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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 9,494

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Just another Libertarian who thinks because he can run a company that he can....

run the country. These guys who have managed to make some money by selling goods and hiring and firing people bizarrely extrapolate that this is how society works. News Flash!!!! It doesn't!

This is the biggest problem that republicans have across the board. They actually believe Business = Democracy.

OMG John Boehner's wife is the Tan Mom!!!!

Is his entire family fried to a crisp? I thought his burnt sienna color was supposed to be a result of some rare condition but Debbie Boehner is more Orangy Brown than her husband!

So, today's GOP talking points are "we got most of what we wanted" & "Harry Reid is at fault...

for all of our dramatics because he can't pass a budget". Even Mornin Joe was blathering about Reid this morning "blah blah can't pass a budget". So, is Boehner getting a pass after all of that Teabagger gnashing of teeth?

Loca...The dog that can't feckin run!

Today an 11 year old boy brought a gun to school in order to protect himself from shooters...


Is this what the NRA really wants? Everyone so terrified that even children are afraid to go anywhere without a gun? There you go Moms and Dads with guns. What a fine example for your kids.

Republican Gary Herbert of Utah is volunteering to take less Federal money!

What a guy!!! In fact he just reported that Republican governors want less money. As an unfortunate resident of a state with a Rebublican Governor, I am willing to take the hit so that all of these states can see what a mistake voting for these assholes was!

Republican Governors states please cut your federal handouts and let the Blue States enjoy a break from supporting you!

Boehner just whining about cutting the "Drivers" of our debt.

If you haven't heard, it's no longer "Entitlements" we need to cut, it's "The Drivers of our debt" They will never have the guts to say it's Medicare and Social Security and the Main Stream Media never ask them the question. What Entitlements???? What Drivers????

The Littlest Bo!

Susan Collins just came out with a giant load of bullshit after talking to Susan Rice.

She not only blamed Susan Rice for the attacks on Benghazi but also the 1998 attacks in Nairobi. Plus...they now love John Kerry!

McCain, Graham and their unnatural spawn Ayotte ran right out to spew...

bullshit to the press after meeting with Ambassador Rice. The Middle East is on the brink of all out war and these idiots aren't even paying attention.
Can't anyone stop them from attacking the President and just do their jobs for a change.
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