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Leith's Journal
Leith's Journal
November 17, 2023

Okay, tell me about car racing

A couple decades ago, I lived in Indianapolis. Our apartment was on the northeast side of town (Castleton for those familiar with the area). The Indianapolis 500 race is run in Racetrack on the southwest side of town. We could hear practice going on from miles away - and it was loud louder loudest! We decided to accept an invitation to spend Memorial Day with family who lived on a lake.

Well, I live near Las Vegas which is having an F1 race around The Strip for the next couple of days. Can anyone who is familiar with car races tell me just how loud this could get?

A couple other thoughts: I feel bad for people with pets and/or small children. If fireworks can frighten them, imagine the effect that zooming motor noises will have on them. It also strikes me as complete insanity to have cars racing as fast as they can in an urban setting full of drunk and stoned tourists. Of course TPTB have taken precautions and are doing their best to keep things as safe as possible, but it all just looks to me like a recipe for tragedy.

It hasn't started yet, but I would like to know if I need to find earplugs in order to sleep.

Thanks in advance.

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