicals, high temperatures and a lot of time, making the product expensive and somewhat brittle. The new technique is so cheap and easy it could literally be done in a backyard.

More (+ photos) at link...

Charter Waves the White Flag on Data Caps as Trump Leaves the Building


Mere days before Donald Trump’s helicopter shrank into the skies, we got a promising early indication that telecom companies’ hog-wild joyride under Trump’s FCC is coming to an end. Last week, Charter Communications, the company behind Spectrum, withdrew its petition to impose data caps: basically its attempt to restrict customers’ internet usage in order to force them to spend more money. The FCC announced yesterday that Charter had withdrawn its petition, which it filed in June, just a few months into the pandemic.


In a statement emailed to Gizmodo, Charter explained that the timing had only to do with the pandemic. “In light of the ongoing severity of the global pandemic and its effects on our customers, we want to offer them the assurance that they will continue to benefit from unlimited access to broadband and the accompanying financial certainty it provides during these trying times,” it said, “and therefore have withdrawn our petition.”

This is a heel-turn from Charter’s previous position that the pandemic should have no bearing on a decision to allow it to impose data caps, namely because Charter has waived fees and increased pay for front line workers. An FCC filing literally included the header: “Charter Has Provided Substantial Assistance to Subscribers During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Which Provides No Justification for Continuing the Conditions.”

It’s all but certain that Charter would’ve had a better shot at getting data caps under Chairman Pai, who summed himself up early in his term as Chairman with a casual crack about himself as a “Verizon puppet” and then he lived up to the legend.

Bernie's Greatest Hits!

I don't play golf, but...

I don't feel left out; I picked up my Presidential Medal of Freedom at the 99-cent store down the street. It actually cost $2.49, but I figured what the hell. You only live once.

Trump to honor retired pro golfers with Medal of Freedom.
President Donald Trump is honoring a pair of retired pro golfers with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

DONE! 271! Douche objecting to Wisconsin.

Rep. Karen Bass just called for Trump's arrest on ABC.

ABC is also calling them "Anarchists" now.

Spotify Celebrates 100th Dollar Given To Artists


“When we launched Spotify in 2008, our mission was to reward artists when customers listened to music, and today, we finally reached three figures in artist payouts,” said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, posing with a giant check for a $0.00000029 payout to Dua Lipa for her song “Break My Heart” that propelled the world’s musicians past a collective $100 in earnings.

This may just about cinch us the runoffs and call it a day for McPutin

AUGUSTA GA: In what many are calling an "election miracle," the face of Former U.S. Representative John Lewis appeared on the side of a Big Mac dipped in McCheddar at a local McDonald's today, urging patrons to, according to witnesses, "flip that shit blue."

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